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James Colin "Col" & Betty Hyde
50yrs Married

A short tribute to their life can be viewed here

The son of a farmer, railway worker and later a Presbyterian minister, Dad always had to work after school to help the family during the depression years, until war broke out in 1939 when he signed up for war service. He saw active service in New Guinea and the RSL service booklet presented to us at his funeral can be read here. Betty and Col Hyde wedding at Yangan, Queensland James & Emily Hyde

Col's funeral service can be viewed here along with his Eulogy, Order of Service, and the tribute poem Grandad's Garden.

James Colin Hyde, youngest son of James and Emily Hyde of Warwick, Queensland (right) married Betty Anne Burmester, the eldest daughter of well known Yangan farmer Ernie & Ester Burmester at the Yangan Presbyterian church on 7th August 1948 (left). It is not until you seen dates like this that you realise the tremendous strength and character of Dad. Having spent the first 25 years of his life under conditions of server hardship, austerity and war and from such humble beginnings, Dad became a wonderful husband, father, family provider, and generous and respected contributor to his community.

Welcome to the World of Hyde

Hi, My name is Peter Hyde and as the Administrator of this site I welcome you to the World of Hyde.

I have attempted to map the family trees of both the paternal and maternal parentage of our family, back to its roots. In many cases we have come to apparent "dead ends" especially in the Northern Ireland lines from Drumcree & surrounds.

To work around this I have done many DNA tests (Y-DNA, Autosomal, and mT-DNA from the 3 major companies, FTDNA, Ancestry and My Heritage)and use the resultant matches to assist in establishing family links. In an endeavour to maximise the ongoing benefit of these matches, I have mapped many Hyde & associated families from the major global colonisation points and combined these with match data where I believe the match is attributable to the Hyde ancestry.

This reverse analysis points to ancestors in the UK, Scotland and Northern Ireland. While it reduces the gap to less than 100 years of where we originally came from to Northern Ireland, it has not yet fully answered that question. A pictorial map of this for our paternal line can be found here. Click the map for a larger version.Hyde Pedigree Map

The project is very much a work in progress.

None of the material in this site should be regarded as proprietary and nor can the accuracy of any information be certified. The use of all information in this site is solely restricted to the purposes of genealogy and family tree research.

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St Marks Church of Ireland, Drumcree

St Marks, the Drumcree Parish Church, officially The Church of the Ascension, is the Church of Ireland parish church within the townland of Drumcree, roughly 1.5 miles to the northeast of Portadown, County Armagh and is where many generations of Hyde families were Christened, married and buried over hundreds fo years.

Our Irish Ancestors

Jane Andrews William & Hanna Andrews

William Andrews, my Dad's great grandfather arrived from England on the ship Bengal Merchant in 1836 aged 19. Hannah Riley arrived from Cavan,Ireland in 1841 on the ship China, with her two sisters Isabella and Eliza. Hanna and William married in Brisbane in 1847 (picture right). Hannah and later Jane were storekeepers and their shop survives today as Hannah's in Toowoomba.

Their eldest daughter Jane (left), met and in 1881 married James Hyde, the son of James and Ann Jane Hyde of Drumcree, Northern Ireland. James was only 22 yo when in 1874 he arrived at Moreton Bay on the ship Winefred. Just 3 months after they were married James was killed by the kick of a horse. Jane was pregnant and named her son after his late father James Frederick Hyde, my Grandfather.