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Nebraska, United States


Latitude: 41.5002800, Longitude: -99.7502800


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice  1907Nebraska, United States I11310
2 Betty M.  1896Nebraska, United States I112391
3 Irene E.  1916Nebraska, United States I32187
4 Norris Humphrey  1867Nebraska, United States I179359
5 Abbey, Martha O.  Feb 1887Nebraska, United States I83090
6 Anderson, Neil J.  21 May 1899Nebraska, United States I179919
7 Ashburn, Edith M.  Abt 1872Nebraska, United States I134067
8 Austin, Maud Pearl  24 Feb 1877Nebraska, United States I179063
9 Austin, Myrtle T.  24 Feb 1877Nebraska, United States I179054
10 Badberg, Garold A.  11 Dec 1936Nebraska, United States I11057
11 Bartlett, Bernice  23 Jan 1896Nebraska, United States I45429
12 Bartlett, Glen  1906Nebraska, United States I45427
13 Bartlett, Ralph  1908Nebraska, United States I45428
14 Bartlett, Sheldon  1904Nebraska, United States I45430
15 Baugh, Fannie Lizette  23 Apr 1876Nebraska, United States I134076
16 Bayly, Albert Edward  27 Jan 1906Nebraska, United States I116428
17 Bayly, Irvin Charles  16 Jan 1897Nebraska, United States I116427
18 Beardsley, Joseph Peter  1 Aug 1873Nebraska, United States I179151
19 Beherens, John William  1 Oct 1876Nebraska, United States I113940
20 Bennett, Abbie Inzia  10 Jan 1893Nebraska, United States I67011
21 Bennett, Lydia Rebecca  30 Nov 1886Nebraska, United States I67009
22 Beste, Darrel James  29 Sep 1914Nebraska, United States I15252
23 Beste, Donald G.  15 Dec 1905Nebraska, United States I15253
24 Bowden, Margaret  23 Sep 1893Nebraska, United States I21863
25 Briggs, Ola Melvina  28 Aug 1891Nebraska, United States I15697
26 Brissey, Evelyn  1931Nebraska, United States I32219
27 Broll, Christine A.  18 Feb 1902Nebraska, United States I69853
28 Bromwich, Ava L.  Abt 1924Nebraska, United States I40302
29 Brown, Millie Marie  1878Nebraska, United States I112302
30 Buch, Schuyler Hugh  1897Nebraska, United States I37561
31 Buck, Charlotte  1903Nebraska, United States I37560
32 Buckendorf, Louis  1918Nebraska, United States I180947
33 Burgess, Marion  1895Nebraska, United States I180426
34 Burkley, Ernest E.  1882Nebraska, United States I22110
35 Cheney, Richard Herbert  26 Jun 1915Nebraska, United States I88344
36 Clark, John Edwin  23 Jan 1890Nebraska, United States I73686
37 Claycomb, Marie I.  14 Mar 1920Nebraska, United States I32188
38 Cleveland, Carrie  1881Nebraska, United States I134055
39 Cleveland, Helen M.  1907Nebraska, United States I104301
40 Cleveland, Jessie Jane  23 Jun 1881Nebraska, United States I134056
41 Cleveland, Richard  15 Oct 1882Nebraska, United States I134057
42 Coil, Hazel Calferna  28 Jun 1889Nebraska, United States I31618
43 Conner, Lawrence Albert  16 Jul 1909Nebraska, United States I180910
44 Connor, Anita M.  1894Nebraska, United States I180963
45 Cooley, Elenora F.  1908Nebraska, United States I21736
46 Cooley, Mae G.  1910Nebraska, United States I21737
47 Cooley, Marion Etta  14 Oct 1881Nebraska, United States I21108
48 Cooley, Ormond Asher  Feb 1886Nebraska, United States I21106
49 Cooley, Raymond Francis  17 May 1883Nebraska, United States I21109
50 Cooney, Margaret  Abt 1889Nebraska, United States I179115
51 Criss, Warren Austin  31 Dec 1878Nebraska, United States I179068
52 Crist, Othniel  19 Jul 1876Nebraska, United States I179059
53 Crouse, Mabel  Abt 1907Nebraska, United States I22999
54 Curtiss, Elizabeth Evabell  24 Dec 1907Nebraska, United States I31699
55 Curtiss, Frederick Lucious  21 Apr 1909Nebraska, United States I31697
56 Curtiss, Margaret Lucille  Abt 1920Nebraska, United States I31731
57 Davis, Benarad  1912Nebraska, United States I66937
58 Davis, Guy W.  1882Nebraska, United States I66936
59 Davis, Lula Marie  13 Apr 1899Nebraska, United States I116933
60 Dawson, Winifred  17 Sep 1878Nebraska, United States I179411
61 Day, Floyd Alvin  4 Apr 1919Nebraska, United States I11297
62 Day, Georgia  26 May 1918Nebraska, United States I11300
63 Delap, Frank J.  Abt 1872Nebraska, United States I106890
64 Dickman, Ray I.  Oct 1893Nebraska, United States I22080
65 Dorsey, Eloise Loudon  1903Nebraska, United States I38796
66 Dorsey, Francis Leigh  25 Jul 1904Nebraska, United States I38798
67 Dorsey, Jonathan Edward  1901Nebraska, United States I38797
68 Dougherty, Alta  1913Nebraska, United States I68911
69 Dredla, Frank James  15 Dec 1898Nebraska, United States I38675
70 Duckworth, Anna Beatrice  10 May 1884Nebraska, United States I31663
71 Durkee, Grace Edith  11 Dec 1888Nebraska, United States I35890
72 Easton, Venice Althea  31 Oct 1896Nebraska, United States I21670
73 Eaton, Clara Aneta  1913Nebraska, United States I96448
74 Eichel, Earl Harold  10 Apr 1901Nebraska, United States I87357
75 Fanter, William Ray  1940Nebraska, United States I22763
76 Flickinger, Dorothy J.  1909Nebraska, United States I113029
77 Freiday, Carl W.  4 Feb 1911Nebraska, United States I182501
78 Frisbie, Claude Richard  6 May 1916Nebraska, United States I181887
79 Gates, Gideon  Abt 1858Nebraska, United States I5369
80 Goodwin, Harriet Pearl  27 Mar 1866Nebraska, United States I176024
81 Griffin, Bell  Jul 1887Nebraska, United States I68688
82 Griffin, Edith  Feb 1889Nebraska, United States I68676
83 Griffin, Jesse  Jul 1887Nebraska, United States I68674
84 Griffin, John A.  Nov 1885Nebraska, United States I68675
85 Griffin, Leroy  Jun 1896Nebraska, United States I68678
86 Griffin, Mable  1899Nebraska, United States I68679
87 Griffin, Rena  Aug 1889Nebraska, United States I68690
88 Griffin, Rosalie  Mar 1892Nebraska, United States I68677
89 Griggs, Albert  1889Nebraska, United States I10872
90 Hannum, Kenneth G.  8 Nov 1917Nebraska, United States I32249
91 Hanson, Mable M.  Mar 1879Nebraska, United States I4037
92 Hanson, Mark E.  Nov 1880Nebraska, United States I4036
93 Hanson, Ned E.  Dec 1881Nebraska, United States I4034
94 Harger, Kenneth Orlan  26 Jun 1916Nebraska, United States I22582
95 Harger, Ralph Edward  6 Jan 1918Nebraska, United States I22583
96 Harris, John Henry  28 Sep 1897Nebraska, United States I69838
97 Hawkins, John Emmert  19 Jul 1876Nebraska, United States I15711
98 Hayden, Geraldine  1915Nebraska, United States I181774
99 Hayden, Gladys B.  27 Nov 1889Nebraska, United States I180493
100 Hayden, Jesse  Nov 1888Nebraska, United States I180485
101 Hayden, Lavern  1913Nebraska, United States I181769
102 Hayden, Maxine  1918Nebraska, United States I181771
103 Hayden, Reba Laura  1913Nebraska, United States I181793
104 Hayden, Winifred C.  2 Nov 1889Nebraska, United States I180504
105 Heacock, Edna Beatrice  23 Dec 1897Nebraska, United States I180338
106 Higgins, Arlene Lucille  22 Oct 1927Nebraska, United States I67476
107 Hiner, Pearl Louise  1916Nebraska, United States I68081
108 Hoffart, Raymond Billy  26 Jan 1928Nebraska, United States I115270
109 Holmes, Mary Elizabeth  1 Feb 1878Nebraska, United States I31690
110 Hopkins, Bessie E.  Dec 1887Nebraska, United States I21733
111 Hrdlicka, George Richard  18 Jun 1909Nebraska, United States I115103
112 Humphrey, Harry  1876Nebraska, United States I179352
113 Humphrey, Henry  Dec 1881Nebraska, United States I179356
114 Humphrey, Julia  8 Feb 1862Nebraska, United States I179358
115 Humphrey, Leasa  Apr 1886Nebraska, United States I179357
116 Hyde, Avise M.  14 Jan 1908Nebraska, United States I113070
117 Hyde, Dallas Raymond  1 Jan 1916Nebraska, United States I177998
118 Hyde, Francis Katherine  1879Nebraska, United States I9205
119 Hyde, Gary Valentine  10 Nov 1913Nebraska, United States I177994
120 Hyde, Harold Hirum  12 Oct 1916Nebraska, United States I143443
121 Hyde, Harry Adrian  8 Aug 1905Nebraska, United States I143450
122 Hyde, Hazel Hope  28 Jun 1891Nebraska, United States I143438
123 Hyde, James E.  Abt 1851Nebraska, United States I5544
124 Hyde, Jean  Nebraska, United States I118805
125 Hyde, Joseph  1913Nebraska, United States I1714
126 Hyde, Kathryn  1911Nebraska, United States I1713
127 Hyde, Lloyd N.  1910Nebraska, United States I143444
128 Hyde, Lowell William  30 Jun 1914Nebraska, United States I90648
129 Hyde, Mary  1846Nebraska, United States I5545
130 Hyde, Parley Morris  1911Nebraska, United States I1726
131 Hyde, Pearl  Dec 1891Nebraska, United States I31096
132 Hyde, Robert Warren  27 Jun 1922Nebraska, United States I1727
133 Hyde, Virgil Emmett  26 Sep 1910Nebraska, United States I90646
134 Iler, Lucinda  1867Nebraska, United States I179117
135 Iler, Ora Vierson  1870Nebraska, United States I179104
136 Israel, Minnie  1880Nebraska, United States I22111
137 Isreal, Gerald Packard  1904Nebraska, United States I22117
138 Isreal, Verna May  1900Nebraska, United States I22118
139 James, Helen Elizabeth  Abt 1907Nebraska, United States I181786
140 Jarman, Clarence  1908Nebraska, United States I66923
141 Jarman, Ellen  1914Nebraska, United States I66924
142 Jarman, Leonard  1916Nebraska, United States I66926
143 Jarman, Mildred  1912Nebraska, United States I66925
144 Jarman, Vergil  1920Nebraska, United States I66927
145 Jennings, Benjamin B.  12 May 1885Nebraska, United States I21373
146 Johnson, Augusta M.  1911Nebraska, United States I68085
147 Johnson, Iris  13 May 1907Nebraska, United States I31780
148 Johnson, Mergie  1 Jan 1910Nebraska, United States I31784
149 Johnson, Virgie  1 Jan 1910Nebraska, United States I31787
150 Kates, Joseph John  12 Jun 1881Nebraska, United States I31635
151 Kelley, James Garfield  1880Nebraska, United States I22661
152 Kennedy, Violey E.  1916Nebraska, United States I11287
153 Kiesselbach, Max  18 Nov 1912Nebraska, United States I118810
154 King, Robert Reave  4 Jun 1920Nebraska, United States I38674
155 Klein, John Stanley  3 Jul 1919Nebraska, United States I87196
156 Knepper, Eugene M.  1927Nebraska, United States I41963
157 Knepper, Florence L.  1925Nebraska, United States I41964
158 Krecklow, Lawrence W.  1920Nebraska, United States I31629
159 Kruse, Albert A.  Mar 1868Nebraska, United States I113515
160 Lamma, William Chiick  16 Jul 1890Nebraska, United States I11288
161 Lanham, Harvey Emerson  Feb 1899Nebraska, United States I134078
162 Lanphear, Burt E.  23 Jun 1894Nebraska, United States I31856
163 Leach, Stanford Edwin  13 Nov 1890Nebraska, United States I31640
164 Lichtenwalter, Dwyne  1919Nebraska, United States I66823
165 Lichtenwalter, Frank Hyde  15 Oct 1922Nebraska, United States I66822
166 Liston, Lelia Elizabeth  5 Dec 1896Nebraska, United States I182549
167 Lucia, Helen Mabel  6 Aug 1886Nebraska, United States I98433
168 Macari, Donna Ruth  31 Aug 1926Nebraska, United States I67477
169 Malcolm, Cleona I.  1923Nebraska, United States I10407
170 Marlow, Mabel  16 Mar 1888Nebraska, United States I31674
171 Martin, Jessie Valishia  2 Mar 1907Nebraska, United States I113959
172 Martin, William Harry  21 Aug 1900Nebraska, United States I70616
173 Massingale, Nora Mae  10 Jun 1881Nebraska, United States I21701
174 McCorkle, Virginia M.  1907Nebraska, United States I38665
175 McDonald, Charles Earl  8 Sep 1879Nebraska, United States I38799
176 McGough, James W.  12 Dec 1909Nebraska, United States I15211
177 McKnight, Mary C.  1916Nebraska, United States I113921
178 McKnight, Thelma P.  1912Nebraska, United States I113919
179 McLeod, Gordon Gilmore  26 Aug 1921Nebraska, United States I38689
180 Mesnard, Alvin Emmett  19 Apr 1898Nebraska, United States I67895
181 Morris, Mary Grace  6 Aug 1889Nebraska, United States I1725
182 Odell, Bessie Madel  26 Jun 1885Nebraska, United States I183223
183 Odell, Odeen  1 Jun 1886Nebraska, United States I183215
184 Odell, Tara  Aug 1888Nebraska, United States I183220
185 Orcu, Marjorie Arita Marie  Oct 1923Nebraska, United States I11248
186 Otis, Elsie Jane  1 Nov 1866Nebraska, United States I133841
187 Padon, Louis Le Roy  18 Feb 1886Nebraska, United States I113024
188 Pancost, Mabel Amanda  1876Nebraska, United States I35822
189 Peck  Abt 1868Nebraska, United States I111760
190 Peck, Ira J.  1869Nebraska, United States I111762
191 Peck, Leah Grace  Aug 1890Nebraska, United States I112703
192 Pickering, Mary B.  1924Nebraska, United States I38683
193 Pickering, Phyllis J.  1928Nebraska, United States I38684
194 Pinkham, Frank  8 Jan 1880Nebraska, United States I21098
195 Pinkham, John  Jun 1875Nebraska, United States I21097
196 Powell, Ocea Belle  12 Dec 1894Nebraska, United States I99962
197 Powers, Victor Solkhe  6 Jul 1895Nebraska, United States I112397
198 Putnam, Ray Dell  28 Feb 1888Nebraska, United States I143791
199 Randels, Clinton  1919Nebraska, United States I31668
200 Randels, Virgil John  1923Nebraska, United States I31669
201 Ranney, Avis E.  2 Jun 1907Nebraska, United States I9996
202 Ranney, Vance  Abt 1883Nebraska, United States I9995
203 Rash, Ethel L.  11 Oct 1910Nebraska, United States I22747
204 Read, Effa  Abt 1887Nebraska, United States I11731
205 Reed, Estella  1 Jan 1870Nebraska, United States I179138
206 Reed, Ethel May  10 Feb 1887Nebraska, United States I11729
207 Reed, Fredrick Patrick  12 May 1870Nebraska, United States I178841
208 Reed, Harry C.  Jun 1897Nebraska, United States I179152
209 Reed, Harry D.  31 Aug 1863Nebraska, United States I178838
210 Reed, Ida May  Jan 1894Nebraska, United States I11735
211 Reed, Isa A.  Sep 1859Nebraska, United States I178829
212 Reed, William Clarence  19 Sep 1885Nebraska, United States I11737
213 Roberts, Charles Arthur  15 Oct 1918Nebraska, United States I118820
214 Roberts, Richard Hyde  28 Mar 1917Nebraska, United States I118819
215 Robinson, Blanch A.  23 Aug 1882Nebraska, United States I181804
216 Robinson, Delmar Dorlin  9 Jan 1911Nebraska, United States I22094
217 Robinson, May  15 Mar 1895Nebraska, United States I31633
218 Rodstrom, Rodney L.  31 Jul 1939Nebraska, United States I32132
219 Ross, Norma J.  1920Nebraska, United States I181788
220 Royle, Blanche Anna  5 Oct 1905Nebraska, United States I31659
221 Sageser, Jaunita Leta  9 Oct 1900Nebraska, United States I11916
222 Sageser, Maud M.  Dec 1894Nebraska, United States I11913
223 Saltz, Donald  1928Nebraska, United States I68086
224 Saltz, Emil Myland  7 May 1909Nebraska, United States I67566
225 Saltz, Howard M.  23 Oct 1912Nebraska, United States I67567
226 Saltz, Lois Ann  3 Aug 1939Nebraska, United States I68087
227 Saltz, Loyd  1926Nebraska, United States I68084
228 Saltz, Norman Franklin  5 Oct 1906Nebraska, United States I67565
229 Saltz, Ruth  1908Nebraska, United States I67568
230 Sandall, Evelyn E.  1895Nebraska, United States I113220
231 Scheler, Almena  Jan 1891Nebraska, United States I9197
232 Scheler, Ray  Oct 1888Nebraska, United States I9196
233 Schlientz, Everett Edward  10 Jan 1908Nebraska, United States I96033
234 Schwartz, Eugene E.  18 Aug 1933Nebraska, United States I31660
235 Schwartz, Francis Joseph  31 Mar 1926Nebraska, United States I31658
236 See, Donald B.  31 Dec 1907Nebraska, United States I22703
237 Selzer, Amanda Louise  May 1878Nebraska, United States I9993
238 Selzer, Annetta Lydia  10 Feb 1874Nebraska, United States I10004
239 Sholtz, Myrtle M.  1908Nebraska, United States I70072
240 Smith, David  1880Nebraska, United States I66548
241 Smith, Yana Fafa  12 Jun 1891Nebraska, United States I8294
242 Spafford, Raymond L.  1916Nebraska, United States I181620
243 Sponsler, Ava W.  Jun 1885Nebraska, United States I114284
244 Starkey, Ethel Lucel  18 Jul 1911Nebraska, United States I22996
245 Sullivan, Jean  14 Feb 1918Nebraska, United States I67569
246 Sullivan, Jean A.  Abt 1917Nebraska, United States I67577
247 Sullivan, Katherine D.  1926Nebraska, United States I67575
248 Sweet, Clarence Gaylord  21 Dec 1936Nebraska, United States I15607
249 Sweet, Gloria Jacqueline  26 Jan 1934Nebraska, United States I15610
250 Taft, Clifton T.  1873Nebraska, United States I112249

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Mrs.  Bef 1940Nebraska, United States I21669
2 Brissey, Robert B.  May 1971Nebraska, United States I31741
3 Christopher, Doris Mae  14 Dec 1917Nebraska, United States I36044
4 Cook, Glenn Allen  19 Jul 1959Nebraska, United States I8883
5 Cook, Ralph Frank  29 Jan 1964Nebraska, United States I8882
6 Day, Floyd Alvin  4 Apr 1919Nebraska, United States I11297
7 Day, Georgia  28 May 1918Nebraska, United States I11300
8 Dollarhide, John S.  28 Aug 1922Nebraska, United States I133809
9 Elliott, Janet L.  13 Jun 2003Nebraska, United States I21671
10 Elwood, Lillian May  Nebraska, United States I174335
11 Gaskill, Dennis Raymond  25 Dec 1947Nebraska, United States I9989
12 Hayden, Buford Wynn  Dec 1965Nebraska, United States I180486
13 Hayden, Ernest Arthur  26 Oct 1950Nebraska, United States I179506
14 Hayden, Velma B.  13 Dec 1973Nebraska, United States I181802
15 Hoffart, Raymond Billy  20 Nov 2017Nebraska, United States I115270
16 Hoyt, Richard Cleveland  13 Oct 1939Nebraska, United States I2625
17 Humphrey, Austin  15 Mar 1900Nebraska, United States I178922
18 Hyde, Blanche Patterson  26 Dec 2004Nebraska, United States I177997
19 Hyde, Frederick C.  1941Nebraska, United States I2975
20 Hyde, Minnie H.  1 Apr 1898Nebraska, United States I115730
21 Hyde, Roland York  24 Jan 1948Nebraska, United States I1695
22 Jennings, Sarah Ria  13 Jan 1921Nebraska, United States I21365
23 Johnson, Augusta M.  1988Nebraska, United States I68085
24 Kates, Joseph John  Abt 1922Nebraska, United States I31635
25 Lanphear, Burt E.  Aug 1964Nebraska, United States I31856
26 Magness, Mary Jane Quinn  25 Nov 1973Nebraska, United States I132732
27 Marpel, Pauline June  25 Feb 2004Nebraska, United States I177999
28 McLeod, Gilmore Ewen  1967Nebraska, United States I38686
29 Meckel, Benjamin Ruben Jr  2017Nebraska, United States I41836
30 Newton, Ezra J.  1918Nebraska, United States I179797
31 Ogram, Charles C.  1913Nebraska, United States I8886
32 Otis, Elsie Jane  1942Nebraska, United States I133841
33 Overturf, Zora  Oct 1969Nebraska, United States I31755
34 Pashley, Mary Louise  11 Apr 1925Nebraska, United States I176088
35 Peck  Abt 1868Nebraska, United States I111760
36 Price, Albert Adam  28 Dec 1947Nebraska, United States I15334
37 Roberts, Lydia Belle  10 Sep 1952Nebraska, United States I148937
38 Roberts, Richard Hyde  28 Oct 1953Nebraska, United States I118819
39 Saltz, Norman Franklin  Jan 1964Nebraska, United States I67565
40 Smith, Alva Roscoe  3 Aug 1894Nebraska, United States I8292
41 Sweet, Gloria Jacqueline  15 Sep 2006Nebraska, United States I15610
42 Tucksen, Hans James  9 Jan 1955Nebraska, United States I10372
43 Van Winkle, Elisabeth Jane  13 Mar 1942Nebraska, United States I96402
44 Williamson, Erma L.  25 Jan 2004Nebraska, United States I95976


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Schwartz, Francis Joseph  Nebraska, United States I31658


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Andrews / Sweet  9 Dec 1953Nebraska, United States F4224
2 Bennett / Pedersen  4 May 1935Nebraska, United States F20906
3 Bohy / Hyde  31 Oct 1926Nebraska, United States F61202
4 Bromwich / Cram  15 Oct 1922Nebraska, United States F12388
5 Cooley / Veach  1932Nebraska, United States F6283
6 Dedrick / Parish  28 Jun 1921Nebraska, United States F4245
7 Fanter / Robinson  Nebraska, United States F6709
8 Hickman / Vose  9 Nov 1948Nebraska, United States F62909
9 Hyde / Marpel  24 Sep 1950Nebraska, United States F61201
10 Israel / Robinson  19 Apr 1899Nebraska, United States F6432
11 Kent / Throckmorton  Abt 1910Nebraska, United States F42815
12 Lanphear / Hyde  4 Jul 1911Nebraska, United States F9064
13 Miller / Robinson  Jun 1927Nebraska, United States F6706
14 Roberts / Hyde  Abt 1916Nebraska, United States F39202
15 Robinson / Israel  1 Jan 1900Nebraska, United States F6431
16 Robinson / Roos  29 Oct 1902Nebraska, United States F6427
17 Royle / Duckworth  Abt 1904Nebraska, United States F9002
18 Taft / Taylor  1894Nebraska, United States F36731
19 Taylor / Summers  18 Sep 1927Nebraska, United States F20863
20 Wonderly / Inman  25 Mar 1927Nebraska, United States F2455


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Kent / Throckmorton  Abt 1910Nebraska, United States F42815