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Virginia, United States


Latitude: 37.5481160, Longitude: -77.4467468


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amanda  1854Virginia, United States I13735
2 Anna Myrtle  1904Virginia, United States I123167
3 Beola  1849Virginia, United States I120380
4 Bettie L.  1900Virginia, United States I74381
5 Elijah  Abt 1715Virginia, United States I145378
6 Faith  1695Virginia, United States I84309
7 Frances L.  Abt 1894Virginia, United States I123192
8 Grace  Abt 1692Virginia, United States I5907
9 Jenny Nancy  18 May 1909Virginia, United States I123161
10 Judith  Abt 1788/1792Virginia, United States I70993
11 Loudy Jane  6 Aug 1912Virginia, United States I122263
12 Margaret  1753Virginia, United States I106854
13 Martha Ann  Abt 1715Virginia, United States I125082
14 Mary  1915Virginia, United States I121449
15 Mary Lou  1662Virginia, United States I125162
16 Ocie  1902Virginia, United States I122261
17 Rebecca  1787Virginia, United States I73609
18 Sarah  Between 1674 and 1676Virginia, United States I2706
19 Sarah Elsie  12 Apr 1869Virginia, United States I120504
20 Susan  Abt 1710Virginia, United States I98577
21 Aaron, Elizabeth  1795Virginia, United States I71026
22 Adams, Sarah  10 Feb 1789Virginia, United States I171418
23 Adkins, Joel P.  1804Virginia, United States I100192
24 Akers, Kyle Heath  18 Jul 1880Virginia, United States I123130
25 Akers, Wyett  1865Virginia, United States I121621
26 Alcock, Frances M.  29 Mar 1845Virginia, United States I72645
27 Alexander, Mary Ella  10 Oct 1871Virginia, United States I122935
28 Alsop, Elizabeth  1794Virginia, United States I71126
29 Andrews, John Allen  Jun 1853Virginia, United States I74177
30 Angus, Lucy E.  Sep 1889Virginia, United States I132007
31 Asher, John  1742Virginia, United States I5488
32 Asher, Nathan  Abt 1745Virginia, United States I5487
33 Atwood, Mary  Dec 1765Virginia, United States I12714
34 Austin, Richard  1645Virginia, United States I132086
35 Avent, William John  1704Virginia, United States I28963
36 Bainbridge, David  1853Virginia, United States I13739
37 Bainbridge, James Edward  1830Virginia, United States I13738
38 Bainbridge, Richard F.  Apr 1850Virginia, United States I13737
39 Baker, Humphrey  Abt 1785Virginia, United States I94644
40 Ballinger, Wesley  1812Virginia, United States I160580
41 Barnes, Rebecca  1 Feb 1807Virginia, United States I66192
42 Barnett, Elizabeth  Abt 1805Virginia, United States I163803
43 Barnett, Hannah  1818Virginia, United States I163812
44 Barnett, Mary  5 Mar 1797Virginia, United States I163804
45 Barnett, Rebecca  1809Virginia, United States I163807
46 Barnett, William  1809Virginia, United States I163808
47 Bass, James A.  19 Jul 1798Virginia, United States I145050
48 Bawl, Nancy  1800Virginia, United States I160540
49 Bayly, Helen  1880Virginia, United States I113780
50 Bean, Amos B.  1829Virginia, United States I13314
51 Bean, Edmund  1836Virginia, United States I13330
52 Bean, Elizabeth Ann  1828Virginia, United States I13328
53 Bean, Erasmus  1842Virginia, United States I13332
54 Bean, George  Apr 1822Virginia, United States I13313
55 Bean, Harrison  21 Jul 1828Virginia, United States I13304
56 Bean, John W.  1832Virginia, United States I13329
57 Bean, Joseph  1790Virginia, United States I13327
58 Bean, Joseph  1838Virginia, United States I13331
59 Bean, Robert  1820Virginia, United States I13315
60 Bean, Samuel  1801Virginia, United States I13334
61 Bean, Samuel  25 Nov 1825Virginia, United States I13307
62 Beckner, Mack Pheatus  16 Jan 1906Virginia, United States I123364
63 Beeler, Eleanor  1805Virginia, United States I133867
64 Benge, Hannah  1730Virginia, United States I160204
65 Benge, James  1730Virginia, United States I160202
66 Benge, Nancy Agnes  Abt 1793Virginia, United States I160342
67 Benton, Jessie Virginia Margaret  1858Virginia, United States I69050
68 Bibb, Henry Chambers  9 Jun 1836Virginia, United States I163924
69 Bigbie, Jennie Lee  19 May 1890Virginia, United States I39651
70 Bigbie, Wilhelmina  1902Virginia, United States I39652
71 Bing, Martha  7 Apr 1778Virginia, United States I158734
72 Bird, Thomas  4 May 1778Virginia, United States I160463
73 Bishop, Fannie  1 Jun 1855Virginia, United States I120784
74 Blackwell, Fannie Gaye  10 May 1899Virginia, United States I121890
75 Blackwell, Nannie Ella  14 Sep 1889Virginia, United States I121888
76 Blackwell, William Letcher  3 Aug 1894Virginia, United States I121889
77 Blansett, Violet Ada  10 Oct 1912Virginia, United States I122633
78 Bonds, Rachel Adaline  1861Virginia, United States I120581
79 Boothe, Joshua  Jul 1825Virginia, United States I137372
80 Boucher, Sarah Elizabeth  1832Virginia, United States I13430
81 Bowles, Deborah Lynn  19 Mar 1952Virginia, United States I119123
82 Bowman, Christina Tender  1827Virginia, United States I120485
83 Bowman, George W.  1858Virginia, United States I121409
84 Bowman, Mary E.  Abt 1856Virginia, United States I121411
85 Boykin, Jane  1593Virginia, United States I145470
86 Bradley, Martha  Abt 1693Virginia, United States I186387
87 Bridges, John  8 Sep 1821Virginia, United States I193103
88 Briggs, Nancy C.  13 Feb 1794Virginia, United States I154133
89 Britton, Sarah Elizabeth  1828Virginia, United States I162543
90 Brodrick, David Eli  1815Virginia, United States I132674
91 Brooking, Mary Sheffy  3 Oct 1878Virginia, United States I74627
92 Brooks, John  1807Virginia, United States I81854
93 Brown, George E.  1820Virginia, United States I72713
94 Buck  1758Virginia, United States I76002
95 Bullock, George W.  4 Oct 1877Virginia, United States I180999
96 Bullock, Hampton F.  1904Virginia, United States I180983
97 Bullock, Joseph Willard  1907Virginia, United States I180986
98 Bullock, Roy F.  1911Virginia, United States I180985
99 Bunch, Gideon Bowles  2 Dec 1814Virginia, United States I163982
100 Bunch, William David  Abt 1787Virginia, United States I163983
101 Burch, Nancy  14 Jun 1745Virginia, United States I100029
102 Burke, Elizabeth  1831Virginia, United States I162609
103 Burnham, Henrietta Maria  Abt 1620Virginia, United States I16289
104 Burton, Virginia Hennie  22 Feb 1840Virginia, United States I161864
105 Butcher, Elizabeth  1803Virginia, United States I132918
106 Butcher, Linny  1750Virginia, United States I70909
107 Butler, Anna  1765Virginia, United States I130298
108 Byrd, James L.  Oct 1846Virginia, United States I122067
109 C., Nancy  1846Virginia, United States I120377
110 Caldwell, Irene  1865Virginia, United States I159784
111 Caldwell, James Alonzo  1864Virginia, United States I159779
112 Caldwell, Rufus Putnam  8 Jun 1835Virginia, United States I159781
113 Campbell, Elias Jr.  1765Virginia, United States I187050
114 Campbell, Ellis  1804Virginia, United States I187048
115 Carey, Margaret Mary  1706Virginia, United States I28964
116 Carothers, Sarah Ann  22 Sep 1826Virginia, United States I13628
117 Carson, Elizabeth  28 Jun 1783Virginia, United States I163087
118 Carter, George D.  Abt 1848Virginia, United States I71376
119 Carter, Henry Emerson  Abt 1839Virginia, United States I71374
120 Carter, John W.  Abt 1837Virginia, United States I71372
121 Carter, Martha  Mar 1854Virginia, United States I71379
122 Carter, Mary  1844Virginia, United States I71381
123 Carter, Page B.  May 1850Virginia, United States I71380
124 Caudle, John Miller  Abt 1874Virginia, United States I121328
125 Caudle, Rush Harris  26 Mar 1876Virginia, United States I121330
126 Chandler, Perry D.  Aug 1885Virginia, United States I121824
127 Chase, Albeton Elze  1804Virginia, United States I71402
128 Childs, Phebe  Mar 1795Virginia, United States I106852
129 Christian, Elizabeth  2 Feb 1816Virginia, United States I193370
130 Claiborne, Walter H.  Abt 1832Virginia, United States I163910
131 Clark, Frances Eleanor  1740Virginia, United States I187361
132 Clark, Ralph Johnson  Virginia, United States I74452
133 Clatterbuck, Mary Elizabeth  Between 1784 and 1794Virginia, United States I201937
134 Clatterbuck, Richard  1736Virginia, United States I201944
135 Clay, Wyatt L.  Abt 1845Virginia, United States I76117
136 Clelland, Columbus  1846Virginia, United States I13539
137 Clelland, Ellen  1847Virginia, United States I13538
138 Clelland, Leann  1853Virginia, United States I13535
139 Clelland, Louisa W.  24 Sep 1838Virginia, United States I13536
140 Clelland, Matilda  1850Virginia, United States I13537
141 Clelland, Sarah  1842Virginia, United States I13540
142 Clelland, Thomas  1844Virginia, United States I13541
143 Collins, Merlin  Mar 1859Virginia, United States I123063
144 Cooper, Bertie Virginia  Aug 1878Virginia, United States I122814
145 Corathers, Nancy J.  Abt 1832Virginia, United States I13623
146 Couch, Joseph  1922Virginia, United States I41224
147 Cowan, Margaret  1740Virginia, United States I145365
148 Cox, James  1849Virginia, United States I120526
149 Cox, Joshua D.  1822Virginia, United States I120522
150 Cox, Rebecca  1847Virginia, United States I120525
151 Cox, Riley Osborne  12 Sep 1888Virginia, United States I121811
152 Cox, Susan  10 Oct 1840Virginia, United States I120842
153 Craig, Amanda  15 May 1807Virginia, United States I5189
154 Craig, Helen  8 Mar 1805Virginia, United States I5183
155 Craig, Mortimer  1811Virginia, United States I5185
156 Cross, Raymond  21 May 1930Virginia, United States I105030
157 Dalton, Edgar Glenn  22 Apr 1909Virginia, United States I123397
158 Dandridge, Wilson  Abt 1715Virginia, United States I28712
159 Dary, Sarah  10 May 1824Virginia, United States I144225
160 Davenport, Mary  Abt 1774Virginia, United States I160218
161 Davenport, Nancy Martin  1802Virginia, United States I160249
162 Davenport, Polly  1795Virginia, United States I160250
163 Davis, Mary Parmelia  1795Virginia, United States I119985
164 Davis, Samuel T.  21 Dec 1823Virginia, United States I5178
165 Dickenson, Elizabeth  25 Dec 1851Virginia, United States I74038
166 Dills, George W.  11 Dec 1859Virginia, United States I133025
167 Dollarhide, Andrew Jackson  1798Virginia, United States I132903
168 Dollarhide, Asahel  17 Jan 1775Virginia, United States I132778
169 Dollarhide, Evelyn  1797Virginia, United States I133119
170 Dorton, Sallie Geear  9 Oct 1899Virginia, United States I95651
171 Dugan  Abt 1840Virginia, United States I74768
172 Duncan, Roena  Abt 1876Virginia, United States I121405
173 Eaton, Albert Anderson  11 May 1840Virginia, United States I121731
174 Eaton, Henry Clark  1874Virginia, United States I121739
175 Eaton, Letha Ellen  2 Nov 1868Virginia, United States I121736
176 Eaton, Nathan  8 Jun 1871Virginia, United States I121738
177 Eaton, Thomas J.  21 Jan 1868Virginia, United States I121735
178 Eldridge, Mary  6 Feb 1844Virginia, United States I74040
179 Elliott, William Robert  25 Aug 1866Virginia, United States I74547
180 Emerson, Annie Elizabeth  10 Oct 1896Virginia, United States I73181
181 Emerson, Edward Everett  1874Virginia, United States I73040
182 Emerson, Emma W.  Mar 1880Virginia, United States I73102
183 Emerson, Fitzhugh Lee  May 1888Virginia, United States I73095
184 Emerson, George  1790Virginia, United States I70913
185 Emerson, George Lawson  1869Virginia, United States I71519
186 Emerson, George Oliver  18 Feb 1872Virginia, United States I73037
187 Emerson, George Washington  May 1894Virginia, United States I73068
188 Emerson, Harry L.  Abt 1901Virginia, United States I73197
189 Emerson, Henry  1849Virginia, United States I71466
190 Emerson, Henry Pyrant  26 Sep 1857Virginia, United States I71510
191 Emerson, James Ervin  Virginia, United States I73103
192 Emerson, John  1822Virginia, United States I71001
193 Emerson, John Bannister  Oct 1890Virginia, United States I73064
194 Emerson, Julia Brumfield  Abt 1910Virginia, United States I73195
195 Emerson, Launa Mae  Virginia, United States I73208
196 Emerson, Lula B.  Nov 1890Virginia, United States I73093
197 Emerson, Martha  Virginia, United States I70904
198 Emerson, Martha Frances  Virginia, United States I73210
199 Emerson, Mary E.  1824Virginia, United States I71005
200 Emerson, Matilda F.  1844Virginia, United States I71580
201 Emerson, Minnie Lee  24 Dec 1904Virginia, United States I73067
202 Emerson, Nancy  1769Virginia, United States I70881
203 Emerson, Nancy Jane Nannie  Mar 1876Virginia, United States I73099
204 Emerson, Ralph Waldo  19 Aug 1910Virginia, United States I73204
205 Emerson, Reuben  1 Apr 1782Virginia, United States I70886
206 Emerson, Rhoda Amberson  Est 1765Virginia, United States I70889
207 Emerson, Roy J.  Apr 1894Virginia, United States I73090
208 Emerson, Russell Coleman  Virginia, United States I73209
209 Emerson, Sadie Estelle  18 Jul 1898Virginia, United States I73180
210 Emerson, Sallie B.  Mar 1878Virginia, United States I73100
211 Emerson, Smith  1832Virginia, United States I71004
212 Emerson, Walter Everett  24 Aug 1904Virginia, United States I73199
213 Emerson, Welons Semple  3 Mar 1902Virginia, United States I73186
214 Emerson, William Aylor  17 Dec 1901Virginia, United States I73075
215 Emerson, William Smith  17 Jun 1907Virginia, United States I73193
216 Emery, Stephen  Abt 1725Virginia, United States I18602
217 Emmerson, Adaline Ellen  26 Oct 1825Virginia, United States I71023
218 Emmerson, George C.  5 Dec 1829Virginia, United States I71015
219 Emmerson, George Washington  10 Oct 1830Virginia, United States I71029
220 Emmerson, Horatio  Abt 1834Virginia, United States I71030
221 Emmerson, John E.  1773Virginia, United States I70910
222 Emmerson, Juda  Abt 1809Virginia, United States I71365
223 Emmerson, Lawson  1813Virginia, United States I70996
224 Emmerson, Lillian Edith  13 Nov 1909Virginia, United States I73183
225 Emmerson, Malinda  1829Virginia, United States I71027
226 Emmerson, Martha  28 Dec 1817Virginia, United States I70977
227 Emmerson, Richard  18 Feb 1750Virginia, United States I70875
228 Emmerson, Ruth  18 Nov 1897Virginia, United States I73174
229 Emmerson, Sarah A.  1829Virginia, United States I71028
230 Emmerson, Thomas  Abt 1708Virginia, United States I70871
231 Emmerson, Thomas II  1748Virginia, United States I70877
232 Estes, David Shipton  1775Virginia, United States I26215
233 Estes, Elisha Jr  1778Virginia, United States I26216
234 Evans, Benjamin  Between 1699 and 1701Virginia, United States I2708
235 Evans, Rebecca  Between 1689 and 1691Virginia, United States I2707
236 Fackler, Lena V.  8 Jun 1908Virginia, United States I73171
237 Fackler, Nellie  Abt 1905Virginia, United States I73172
238 Farris, Matthew Elijah Sr  21 Jun 1902Virginia, United States I123201
239 Ferrell, Florence E.  29 Mar 1868Virginia, United States I122219
240 Fielder, Thomas  1852Virginia, United States I162452
241 Fleming, Eleanor  16 Jun 1796Virginia, United States I2859
242 Flinchum, Hattie Florence  1895Virginia, United States I123164
243 Ford, Alphens M.  1889Virginia, United States I132004
244 Ford, Alpheus M.  1860Virginia, United States I131994
245 Ford, Archie J.  1894Virginia, United States I131999
246 Ford, Beatrice B.  1905Virginia, United States I132000
247 Ford, Caroline  1900Virginia, United States I131997
248 Ford, Ella A.  1907Virginia, United States I132002
249 Ford, Haller  1892Virginia, United States I132001
250 Ford, Louise Arlington  1912Virginia, United States I40279

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Graves, John  Abt 1616Virginia, United States I125453
2 Henderson, James Joanes  22 Mar 1741Virginia, United States I28952
3 Montgomery, Pheba Ann  Virginia, United States I121715


Matches 1 to 149 of 149

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Anna Myrtle  24 Jan 1931Virginia, United States I123167
2 Catharine  1742Virginia, United States I94324
3 Faith  13 Jan 1781Virginia, United States I84309
4 Judy Elizabeth  4 Jun 1968Virginia, United States I121834
5 Sarah  Between 1711 and 1718Virginia, United States I2706
6 Susan  1730Virginia, United States I98577
7 Adkins, William  1822Virginia, United States I76020
8 Akers, Edward  22 Sep 1888Virginia, United States I121619
9 Altizer, Jessie Mae  16 Sep 1992Virginia, United States I123107
10 Anders, Jasper  6 Dec 1972Virginia, United States I123376
11 Basey, Adrian Irene  1670Virginia, United States I44463
12 Bean-MacBean, Edward Price  12 Apr 1783Virginia, United States I5479
13 Benge, John  1687Virginia, United States I160186
14 Blackwell, Fannie Gaye  May 1982Virginia, United States I121890
15 Bolling, Elizabeth Blair  22 Apr 1775Virginia, United States I132032
16 Bond, Eveline  1908Virginia, United States I122748
17 Boothe, Winfield Scott  1920Virginia, United States I123082
18 Bowling, Benjamin Sr I.  1767Virginia, United States I132049
19 Bowman, Junis Wallace  16 Feb 1942Virginia, United States I121742
20 Brashier, Gideon  1850Virginia, United States I71651
21 Bullock, George W.  2 Apr 1961Virginia, United States I180999
22 Burton, Anne  1645Virginia, United States I192021
23 Caudle, Louis Tobias  14 Dec 1924Virginia, United States I121331
24 Cottle, Elizabeth  Abt Apr 1825Virginia, United States I163772
25 Dandridge, Wilson  21 Oct 1716Virginia, United States I28712
26 Davis, Gideon  7 Apr 1833Virginia, United States I5168
27 Douglas, James Campbell  1766Virginia, United States I27097
28 Dudley, Avarilla  20 Jun 1771Virginia, United States I132046
29 Edmonston, Thomas  1795Virginia, United States I26756
30 Emerson, Henry  18 Jan 1757Virginia, United States I98747
31 Emerson, John  DIED YOUNGVirginia, United States I71001
32 Emerson, Lora Jane  Virginia, United States I71518
33 Emerson, Mary Jane  18 Nov 1926Virginia, United States I71479
34 Emerson, Thomas  10 Jun 1678Virginia, United States I108799
35 Emmerson, Julia Ann  Virginia, United States I73039
36 Ferrell, Florence E.  30 Aug 1939Virginia, United States I122219
37 Flinchum, Sadie Berthy  10 Oct 1996Virginia, United States I123168
38 Foliott, Elizabeth  1718Virginia, United States I126861
39 Foxe, Susan  1688Virginia, United States I151019
40 Gallimore, Henry Lee  24 Dec 1952Virginia, United States I121845
41 Gee, Henry Jr  1726Virginia, United States I125290
42 Gholson, Sarah  1779Virginia, United States I145375
43 Goff, Jonathan  1840Virginia, United States I18755
44 Gulick, Ann Maria  14 Jun 1899Virginia, United States I5226
45 Hall, Oliver Cushing  Dec 1965Virginia, United States I114190
46 Hamilton, Barbara Martha  Virginia, United States I134325
47 Hamilton, Susan  18 Dec 1880Virginia, United States I73621
48 Handy, Mary Elizabeth  27 Aug 1836Virginia, United States I151648
49 Hazelwood, Luke  Jan 1828Virginia, United States I160458
50 Henderson, Richard  1802Virginia, United States I26620
51 Henderson, Thomas  Feb 1709Virginia, United States I98578
52 Hollandsworth, Aaron Ross  13 Oct 1919Virginia, United States I121931
53 Hollandsworth, Lillie Odell  Virginia, United States I122235
54 Howard, Sophiah  Virginia, United States I162663
55 Howell, David Elliott  9 Jul 1950Virginia, United States I122974
56 Huff, Barbara Ellen  17 Apr 1911Virginia, United States I121582
57 Hurst, Columbus Lum  13 Dec 1912Virginia, United States I122123
58 Hyde, Legrand Putnam  Feb 1967Virginia, United States I20194
59 Hyde, Leroy Walter  22 Nov 1956Virginia, United States I116205
60 Hyde, Mary  19 Sep 1877Virginia, United States I193359
61 Hyde, Robert T.  Virginia, United States I188899
62 Hyde, Virginia  22 Nov 1859Virginia, United States I193366
63 Hylton, Bethenia E.  1939Virginia, United States I121583
64 Hylton, Lutero M.  7 May 1930Virginia, United States I121584
65 Izard, Ann  1699Virginia, United States I128031
66 Jenkins, Anna Lillian  Mar 1967Virginia, United States I123470
67 Jennings, Stella  9 Dec 2004Virginia, United States I123428
68 Johnson, Edna Irene  22 Sep 1990Virginia, United States I64923
69 Jones, Ann  17 Aug 1814Virginia, United States I12464
70 Keeney, David A.  1 Jul 1862Virginia, United States I129572
71 King, Mary Elizabeth  5 Jun 2008Virginia, United States I200754
72 Le Villian, Mary  Virginia, United States I19310
73 Lee, William  Virginia, United States I19157
74 Linton, Elizabeth  1674Virginia, United States I132111
75 Lucas, William  1785Virginia, United States I2711
76 Lyons, Josephine  22 May 1889Virginia, United States I163933
77 Mabry, Isaac  Aft 1795Virginia, United States I186384
78 Maines, Lucy Alice  27 Apr 1990Virginia, United States I123180
79 Mallory, Ann  1740Virginia, United States I163732
80 Mallory, Mary  Oct 1783Virginia, United States I163722
81 Mallory, Mary  Aft 1808Virginia, United States I163905
82 Martha, Mary  1720Virginia, United States I125163
83 Martiau, Marie  Bef 1657Virginia, United States I145462
84 Martindale, Raymond Louis  Feb 1971Virginia, United States I74434
85 Masters, Clory Ann  31 Jul 1854Virginia, United States I12708
86 McClard, Era Valene  10 Nov 2000Virginia, United States I28995
87 McClung, Sarah  1785Virginia, United States I26577
88 McGuire, Leila Moss  Jun 1967Virginia, United States I117798
89 McGuire, Mary  1828Virginia, United States I163776
90 Montgomery, Aaron Carrol  15 Jun 1958Virginia, United States I121356
91 Montgomery, Lula Attaway  7 Jul 1941Virginia, United States I121670
92 Montgomery, Lula Hannah  11 Nov 1998Virginia, United States I122182
93 Montgomery, Robert  1814Virginia, United States I28659
94 Moore, Henry Franklin  1960Virginia, United States I72697
95 Moore, Martha  Aft Jul 1777Virginia, United States I163735
96 Mullins, Nancy  Virginia, United States I76014
97 Newman, Cleora Ellen  25 Apr 1963Virginia, United States I121468
98 Norton, Christopher  1788Virginia, United States I70879
99 Perrin, John  1710Virginia, United States I125172
100 Perrin, Samuel  1743Virginia, United States I125173
101 Perry, Jonathan  Oct 1864Virginia, United States I120993
102 Pettry, Henry Lee  13 Nov 1966Virginia, United States I122356
103 Phillips, Allen Thomas  Abt 1931Virginia, United States I120471
104 Phillips, George W.  2 Jul 1919Virginia, United States I120466
105 Phillips, John Montague  30 Oct 1925Virginia, United States I120468
106 Phillips, Mary J.  Abt 1893Virginia, United States I120462
107 Phillips, Orbie Sherman  14 Nov 1924Virginia, United States I121971
108 Pollard, Sarah  1834Virginia, United States I145346
109 Power, Birdie Cornelia  18 Dec 1945Virginia, United States I73054
110 Poyntell Gower, Joan Questenbury  1672Virginia, United States I185489
111 Pritche, Mollie J.  29 Apr 1936Virginia, United States I74611
112 Quesenberry, Lucy Jane  7 Jul 1921Virginia, United States I121776
113 Quisenberry, George  Virginia, United States I26221
114 Rogers, Norman L.  Virginia, United States I40375
115 Roscow, Wilson  17 Jun 1713Virginia, United States I28708
116 Saunders, Edward  Abt 1783Virginia, United States I132041
117 Saunders, Mary B.  Bef 1850Virginia, United States I19300
118 Shelton, Elizabeth Kerzelia  16 Aug 1970Virginia, United States I123102
119 Slusher, Martin Mildridge  23 Aug 1984Virginia, United States I122217
120 Smith, Jenny  12 Oct 1733Virginia, United States I5483
121 Smith, Missouri Frances  31 Jul 1935Virginia, United States I122300
122 Smith, Nancy Jane  4 Jan 1949Virginia, United States I121997
123 Spiller, Edwin Bright  28 Jul 1973Virginia, United States I117064
124 Stith, Jane  Bef 1777Virginia, United States I163733
125 Stout, Joseph  11 Sep 1797Virginia, United States I119109
126 Styron, Florence May  2 Mar 1935Virginia, United States I121360
127 Sutphin, Bertie Velmer  14 Feb 1923Virginia, United States I123198
128 Sutphin, Daniel Malisco  Feb 1937Virginia, United States I121342
129 Sutphin, Julinia Allis  1939Virginia, United States I121491
130 Sutphin, Thomas A.  Virginia, United States I120360
131 Thompson, Floyd Mckinley  4 Jan 1947Virginia, United States I121462
132 Thompson, James Floyd  15 Aug 1892Virginia, United States I121460
133 Thompson, Lydia  Oct 1798Virginia, United States I25881
134 Throckmorton, Joseph  1755 OR 1763Virginia, United States I127831
135 Wade, Isaac  2 Feb 1899Virginia, United States I121772
136 Wakelyn, Phillis  12 Sep 1657Virginia, United States I52217
137 Watts, Ann  Aft 1804Virginia, United States I196991
138 Webb, Beulah Mabel  14 Jan 2008Virginia, United States I123350
139 Welby, Anne  1645Virginia, United States I192020
140 West, Samuel E.  Virginia, United States I40204
141 Wheeler, Micajah Jr.  1836Virginia, United States I70990
142 Wilkerson, Martin  25 May 1741Virginia, United States I125037
143 Wilkerson Th, Joannah Cooke  1777Virginia, United States I125030
144 Wilkinson, Edward  23 Jul 1757Virginia, United States I130117
145 Wilkinson, Martha  1789Virginia, United States I130118
146 Wilkinson, Mary  7 Dec 1710Virginia, United States I130116
147 Wilson, William Thomas  1842Virginia, United States I153862
148 Winslow, Thomas Emerson  20 Jul 1861Virginia, United States I130436
149 Withence, Mary  1648Virginia, United States I131556


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Carleton, Thomas III  13 Nov 1786Virginia, United States I198293
2 Cash, Stephen  1799Virginia, United States I132053
3 Cocke, Elizabeth  1804Virginia, United States I198060
4 Gholston, Anthony Jr  16 Mar 1779Virginia, United States I145417
5 Gracie, Margaret  Virginia, United States I173078
6 Graves, John  Virginia, United States I125453
7 Henderson, Samuel  1808Virginia, United States I28951
8 Howard, John  Virginia, United States I154142
9 Kendall, John  1679Virginia, United States I198243
10 McClung, Sarah  1785Virginia, United States I26577
11 Nichols, Stephen Crockett  Virginia, United States I122000
12 Quisenberry, John Aaron  Virginia, United States I26217
13 Roscow, Wilson  Virginia, United States I28708
14 Swann, Thomas Thompson  1779Virginia, United States I28882
15 Wilkerson, Martin  Virginia, United States I125037


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sarah  Abt 1675Virginia, United States I2706
2 Adams, Jabez Anderson  16 Oct 1846Virginia, United States I71578
3 Bean, John W.  1833Virginia, United States I13329
4 Emerson, Walter T.  Apr 1885Virginia, United States I73091
5 Keller, James Edgar  1 Sep 1849Virginia, United States I13761


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 McClung, William  Aft 1783Virginia, United States I26576


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Cotton, John  1681Virginia, United States I199420


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Imigration    Person ID 
1 Hyde, Joseph  1691Virginia, United States I126740


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Hyde, Charles K.  1870Virginia, United States I94735
2 Hyde, William B.  1870Virginia, United States I94733


Matches 1 to 58 of 58

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Adams / MacKindree  Est 1760Virginia, United States F30938
2 Adkins / Miller  22 Jan 1888Virginia, United States F22491
3 Alderman / Montgomery  1923Virginia, United States F40954
4 Andrews / Lambert  Abt 1680Virginia, United States F26042
5 Angus / Martin  Mar 1775Virginia, United States F44210
6 Baker / Blount  Abt 1775Virginia, United States F70905
7 Bolt / Newman  Abt 1877Virginia, United States F39824
8 Carter / Strader  30 Apr 1874Virginia, United States F22521
9 Cathey / Henry  Abt 1740Virginia, United States F8174
10 Coleman / Lindsay  Bef 1720Virginia, United States F7627
11 Costello / Handy  Abt 1763Virginia, United States F51473
12 Cox / Montgomery  Abt 1845Virginia, United States F39642
13 Dandridge / Wallace  Aft 1713Virginia, United States F8149
14 Dennis / Royall  Abt 1670Virginia, United States F41774
15 Emerson / Fulton  2 May 1911Virginia, United States F23406
16 Emery / Cooper  1751Virginia, United States F5383
17 Emmerson / Wheatley  14 Oct 1880Virginia, United States F22360
18 Fielder / Benge  1779Virginia, United States F54819
19 Gee / Elam  1688Virginia, United States F41751
20 Goldman / Gholson  Abt 1747Virginia, United States F49235
21 Greenwood /   Abt 1718Virginia, United States F1375
22 Gregory / Mallory  30 Mar 1776Virginia, United States F55559
23 Hall /   Bef 1891Virginia, United States F40717
24 Hamilton / Brashier  Abt 1840Virginia, United States F22675
25 Hamner / Benge  1738Virginia, United States F54806
26 Harris / Warren  Abt 1767Virginia, United States F26026
27 Hawkins / Brooks  21 Dec 1923Virginia, United States F8528
28 Hayley / Hyde  28 May 1770Virginia, United States F8235
29 Howard / Tripples  26 Nov 1727Virginia, United States F52590
30 Jackson / Woods  1899Virginia, United States F23588
31 Lambert / Kingsho  Abt 1714Virginia, United States F26036
32 Maxwell / Clark  Abt 1776Virginia, United States F65202
33 McClure / Ashby  18 Feb 1950Virginia, United States F47349
34 Moley / Jackson  Abt 1895Virginia, United States F23594
35 Monroe / Bing  31 Aug 1809Virginia, United States F54566
36 Montgomery / Marshall  1920Virginia, United States F40664
37 Montgomery / Nester  8 Feb 1872Virginia, United States F40508
38 Montgomery / Nichols  1748Virginia, United States F39524
39 Montgomery / Owen  1900Virginia, United States F40223
40 Montgomery / Smith  20 Sep 1890Virginia, United States F40336
41 Morgan / Wilson  1825Virginia, United States F3598
42 Mullins / Hamilton  21 May 1872Virginia, United States F23691
43 Norton / Emmerson  Abt 1750Virginia, United States F22190
44 Phillips / Jewell  1925Virginia, United States F40802
45 Phillips / Montgomery  2 Apr 1894Virginia, United States F40760
46 Phillips / Montgomery  14 Jun 1908Virginia, United States F40935
47 Read / Walker  Abt 1825Virginia, United States F60156
48 Roy / Dollarhide  Abt 6 ??? 1798Virginia, United States F45049
49 Shockley / Huff  1 Jun 1916Virginia, United States F40590
50 Sutphin / Jackson  Abt 1880Virginia, United States F40405
51 Sutphin / Thompson  Abt 1910Virginia, United States F40485
52 Sutphin / Tolbert  Abt 1898Virginia, United States F40403
53 Swann / Willis  1712/3Virginia, United States F8189
54 Wallace / Taylor  Abt 1730Virginia, United States F8147
55 White / Duncan  Abt 1900Virginia, United States F40812
56 Worrell / Hurst  19 Dec 1894Virginia, United States F40930
57 Wynne / Sloman  1647Virginia, United States F70014
58 Wynne / Stith  Abt 1677Virginia, United States F70013


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Henderson / Daniels  From 2 Jan 1796 to 1798Virginia, United States F7641