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Indiana, United States


Latitude: 40.0002800, Longitude: -86.2502800


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Laura  Mar 1889Indiana, United States I122601
2 Lillian F.  1878Indiana, United States I9634
3 Susan Francis  18 Dec 1846Indiana, United States I160594
4 Adkins, Mary  Abt 1853Indiana, United States I72497
5 Allen, Clara Pearl  21 Feb 1876Indiana, United States I123046
6 Allen, Rebecca Jane  1851Indiana, United States I138230
7 Allen, Robert Lewis  23 Apr 1910Indiana, United States I68363
8 Almond  1842Indiana, United States I120307
9 Almond  1842Indiana, United States I120309
10 Almond, Frank  Apr 1865Indiana, United States I120314
11 Almond, Roy Hamlet  10 Feb 1885Indiana, United States I121200
12 Altman, Ada  1896Indiana, United States I70119
13 Altman, Arthur  1902Indiana, United States I70123
14 Altman, Emma  1898Indiana, United States I70121
15 Altman, Irvin  1908Indiana, United States I70122
16 Altman, Marvin  1894Indiana, United States I70117
17 Altman, Virgie  1900Indiana, United States I70120
18 Anderson, Selby  1865Indiana, United States I44550
19 Atkinson, Arthur  1868Indiana, United States I121704
20 Atkinson, Hanna Maria  6 Feb 1842Indiana, United States I71298
21 Atwood, Benjamin Walker  1856Indiana, United States I73892
22 Bachelor, Sam  1873Indiana, United States I120950
23 Bachelor, Willie  1878Indiana, United States I120952
24 Baer, Marcy Elizabeth  10 May 1860Indiana, United States I120972
25 Bailey, Levi Edward  Feb 1863Indiana, United States I9427
26 Baker, Helen Elizabeth  1899Indiana, United States I9128
27 Bales, Frank  5 Oct 1875Indiana, United States I121164
28 Bales, Isaac W.  1863Indiana, United States I121160
29 Bales, William O.  Sep 1874Indiana, United States I121167
30 Ballenger, Letha J.  1861Indiana, United States I162179
31 Ballenger, Mollie  1868Indiana, United States I162182
32 Ballenger, Nancy E.  1861Indiana, United States I162176
33 Ballenger, Surilda  1866Indiana, United States I162180
34 Ballenger, Wanda  1871Indiana, United States I162184
35 Ballinger, Joseph  1844Indiana, United States I160588
36 Ballinger, Joseph H.  1858Indiana, United States I162178
37 Ballinger, Martha  11 Sep 1846Indiana, United States I160592
38 Banes, Mary M.  Abt 1845Indiana, United States I162189
39 Bange, Charles W.  21 Jul 1869Indiana, United States I162159
40 Bange, Gallant Sylvester  Feb 1865Indiana, United States I162157
41 Barbour, William Rinehart  17 Aug 1884Indiana, United States I181758
42 Batchelor, Benjamin  8 Mar 1884Indiana, United States I120954
43 Batchelor, Hugh Mack  Jul 1870Indiana, United States I120949
44 Batchelor, Samuel  Jan 1845Indiana, United States I120948
45 Beales, Daniel C.  1875Indiana, United States I121168
46 Beard, Carolyn Alice  1939Indiana, United States I22533
47 Beardsley, Dorothy Ellen  10 Sep 1908Indiana, United States I179888
48 Beasecker, Vernon Cleven  20 Apr 1885Indiana, United States I40722
49 Bell, George F.  30 May 1907Indiana, United States I70105
50 Bell, Goldy  1896Indiana, United States I70100
51 Bell, Mamie  1904Indiana, United States I70102
52 Bell, Minie  1901Indiana, United States I70106
53 Bell, Zona Ona  1898Indiana, United States I70101
54 Benbrook, Essie  Jul 1888Indiana, United States I73753
55 Benge, Elizabeth J.  10 Feb 1828Indiana, United States I161154
56 Benge, Harriet A.  Jan 1852Indiana, United States I161203
57 Benge, James Martin  Apr 1853Indiana, United States I160596
58 Benge, Jonathan  1849Indiana, United States I161192
59 Benge, Lydia  1846Indiana, United States I161208
60 Benge, Martin  14 Dec 1861Indiana, United States I161206
61 Benge, Mary  1846Indiana, United States I161209
62 Benge, Morris  1850Indiana, United States I161210
63 Benge, Rebecca Ann  1842Indiana, United States I160576
64 Benge, Solomon  1844Indiana, United States I160578
65 Bennett, Mary E.  29 Jan 1913Indiana, United States I141262
66 Bisker, Lena  1865Indiana, United States I73796
67 Black, Sara  28 May 1823Indiana, United States I159046
68 Bledsaw, Ellis  Abt 1877Indiana, United States I121009
69 Bledsoe  1897Indiana, United States I121034
70 Bledsoe  1899Indiana, United States I121033
71 Bledsoe  1899Indiana, United States I121035
72 Bledsoe, Charles  14 Mar 1871Indiana, United States I121007
73 Bledsoe, Emsley  1848Indiana, United States I120217
74 Bledsoe, Estella  Abt 1896Indiana, United States I121032
75 Bledsoe, Eula  Nov 1890Indiana, United States I121031
76 Bledsoe, Everett  1883Indiana, United States I121026
77 Bledsoe, Gertrude L.  Nov 1890Indiana, United States I121029
78 Bledsoe, Jacob  1851Indiana, United States I120219
79 Bledsoe, Mary Ann  1844Indiana, United States I120218
80 Bledsoe, Nell  Mar 1893Indiana, United States I121030
81 Bledsoe, Otis  2 Feb 1880Indiana, United States I121024
82 Bledsoe, Phoebe Jane  1854Indiana, United States I120221
83 Bledsoe, William  Abt 1822Indiana, United States I119972
84 Bledsoe, William  1881Indiana, United States I121025
85 Bledsoe, William T.  1852Indiana, United States I120220
86 Bledsoe, Willis  Aug 1873Indiana, United States I121008
87 Boatwright, Isabelle  12 Jun 1833Indiana, United States I30737
88 Bowman, Louella  1871Indiana, United States I73961
89 Boyer, Elleni Leota  Jun 1870Indiana, United States I21906
90 Braddock, Elizabeth  1808Indiana, United States I159428
91 Brainard, Grace Elizabeth  11 Jun 1902Indiana, United States I179515
92 Brainard, Taylor C.  4 Apr 1898Indiana, United States I179510
93 Brandon, Murtle  1874Indiana, United States I8348
94 Bridgeman, John D.  May 1850Indiana, United States I132685
95 Bridgeman, Lydia A.  27 Feb 1845Indiana, United States I132682
96 Bridgeman, Manda E.  Abt 1854Indiana, United States I132688
97 Bridgeman, Mary Ann  Apr 1847Indiana, United States I132683
98 Bridgeman, Michael Jr.  23 Dec 1821Indiana, United States I132684
99 Bridgeman, Nancy M.  4 Dec 1848Indiana, United States I132686
100 Bridgman, Johanna  Apr 1847Indiana, United States I132687
101 Briggs, Henrietta  27 Nov 1861Indiana, United States I38360
102 Brothers, Daniel T.  1889Indiana, United States I122611
103 Brown, Elizabeth Jane  15 Jun 1824Indiana, United States I127841
104 Brown, Frank  Oct 1847Indiana, United States I117681
105 Bruner, Almira Elizabeth  17 Sep 1864Indiana, United States I120929
106 Bubenzer, Elsie  2 Jul 1871Indiana, United States I96135
107 Bunton, Barbara P.  Mar 1883Indiana, United States I162224
108 Bunton, Elonzo P.  May 1882Indiana, United States I162213
109 Bunton Durham, Mary Selena  22 Mar 1883Indiana, United States I162226
110 Burge, Catharine  1833Indiana, United States I162196
111 Burks, James S.  Apr 1845Indiana, United States I71207
112 Burks, Mary Ann  1810Indiana, United States I70948
113 Burks, Rhoda Elizabeth  22 Feb 1837Indiana, United States I71205
114 Burks, Rhoda Jane  19 Feb 1848Indiana, United States I71238
115 Burks, William Emerson  21 May 1837Indiana, United States I71231
116 Burns, John Mcbride  14 Apr 1856Indiana, United States I14992
117 Bush, Elnora  30 Jan 1875Indiana, United States I73834
118 Calvert, Luella Francis  8 Mar 1860Indiana, United States I73731
119 Campbell, Charles W.  Nov 1872Indiana, United States I122698
120 Campbell, Effie  28 Dec 1890Indiana, United States I122551
121 Campbell, George  Apr 1850Indiana, United States I187081
122 Campbell, Thomas Ira  29 Dec 1952Indiana, United States I140977
123 Cater, Josephine  15 Jan 1863Indiana, United States I73809
124 Cato, Nancy Helen  2 Dec 1902Indiana, United States I73747
125 Cauble, William Benton  13 Jan 1881Indiana, United States I122659
126 Caylor, Clara Alexaine  31 Mar 1870Indiana, United States I122700
127 Chamberlain, Helen Louise  25 Jan 1923Indiana, United States I10262
128 Chamberlain, William E.  1924Indiana, United States I10263
129 Chamberlin, Peggy  Abt 1911Indiana, United States I9117
130 Chastain, Margaret Ilene  30 Jul 1929Indiana, United States I4932
131 Coakley, Mary  Apr 1855Indiana, United States I134158
132 Coby, Cora A.  Sep 1880Indiana, United States I122713
133 Collier, Sarah  Aug 1840Indiana, United States I161310
134 Collins, Marjorie M.  5 May 1915Indiana, United States I139959
135 Collins, Mary  2 Feb 1883Indiana, United States I138880
136 Collins, Norman  1908Indiana, United States I139958
137 Collins, Opal  25 Dec 1907Indiana, United States I139957
138 Collins, Porter  15 Sep 1906Indiana, United States I139956
139 Conn, Albert W.  20 Nov 1883Indiana, United States I179644
140 Conn, Edmond  Jun 1850Indiana, United States I179042
141 Conn, Elizabeth Lee  29 Mar 1972Indiana, United States I182634
142 Conn, Myrtle M.  Jun 1881Indiana, United States I179633
143 Connor, Ethel B.  24 Sep 1879Indiana, United States I96180
144 Connor, John Hambleton  28 Jan 1846Indiana, United States I96325
145 Connor, Lewis  Abt 1830Indiana, United States I96050
146 Connor, Lyda Belle  Abt 1834Indiana, United States I96044
147 Coons, William T.  1823Indiana, United States I161726
148 Copple, Cynthia Elva  1879Indiana, United States I122588
149 Corbus, Eugene M.  Nov 1851Indiana, United States I159426
150 Coulter, Nancy  1822Indiana, United States I72347
151 Cox, Lawrence W.  1923Indiana, United States I122036
152 Craven, Bessie M.  Jun 1884Indiana, United States I9395
153 Criswell, Calvin Roscoe  1887Indiana, United States I122661
154 Cummins, Robert G.  31 Oct 1824Indiana, United States I126572
155 Cunningham, Beulah M.  21 Aug 1906Indiana, United States I21908
156 Cunningham, Laulah Daisy  21 Aug 1906Indiana, United States I21909
157 Cunningham, Thurl B.  22 Sep 1903Indiana, United States I21911
158 Cushing, Charles  Oct 1863Indiana, United States I8396
159 Cushing, Guy M.  1878Indiana, United States I8397
160 Cutler, Mary A.  1908Indiana, United States I96169
161 Davis, Aaron  1846Indiana, United States I120231
162 Davis, Laura N.  1890Indiana, United States I180930
163 Davis, Mary  Mar 1833Indiana, United States I120224
164 Davis, Walstine R.  8 Oct 1867Indiana, United States I120989
165 Davis, William  1847Indiana, United States I120232
166 Davis, William  From 1858 to 1859Indiana, United States I120985
167 Dawson, Blanche  27 Nov 1873Indiana, United States I179373
168 Denham, Wilbur M.  2 Dec 1906Indiana, United States I180336
169 Denny, Mary Jane  15 Mar 1840Indiana, United States I176353
170 DILL, Elvira  27 Aug 1827Indiana, United States I132664
171 Dollarhide, Alexander Hamilton  Oct 1831Indiana, United States I133747
172 Dollarhide, Eutha Anne  1831Indiana, United States I133781
173 Dollarhide, Jesse  9 Jan 1837Indiana, United States I132620
174 Dollarhide, Orpha Jane  Jan 1860Indiana, United States I133877
175 Dollarhide, Winifred S.  1824Indiana, United States I133744
176 Douglas, Charles H.  4 Feb 1871Indiana, United States I71982
177 Douglas, Leonard  6 Jul 1882Indiana, United States I71985
178 Douglas, Nancy Jane  1871Indiana, United States I71981
179 Douglas, Stephen Albert  8 Oct 1873Indiana, United States I71984
180 Douglass, Jesse  4 Oct 1837Indiana, United States I71980
181 Downs, Don Alphonso  1854Indiana, United States I133849
182 Draper, Ellen Louise  5 Feb 1925Indiana, United States I70057
183 Dulien, Charlotte  24 Dec 1874Indiana, United States I122592
184 Dyer, Dorothy L.  Abt 1916Indiana, United States I45773
185 Dyer, Franklin  1861Indiana, United States I73805
186 Dyer, Frederic C.  17 Mar 1903Indiana, United States I45774
187 Dyer, Hazel P.  Abt 1900Indiana, United States I45775
188 Dyer, Larry Everett  25 Nov 1894Indiana, United States I45777
189 Dyer, Ruby Ellen  18 Dec 1900Indiana, United States I45769
190 Dyer, Sarah E.  29 Mar 1905Indiana, United States I45771
191 Dyer, Wayne  Abt 1909Indiana, United States I45772
192 Elder, Mary  10 Aug 1857Indiana, United States I96247
193 Emerson, Alice C.  31 Mar 1871Indiana, United States I71830
194 Emerson, Barbara  1905Indiana, United States I71855
195 Emerson, Benjamin Franklin  3 Jun 1854Indiana, United States I71174
196 Emerson, Charles W.  24 May 1863Indiana, United States I71803
197 Emerson, Elizabeth Catherine  10 Apr 1831Indiana, United States I71129
198 Emerson, James  9 Nov 1789Indiana, United States I98785
199 Emerson, Jane  31 Jul 1810Indiana, United States I71135
200 Emerson, Lucille  15 Jan 1815Indiana, United States I70938
201 Emerson, Martha Ellen  26 Oct 1836Indiana, United States I71127
202 Emerson, Martha R.  23 Aug 1872Indiana, United States I71832
203 Emerson, Mary J.  31 Dec 1844Indiana, United States I71176
204 Emerson, Mary Nettie  1 Jan 1865Indiana, United States I71919
205 Emerson, Sally  1 Feb 1875Indiana, United States I71836
206 Emerson, Virgil  1 Apr 1901Indiana, United States I71854
207 Emmerson, Alexander  1847Indiana, United States I71175
208 Emmerson, Andrew  1828Indiana, United States I71128
209 Emmerson, Bessie G.  2 Feb 1882Indiana, United States I71796
210 Emmerson, Claire  1880–1900Indiana, United States I71849
211 Emmerson, Clyda E.  15 Aug 1874Indiana, United States I71798
212 Emmerson, Hannah Jane  9 Sep 1841Indiana, United States I71142
213 Emmerson, Hazel  1880–1900Indiana, United States I71847
214 Emmerson, Henry Parmer  1836Indiana, United States I70934
215 Emmerson, Ida Elda  15 Feb 1861Indiana, United States I71804
216 Emmerson, James Valentine  27 Feb 1851Indiana, United States I71172
217 Emmerson, Jesse  10 Feb 1890Indiana, United States I71797
218 Emmerson, Mary C.  1845Indiana, United States I71123
219 Emmerson, William  Indiana, United States I71132
220 Emmerson, William T.  13 Jan 1868Indiana, United States I71900
221 Engle, Annie  May 1869Indiana, United States I29523
222 English, Ertho S.  11 Jun 1889Indiana, United States I70565
223 English, Richard Cale  1919Indiana, United States I70566
224 Enyeart, John Charles  Dec 1860Indiana, United States I122571
225 Farwick, Gilbert James  5 Oct 1913Indiana, United States I141273
226 Fecher, Adam John  1870Indiana, United States I39992
227 Fecher, Lois Evelyn  8 Nov 1916Indiana, United States I41659
228 Fetcher, Kenneth L.  1910Indiana, United States I39997
229 Fitzgerald, Catherine Loretta  16 Feb 1872Indiana, United States I73735
230 Fitzgerrell, Mary V.  10 Apr 1826Indiana, United States I161246
231 Flaharty, Maurice Dale  15 Oct 1919Indiana, United States I68279
232 Flaharty, Maxine  1923Indiana, United States I68281
233 Foreman, Mildred P.  1905Indiana, United States I67646
234 Foreman, Virgil Branson  7 Oct 1902Indiana, United States I67644
235 Forkner, Albert  14 Feb 1832Indiana, United States I162097
236 Fountain, M. Anna  1863Indiana, United States I70152
237 Franklin, Mary  Abt 1832Indiana, United States I120245
238 Franklin, Mary E.  19 Mar 1851Indiana, United States I121000
239 Freeman, Alvin H.  1886Indiana, United States I21279
240 Freeman, John A.  1869Indiana, United States I21277
241 Freeman, Mary Ann  1871Indiana, United States I21280
242 Freeman, Myrtie M.  Sep 1878Indiana, United States I21276
243 Freeman, Nettie M.  May 1874Indiana, United States I21281
244 Freeman, Robert Joseph  19 May 1888Indiana, United States I21278
245 French, Mary Ellen  2 Sep 1847Indiana, United States I71799
246 Fritz, Leroy Nevel  21 Jan 1918Indiana, United States I141228
247 Fritz, William  2 Feb 1916Indiana, United States I141227
248 Fulk, Louisa  21 Mar 1822Indiana, United States I120236
249 Gentry, Sarah Ellen  1907Indiana, United States I89715
250 Gladson, James Marion  22 Jan 1838Indiana, United States I132701

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Matches 1 to 127 of 127

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Mamie  21 Feb 1941Indiana, United States I123045
2 Adams, Sarah Jane Sallie  17 Oct 1908Indiana, United States I72213
3 Ashby, John  12 Mar 1904Indiana, United States I169909
4 Atkinson, Arthur  1868Indiana, United States I121704
5 Baker, Arminta Frances  6 Mar 1919Indiana, United States I122863
6 Ballinger, Joseph H.  1936Indiana, United States I162174
7 Ballinger, Pearl Verna  14 Aug 1974Indiana, United States I162210
8 Ballinger, Wesley  Bef 1860Indiana, United States I160580
9 Barbier, John Thomas  1985Indiana, United States I200782
10 Bill, Benjamin I.  1894Indiana, United States I44681
11 Bledsoe  1897Indiana, United States I121034
12 Bledsoe  1899Indiana, United States I121033
13 Bledsoe  1899Indiana, United States I121035
14 Bledsoe, Everett  1895Indiana, United States I121026
15 Bledsoe, Gertrude L.  Oct 1983Indiana, United States I121029
16 Bledsoe, Henry  Oct 1962Indiana, United States I121014
17 Bledsoe, Henry Clark  26 Jun 1937Indiana, United States I121003
18 Bledsoe, Homer F.  6 Apr 1960Indiana, United States I121011
19 Bledsoe, Jacob  6 Aug 1873Indiana, United States I120219
20 Bledsoe, William  1887Indiana, United States I121025
21 Bledsoe, Willis  1945Indiana, United States I121008
22 Brothers, Daniel T.  Jan 1972Indiana, United States I122611
23 Cambrin, Effie Mae  8 Aug 1994Indiana, United States I11957
24 Carter, Virgil Robb MD  15 Feb 1934Indiana, United States I71862
25 Casey, William Graham  1 Jun 1883Indiana, United States I160805
26 Clark, Isaac  1873Indiana, United States I173567
27 Clarkson, Josephine  20 Jun 1898Indiana, United States I44122
28 Conn, Elizabeth Lee  3 Apr 1973Indiana, United States I182634
29 Cooper, Gladys  16 Oct 1938Indiana, United States I141229
30 Daley, Rulon Harvey  2008Indiana, United States I76312
31 Denny, Mary Jane  16 Jun 1913Indiana, United States I176353
32 Dibble, Silas  23 Aug 1898Indiana, United States I79180
33 Emerson, Lovell  1965Indiana, United States I72734
34 Emmerson, Claire  1880–1900Indiana, United States I71849
35 Emmerson, Hazel  1880–1900Indiana, United States I71847
36 Fitzgerald, James  Indiana, United States I134157
37 Flaharty, Maurice Dale  23 Feb 1982Indiana, United States I68279
38 Flaharty, Vivin Eugene  22 May 1959Indiana, United States I67873
39 Freeman, Sarah Ann  11 Sep 1815Indiana, United States I161113
40 French, Mary Ellen  25 Mar 1932Indiana, United States I71799
41 Fritz, Leroy Nevel  10 Feb 1918Indiana, United States I141228
42 Fritz, William  5 Mar 1917Indiana, United States I141227
43 Gray, Thelma Irene  1993Indiana, United States I72896
44 Harris, Parr Harley  24 Mar 1927Indiana, United States I139973
45 Hartwick, Janie Whitehead  Abt 1999Indiana, United States I140917
46 Hartwick Cox, Millie Whitehead  Abt 2000Indiana, United States I140919
47 Heck, John Henry  1933Indiana, United States I201875
48 Holley, Eunice  1967Indiana, United States I139992
49 Hoover, Sarah  1904Indiana, United States I174775
50 Hull, Robert Homer  25 Mar 2012Indiana, United States I180135
51 Hyde, Eliza  Indiana, United States I96454
52 Jackson, Joan Emily  1 Oct 2001Indiana, United States I180756
53 Johnson, Ephraim  1885Indiana, United States I81620
54 Johnson, Lawrence  1880Indiana, United States I78590
55 Johnson, Tryphena  1838Indiana, United States I46874
56 King, Ralph  11 Mar 1997Indiana, United States I21900
57 Kirkham, Clifford R.  3 Jul 1972Indiana, United States I141135
58 Lambert, Henry Clay  16 Jan 1936Indiana, United States I162163
59 Lanman, Mary Alice  22 Feb 1913Indiana, United States I96491
60 Lee  Indiana, United States I141901
61 Lee  Indiana, United States I141903
62 Lee, Evanell  23 Apr 2012Indiana, United States I139987
63 Lee, Florence Lilly  4 Apr 1994Indiana, United States I139984
64 Martin, Elizabeth Jane  19 Oct 1924Indiana, United States I138882
65 Mason, Marinda J.  8 Mar 1890Indiana, United States I71793
66 Maxson  Bef 1998Indiana, United States I141816
67 McAninch, Eliza  1865Indiana, United States I72230
68 Meyers, James Newton  Jun 1954Indiana, United States I122534
69 Minnis, Dorothy Marie  1 Oct 1964Indiana, United States I141248
70 Minor, William  20 Feb 1956Indiana, United States I139977
71 Montgomery, Amos R.  23 Aug 1930Indiana, United States I121148
72 Montgomery, Christina Jane  19 Aug 1864Indiana, United States I121132
73 Montgomery, John Wesley  Dec 1917Indiana, United States I121146
74 Montgomery, Louisa Catherine  21 Oct 1910Indiana, United States I121206
75 Montgomery, Mary Alice  1898Indiana, United States I121141
76 Montgomery, Nancy May  29 Jan 1941Indiana, United States I121140
77 Morgan, Margaret Elvira  7 Aug 1930Indiana, United States I121143
78 Mountz, Frances Ellen  1920Indiana, United States I132594
79 Neaville, John Franklin  1927Indiana, United States I122728
80 Ness, Theodore  15 Jan 1952Indiana, United States I169911
81 O'Neall, Edgar Howard  27 May 1909Indiana, United States I154316
82 Pace, Charles  23 Feb 1964Indiana, United States I121037
83 Parce, Polly  Indiana, United States I81619
84 Paris, Gilbert  28 Feb 1908Indiana, United States I162107
85 Perdue, James Elza  1959Indiana, United States I138898
86 Perdue, John Ward  23 May 1938Indiana, United States I138488
87 Perdue, Phoebe May  1926Indiana, United States I138887
88 Perdue, Pleasant  13 Jul 1904Indiana, United States I138408
89 Perdue, Susan Jane  25 Jul 1953Indiana, United States I138491
90 Piercy, Samuel Harrison  26 Jan 1862Indiana, United States I72217
91 Popham, Julia Ann  9 Mar 1864Indiana, United States I159378
92 Purdue, John N.  1 Oct 1905Indiana, United States I138884
93 Raymond, Margaret S.  Dec 1922Indiana, United States I117674
94 Raymond, Nathan H. Jr  Jan 1888Indiana, United States I117668
95 Reed, Horace Jay  5 Sep 1959Indiana, United States I200746
96 Reed, Nelson J.  16 Jun 1957Indiana, United States I180447
97 Richardson, Richard  Bef 1850Indiana, United States I133949
98 Riley, Mary Ann  21 Jan 2016Indiana, United States I68259
99 Robinee, Nellie Caroline  2 Feb 1963Indiana, United States I21898
100 Robinson, Howard Edwin  19 Mar 1957Indiana, United States I67801
101 Rogers, Orville D.  1951Indiana, United States I122591
102 Ross, Joseph Cecil  4 Jan 1917Indiana, United States I139995
103 Rowe, Earl Wilson  23 Dec 1987Indiana, United States I139949
104 Roy, Amy M.  Aft 1880Indiana, United States I133919
105 Russell, Arla James  1962Indiana, United States I141237
106 Russell, Charles  12 Feb 1962Indiana, United States I139961
107 Russell, Mark Allen  6 Sep 2019Indiana, United States I141893
108 Russell, Rev Vanry Leon  15 Oct 1994Indiana, United States I141275
109 Senteney, Lewis  25 May 1836Indiana, United States I4487
110 Southworth, Margaret Storrs  18 Nov 1899Indiana, United States I117665
111 Steele, John  1932Indiana, United States I13474
112 Sturman, Nancy  8 Apr 1881Indiana, United States I120317
113 Thompson, Zerilda  21 Mar 1914Indiana, United States I162082
114 Thurman, Sarah  4 Jan 1895Indiana, United States I133803
115 Vickers, Henry C.  18 Jul 1904Indiana, United States I71795
116 Way, William H.  Abt 1921Indiana, United States I120917
117 Wheeler, Evan T.  7 Sep 1892Indiana, United States I160492
118 Wheeler, Henry  Aft 1910Indiana, United States I160496
119 Wheeler, Martin  15 Mar 1950Indiana, United States I161768
120 Wheeler, Mary  Abt 1867Indiana, United States I160495
121 White, Mercy  8 Sep 1865Indiana, United States I192179
122 Williams, Polly  Indiana, United States I78588
123 Wilson, Amanda Elizabeth  1924Indiana, United States I121223
124 Winsted, Everett  8 Jan 1961Indiana, United States I138894
125 Winsted, John T.  20 Jan 1926Indiana, United States I138891
126 Winsted, Olive Lu  Jun 1921Indiana, United States I138896
127 Yuill, Arthur Amel  1941Indiana, United States I141243


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Heath, Jane  7 Jun 2009Indiana, United States I170689
2 Hosier, Lewis  Indiana, United States I132901
3 Ray, Alma D.  22 Mar 1919Indiana, United States I161266


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 Hyde, John Richard  11 Dec 2013Indiana, United States I145205


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ashby, Rachel  1870Indiana, United States I168825
2 Fitzgerald, James  1870Indiana, United States I134157
3 Hyde, Edward Henry  1870Indiana, United States I168824


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Baer / Hagenbush  29 Dec 1895Indiana, United States F40155
2 Ballenger / Fulford  17 Aug 1872Indiana, United States F55129
3 Barbier / Mcphedran  1 Jun 1946Indiana, United States F71975
4 Batchelor / Wallace  9 Nov 1908Indiana, United States F40136
5 Cadle / Montgomery  1894Indiana, United States F40239
6 Carter / Buff  4 Jun 1890Indiana, United States F22786
7 Deardorff / Heck  21 Oct 1936Indiana, United States F22130
8 Douglas / Bush  22 Jan 1908Indiana, United States F22854
9 Dyer /   Abt 1893Indiana, United States F14740
10 Ellsworth / Garvey  5 Aug 1924Indiana, United States F62509
11 Emerson / Cato  14 Nov 1924Indiana, United States F22770
12 Emerson / Yager  Indiana, United States F22817
13 Emmerson / Cox  1 Nov 1887Indiana, United States F22612
14 Farris / Harris  7 May 1893Indiana, United States F22838
15 Green / Daub  4 Oct 1937Indiana, United States F22019
16 Hall / Nichols  30 Jun 1887Indiana, United States F61759
17 Hartley / Hutcheson  8 Sep 1931Indiana, United States F25693
18 Heck / Wagle  22 Jun 1939Indiana, United States F21988
19 Hyde / Fletcher  1866Indiana, United States F1272
20 Hyde / Griffin  27 Oct 1903Indiana, United States F42380
21 Lance / Lee  Sep 1941Indiana, United States F47777
22 Lawrence / Root  13 Jun 1837Indiana, United States F36181
23 Lawson / Green  26 Jan 1892Indiana, United States F21825
24 Liston / Way  11 Nov 1891Indiana, United States F40107
25 Montgomery / Patterson  24 Feb 1892Indiana, United States F40313
26 Patchett / Hyde  19 Jul 1903Indiana, United States F57958
27 Peters / Baer  11 Feb 1882Indiana, United States F40151
28 Pettit / Ballinger  22 Aug 1850Indiana, United States F55124
29 Roach / Bunton  15 Mar 1846Indiana, United States F22425
30 Russell / Houchin  13 Jan 1945Indiana, United States F47767
31 Scoles / Huntsinger  22 Feb 1846Indiana, United States F54636
32 Sigmond / O'Neall  22 Oct 1908Indiana, United States F40061
33 Sollenberger / Hyde  1913Indiana, United States F46831
34 Stegall / Stigall  1835Indiana, United States F22460
35 Thompson / England  10 May 1949Indiana, United States F6843
36 Townsend / Montgomery  4 Dec 1866Indiana, United States F39861
37 Vaughn / Montgomery  1867Indiana, United States F39880
38 Westfall / Harris  28 Aug 1859Indiana, United States F22387
39 Whitson / Lawrence  24 May 1880Indiana, United States F22796