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Missouri, United States


Latitude: 38.2502800, Longitude: -92.5002800


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anna  1907Missouri, United States I74279
2 Arnie  1856Missouri, United States I21951
3 Bertha E.  1885Missouri, United States I113873
4 Clara Ellen  CA 1909Missouri, United States I140753
5 Emily  1865Missouri, United States I73331
6 Ethel M.  1900Missouri, United States I95940
7 Frances  Feb 1859Missouri, United States I72045
8 Gladys M.  Abt 1907Missouri, United States I10562
9 Grace  1909Missouri, United States I87937
10 Isabelle  Abt 1864Missouri, United States I11760
11 Martha M.  Mar 1878Missouri, United States I39695
12 Minnie  1892Missouri, United States I139899
13 Molly J.  24 Apr 1882Missouri, United States I95175
14 Nellie E.  1890Missouri, United States I141015
15 Sarah  Mar 1857Missouri, United States I66381
16 Zibbs W.  1885Missouri, United States I40538
17 Adams, Emily J.  1815Missouri, United States I12677
18 Adams, John Thomas  1836Missouri, United States I13291
19 Adams, Joseph Milton  1835Missouri, United States I13222
20 Adams, Judith Ann  17 Oct 1830Missouri, United States I13146
21 Adams, Permelia  Abt 1823Missouri, United States I12692
22 Adams, Susan  1833Missouri, United States I13289
23 Aldridge, Shirley Ann  Missouri, United States I141825
24 Alexander, Anna Bell  Jul 1890Missouri, United States I73276
25 Alexander, Harvey L.  5 Aug 1903Missouri, United States I73291
26 Alexander, Joseph  1899Missouri, United States I73285
27 Alexander, Margaret A.  13 May 1851Missouri, United States I147718
28 Alexander, Maude Louvilla  Feb 1894Missouri, United States I73279
29 Alexander, Myrtha D.  May 1896Missouri, United States I73278
30 Alexander, William F.  Jun 1891Missouri, United States I73283
31 Amhyrst, Grey  1870Missouri, United States I20083
32 Anderson, William  Abt 1820Missouri, United States I120197
33 Andrews, L. B.  Abt 1880Missouri, United States I87940
34 Ashlock, Joseph Henry  15 Oct 1892Missouri, United States I138662
35 Atkinson, Ada F.  Apr 1877Missouri, United States I72313
36 Atkinson, Amanda  Feb 1841Missouri, United States I71305
37 Atkinson, Elizabeth  1837Missouri, United States I70921
38 Atkinson, Fanny Virginia  2 Dec 1861Missouri, United States I72303
39 Atkinson, Iva D.  Abt 1858Missouri, United States I72302
40 Atkinson, Joel B.  25 Jun 1850Missouri, United States I71311
41 Atkinson, Mary Belle  4 Mar 1869Missouri, United States I72325
42 Atkinson, Mary F.  1847Missouri, United States I71307
43 Atkinson, Robert Wallace  17 Mar 1854Missouri, United States I71309
44 Atkinson, Roy R.  Jun 1879Missouri, United States I72319
45 Atkinson, Sarah Ann  Jan 1838Missouri, United States I71308
46 Atkinson, William H.  1843Missouri, United States I71310
47 Atkinson, William Thomas  1868Missouri, United States I71092
48 Atwood, May  1888Missouri, United States I113755
49 Austin, Cam Perkins  28 Dec 1878Missouri, United States I95690
50 Austin, William Daniel  Dec 1858Missouri, United States I95606
51 Bagby, Lee Albert  2 Nov 1905Missouri, United States I69849
52 Bagby, Lestal Lee  17 Jul 1933Missouri, United States I70219
53 Bagby, Nannie Lou  31 Jul 1937Missouri, United States I70221
54 Baird, William Edward  25 Jun 1904Missouri, United States I201924
55 Baker, George Arthur  24 Nov 1887Missouri, United States I139887
56 Barnes, Robert Ogden  24 Sep 1884Missouri, United States I179124
57 Barnes, Stanley Lloyd  25 Jan 1914Missouri, United States I115764
58 Barraclough, William Eugene Jr  29 Jun 1922Missouri, United States I42830
59 Barton, Grace Lorene  Feb 1894Missouri, United States I139487
60 Baumgardner, John Harrison  17 Dec 1888Missouri, United States I11939
61 Baumgardner, Leona Pearl  18 Oct 1932Missouri, United States I11942
62 Bay, Sarah Jane  Nov 1845Missouri, United States I133035
63 Bayes, George Wesley  26 Jul 1905Missouri, United States I74516
64 Bayless, Genevieve  1921Missouri, United States I139637
65 Beach, Cleda  Abt 1884Missouri, United States I69442
66 Beary, Rose  Apr 1868Missouri, United States I22064
67 Beaver, Clyde Melvin Junkman Jr  16 Jul 1927Missouri, United States I140773
68 Beaver, William  1929Missouri, United States I140772
69 Beck, Eugene Franklin  10 Jul 1914Missouri, United States I141765
70 Belcher, Della Edna  1903Missouri, United States I30071
71 Bell, Ida  1 Aug 1870Missouri, United States I116648
72 Bell, William Otis  Mar 1894Missouri, United States I22990
73 Belmer, Lorene  14 Jun 1910Missouri, United States I140932
74 Belshe, Nellie Lee  1891Missouri, United States I95135
75 Benedict, Nancy Ann  9 Nov 1876Missouri, United States I197021
76 Benge, Charles William  16 Mar 1867Missouri, United States I162088
77 Benge, Della Viola  18 Apr 1875Missouri, United States I162091
78 Benge, James Nichlos  17 Jan 1877Missouri, United States I162093
79 Benge, John Franklin  2 Nov 1899Missouri, United States I162143
80 Benge, Martha Ann  26 Jul 1865Missouri, United States I162085
81 Benge, Earl Mccajah  Sep 1899Missouri, United States I162129
82 Benge, Robert Benjamin  13 Nov 1873Missouri, United States I162090
83 Bennett, James Franklin  Abt 1852Missouri, United States I74459
84 Bennett, Luvinas Roy  20 Jan 1902Missouri, United States I32246
85 Benton, John Cleveland  24 Jan 1896Missouri, United States I95719
86 Benton, Leta  1902Missouri, United States I95730
87 Benton, Robert Austin  6 Feb 1885Missouri, United States I95620
88 Benton, Terriel B.  1916Missouri, United States I95735
89 Benton, Virgil  18 Dec 1903Missouri, United States I95728
90 Bequette, William Doris  8 Aug 1900Missouri, United States I139779
91 Berkenbiehl, Mary Lucinda  27 Jan 1873Missouri, United States I73698
92 Berner, John  20 Aug 1875Missouri, United States I67901
93 Berry, Hugh Thomas  21 Jul 1837Missouri, United States I133171
94 Billingsley, Louisa  14 Aug 1854Missouri, United States I91643
95 Birks, Herman Riley  2 Mar 1904Missouri, United States I11975
96 Birks, Isom  12 Jan 1815Missouri, United States I11651
97 Black, Mabel  4 Apr 1896Missouri, United States I181476
98 Blackwell, James B.  5 Jan 1888Missouri, United States I180283
99 Bledsoe, Andrew Jackson  1901Missouri, United States I120965
100 Bledsoe, Annie F.  Aug 1899Missouri, United States I120964
101 Bledsoe, Francis  1909Missouri, United States I120967
102 Bledsoe, Lola  1907Missouri, United States I120966
103 Blount, James  2 Apr 1860Missouri, United States I72326
104 Blount, Mabel  26 Jun 1876Missouri, United States I72323
105 Blount, Walter  13 Jun 1872Missouri, United States I72322
106 Bodine, John Mars  5 Nov 1840Missouri, United States I72017
107 Bond, Debbie  1925Missouri, United States I141026
108 Bond, Frederick William  1891Missouri, United States I141025
109 Bond, Katherine  1915Missouri, United States I141023
110 Boring, Benjamin  1886Missouri, United States I95434
111 Boring, Clyde O.  1912Missouri, United States I95432
112 Boring, Marvis  1923Missouri, United States I95441
113 Boring, Ralph  1914Missouri, United States I95433
114 Boring, Wayne  2 Dec 1915Missouri, United States I95435
115 Botsford, James Archibald  16 May 1862Missouri, United States I39953
116 Boucher, James  1862Missouri, United States I69507
117 Boucher, Mary Elvira  16 Aug 1866Missouri, United States I69505
118 Bozman, Eva  1908Missouri, United States I140713
119 Brandt, Gladys Edith  Abt 1880Missouri, United States I38469
120 Braun  1925Missouri, United States I181325
121 Braun, Glenn Eugene  3 Mar 1926Missouri, United States I181329
122 Braun, Wilbur Vernon  27 Oct 1927Missouri, United States I181337
123 Brockman, James Lucian  14 Feb 1903Missouri, United States I136292
124 Brooks, Kathleen  Abt 1920Missouri, United States I95458
125 Browers, Bulah  24 Aug 1907Missouri, United States I139900
126 Brown, Anderson Greenberry  21 Jun 1845Missouri, United States I138639
127 Brown, Nancy  Missouri, United States I73850
128 Bucy, Virginia  Jan 1889Missouri, United States I69355
129 Bunch, Leonides  Abt 1855Missouri, United States I161952
130 Burke, Sarah Gay  Feb 1899Missouri, United States I69600
131 Burks, Adah F.  Dec 1881Missouri, United States I72052
132 Burks, Bertha Blanche  10 Dec 1886Missouri, United States I72054
133 Burks, Joanna  1845Missouri, United States I71208
134 Burks, Virginia D.  Oct 1889Missouri, United States I72055
135 Burks, William Henry  Jul 1876Missouri, United States I72049
136 Burris  Abt 1849Missouri, United States I95570
137 Burris, Maude Caldona  1881Missouri, United States I69778
138 Burton, Helen C.  22 Jan 1907Missouri, United States I70218
139 Butts, Jessie D.  1908Missouri, United States I139911
140 Cagle, Elijah  Feb 1870Missouri, United States I70255
141 Campbell, Annibel  1911Missouri, United States I140902
142 Campbell, Elzie Lloyd  28 Feb 1944Missouri, United States I141808
143 Campbell, Ernest  1906Missouri, United States I139589
144 Carnahan, Robert Eldon  26 Apr 1926Missouri, United States I69353
145 Carr, Charles C.  30 Dec 1914Missouri, United States I114745
146 Carrol, Sarah E.  1908Missouri, United States I87930
147 Carroll, Gemina  27 Feb 1884Missouri, United States I87782
148 Carroll, Grace M.  1905Missouri, United States I87927
149 Carter, Avis  Aug 1896Missouri, United States I69427
150 Carter, Berlie  Dec 1885Missouri, United States I69422
151 Carter, Bertha  11 Feb 1887Missouri, United States I73667
152 Carter, Cecil  24 Dec 1898Missouri, United States I69428
153 Carter, Clara Jane  Oct 1860Missouri, United States I162234
154 Carter, Dosha  Jul 1889Missouri, United States I69424
155 Carter, Earl  1902Missouri, United States I69426
156 Carter, Elizabeth  1906Missouri, United States I69435
157 Carter, John  1908Missouri, United States I69436
158 Carter, Lolie  Oct 1887Missouri, United States I69423
159 Carter, Myrtle  1905Missouri, United States I69429
160 Carter, Ruby Pearl  Abt 1902Missouri, United States I69769
161 Carter, Virgil  May 1883Missouri, United States I69421
162 Case, Nancy E.  2 Mar 1848Missouri, United States I8998
163 Chaffin, Ora Hulda  1863Missouri, United States I95761
164 Childers, Thomas G.  Oct 1836Missouri, United States I13268
165 Childs, Emma  1888Missouri, United States I68639
166 Churchill, Margaret May  10 Oct 1888Missouri, United States I15349
167 Clark, Anna January  11 Sep 1846Missouri, United States I91639
168 Clark, Dorothy Irene  13 Apr 1927Missouri, United States I139736
169 Clark, Gracie  Aug 1884Missouri, United States I14592
170 Clemens, Bertie May  16 Dec 1887Missouri, United States I123037
171 Clemens, Permine Willard  10 Sep 1882Missouri, United States I123036
172 Clevenger, Beatrice  26 Jul 1884Missouri, United States I133580
173 Coday, Rettie Alma  3 Feb 1882Missouri, United States I95701
174 Coffer, Sterling P.  Abt 1863Missouri, United States I116422
175 Coffey, William H.  12 Oct 1870Missouri, United States I69477
176 Cohen, Ella Mary  14 Jun 1874Missouri, United States I73852
177 Coleman, Gerald M.  1910Missouri, United States I9483
178 Collop, Joseph Green  29 Jun 1872Missouri, United States I69772
179 Collup, Depaul  25 Jun 1903Missouri, United States I69775
180 Compton, Ida May  Mar 1870Missouri, United States I133001
181 Compton, John  1867Missouri, United States I132999
182 Compton, Peter W.  20 Dec 1835Missouri, United States I132939
183 Connor, Mary E.  1881Missouri, United States I21743
184 Cook, Charlotte  1917Missouri, United States I118235
185 Cook, Grace  1908Missouri, United States I118238
186 Cook, Oliver  1912Missouri, United States I118237
187 Cooksey, Arthur Franklin  23 Jan 1930Missouri, United States I95405
188 Cooper, Thomas D.  1885Missouri, United States I139808
189 Coots, Andrew Jackson  3 Aug 1835Missouri, United States I72087
190 Cope, Zula  25 Feb 1896Missouri, United States I74466
191 Copeland, Henrietta  1940Missouri, United States I32220
192 Copeland, Joseph  1937Missouri, United States I32218
193 Copeland, Mary Elizabeth  28 Jul 1892Missouri, United States I87939
194 Copeland, William E.  1935Missouri, United States I32217
195 Cotham, Ella Myrtle  19 Aug 1897Missouri, United States I95444
196 Couch, Grace Ann  11 Jul 1896Missouri, United States I141366
197 Couch, Joseph W.  1917Missouri, United States I181030
198 Couch, William M.  30 Sep 1890Missouri, United States I181042
199 Couch, William M. Jr.  1918Missouri, United States I181035
200 Cox, Ela  1914Missouri, United States I139706
201 Cox, Elmira G.  1850Missouri, United States I182908
202 Cox, Jess Ervin  1 Dec 1899Missouri, United States I139703
203 Cox, Matthews D.  1924Missouri, United States I141082
204 Cox, Virgil  1907Missouri, United States I139705
205 Cox, William Walker Bill  8 May 1887Missouri, United States I73261
206 Crabtree, Maria Melvina  20 May 1880Missouri, United States I69771
207 Crabtree, Martha Ellen  22 Oct 1854Missouri, United States I139315
208 Crain, William Jerin  1896Missouri, United States I140789
209 Crane, Connie  1914Missouri, United States I139404
210 Crawford, Lillian Jane  Jun 1873Missouri, United States I115433
211 Creager, Rachael E.  1922Missouri, United States I113300
212 Creer, Hugh Edgar  10 Aug 1874Missouri, United States I95742
213 Crick, Jerome  1889Missouri, United States I139417
214 Crocker, Olin Neil  16 May 1921Missouri, United States I70233
215 Crook, Mabyn L.  1899Missouri, United States I69785
216 Crow, Lavinia  Sep 1854Missouri, United States I72013
217 Crowley, Ruby  1 Mar 1916Missouri, United States I141247
218 Curry, Billy  1853Missouri, United States I71104
219 Curry, Charley  1873Missouri, United States I71103
220 Curry, Joseph Samuel  1867Missouri, United States I71106
221 Curry, Josephine  Abt 1875Missouri, United States I71101
222 Curry, Thomas  1870Missouri, United States I71105
223 Curtis, Mattie J.  1872Missouri, United States I9743
224 Dailey, Mary Elizabeth  Jun 1876Missouri, United States I9397
225 Dalton, Altha  1907Missouri, United States I11754
226 Dalton, Amaziah  7 Nov 1831Missouri, United States I11636
227 Dalton, Lena Pearl  Dec 1899Missouri, United States I11751
228 Dalton, Lesslie  1905Missouri, United States I11755
229 Dalton, Romie  1909Missouri, United States I11756
230 Daugherty, Emmett L.  26 Jun 1905Missouri, United States I69950
231 Daugherty, Thelma  1909Missouri, United States I69945
232 Daugherty, William Henry  7 Nov 1871Missouri, United States I69941
233 Davies, Rosemary  1937Missouri, United States I70578
234 Davis, Jackie Lee  27 Dec 1938Missouri, United States I70188
235 Davis, John J.  1875Missouri, United States I140770
236 Davis, Terry W.  1874Missouri, United States I95943
237 Day, James Oliver  23 Jul 1898Missouri, United States I94927
238 Depew, Gracie L.  Feb 1899Missouri, United States I139649
239 Depew, Henry Mont  13 Jun 1890Missouri, United States I139646
240 Depew, Jennie E.  17 Jan 1887Missouri, United States I140904
241 Depew, Monson E.  Sep 1895Missouri, United States I139648
242 Depew, Sherman S.  Sep 1893Missouri, United States I139647
243 Depew, William  Dec 1888Missouri, United States I139645
244 Deuel, Mary Susan  1894Missouri, United States I114485
245 Devaul, Leroy Willis  23 Jun 1898Missouri, United States I70047
246 Devaul, Paul Leroy  14 Nov 1922Missouri, United States I70049
247 Dewitt, Cora M.  23 Aug 1884Missouri, United States I114281
248 Dickman, Nedra E.  1906Missouri, United States I22069
249 Dickman, Reese O.  1903Missouri, United States I22070
250 Dickman, Zada Ellen  12 Jan 1904Missouri, United States I22073

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Lucy J.  Missouri, United States I161006


Matches 1 to 191 of 191

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Clara Ellen  18 Apr 1954Missouri, United States I140753
2 Grace  Missouri, United States I87937
3 Maxine S.  12 Oct 2009Missouri, United States I115766
4 Abbe, Walter Marion  16 Nov 1989Missouri, United States I88103
5 Adams, Judith Ann  2 Sep 1916Missouri, United States I13146
6 Alexander, Harvey L.  14 Dec 1971Missouri, United States I73291
7 Alexander, William F.  1956Missouri, United States I73283
8 Allen, Malissa Margaret  3 Jul 1900Missouri, United States I95584
9 Angelitis, Rosalea Carol  13 Apr 1994Missouri, United States I68400
10 Bartlett, Letha  30 Nov 1995Missouri, United States I94926
11 Benge, Robert Benjamin  15 Jun 1874Missouri, United States I162090
12 Bennett, Charles Mitchell  29 Jul 1882Missouri, United States I66286
13 Bequette, William Eugene  23 Apr 2008Missouri, United States I139781
14 Birks, Edna  1904Missouri, United States I11980
15 Blakely, Caroline  19 Sep 1946Missouri, United States I120958
16 Blanchard, Harriet C.  15 Sep 1889Missouri, United States I173419
17 Bledsoe, George Elmer  26 Jan 1982Missouri, United States I120963
18 Braun  1925Missouri, United States I181325
19 Brown, Carl Elson  27 Dec 1925Missouri, United States I139427
20 Brown, Edward George  27 Dec 1925Missouri, United States I139429
21 Brown, Marlow Melvin  27 Dec 1925Missouri, United States I139431
22 Campbell, Ernest  1906Missouri, United States I139589
23 Cannaday, Virgil  5 Sep 1932Missouri, United States I139465
24 Carnahan, Roger Andrew  16 Oct 2000Missouri, United States I69719
25 Clark, Ella May  3 May 1974Missouri, United States I139722
26 Clark, Mary Ellen  28 Mar 1980Missouri, United States I139735
27 Clark, Paul William  27 Jan 1987Missouri, United States I139737
28 Coleman, Arabella Amelia  29 Apr 1889Missouri, United States I107567
29 Cooley, Ormond Asher  1969Missouri, United States I21106
30 Covington, Robert Lee  30 Dec 2002Missouri, United States I141011
31 Cox, Kennith Gregory  12 Nov 2006Missouri, United States I141085
32 Dalton, Helen Louise  24 Mar 1986Missouri, United States I11954
33 Dameron, Nellie Katheryn  Missouri, United States I70225
34 Dean, Mary Thayer  22 Nov 1904Missouri, United States I68980
35 Depew, Elzay Harry  9 Dec 1985Missouri, United States I139650
36 Devaul, Helen Theresa  20 Nov 1982Missouri, United States I70050
37 Dollarhide, Jemima  20 Nov 1874Missouri, United States I132968
38 Dudley, Ancel J.  17 Sep 1974Missouri, United States I74504
39 Emerson, Jesse Tilley  1871Missouri, United States I98764
40 Epps, Lillian Imogene  12 Mar 1972Missouri, United States I73311
41 Fauerbach, Joseph  2015Missouri, United States I22498
42 Fisher, Lottie Catherine  7 Nov 1897Missouri, United States I139658
43 Ford, Theodosia  13 Jul 1865Missouri, United States I132202
44 Gammon, John Robertson  3 Jan 1899Missouri, United States I95569
45 Gee, Nancy Isabelle  15 Nov 1913Missouri, United States I136069
46 Greenstreet, Lucinda Margaret Brown  1869Missouri, United States I14579
47 Griswold, Watson Palmer  11 Mar 1904Missouri, United States I115975
48 Hall, Micajah Merriman  1870Missouri, United States I83653
49 Hamilton, Mary Ellen  13 Sep 1944Missouri, United States I94821
50 Harwood, Childs F.  19 Jan 1908Missouri, United States I111459
51 Harwood, Francis Chiles  3 Apr 1885Missouri, United States I112164
52 Hawkins, Earl  1959Missouri, United States I139433
53 Henderson, Harrison Porter  16 Nov 1959Missouri, United States I95542
54 Henderson, Samuel  24 Mar 1886Missouri, United States I98581
55 Henry, Alma Gertrude  May 1980Missouri, United States I141016
56 Henson, Bertha  26 Sep 1980Missouri, United States I138799
57 Henson, Doris  Missouri, United States I139757
58 Henson, Elizabeth Ann  Aft 1883Missouri, United States I138404
59 Henson, Eugene  13 Apr 2017Missouri, United States I139744
60 Henson, Fredrick Joseph  9 Dec 1994Missouri, United States I139761
61 Henson, Freeman Oggie  13 Apr 2000Missouri, United States I141068
62 Henson, James Lee  4 Dec 2004Missouri, United States I139730
63 Henson, Joseph  Bef Apr 1930Missouri, United States I139768
64 Henson, Lawrence Junior  12 May 1997Missouri, United States I139727
65 Henson, Marvin Ernest  3 Sep 1986Missouri, United States I141076
66 Henson, Melvin Elsworth  25 Jan 1991Missouri, United States I141077
67 Henson, Robert  28 Oct 1986Missouri, United States I141069
68 Henson, Roy Frederick  19 Mar 1973Missouri, United States I138780
69 Henson, Roy R.  18 May 1998Missouri, United States I139731
70 Henson, Vernon Glenwood  25 Jul 1960Missouri, United States I141075
71 Henson, William Thomas  22 Nov 1922Missouri, United States I138791
72 Henson, Willie Joseph  6 Feb 1990Missouri, United States I139723
73 Holland, Cora Elizabeth  23 Nov 1966Missouri, United States I95478
74 Holland, Lewis Jesse  22 Aug 1961Missouri, United States I95479
75 Holland, Ruth Rowena  20 Nov 2013Missouri, United States I141178
76 Hollinger, Betty Lou  1988Missouri, United States I141886
77 Hyde  1847Missouri, United States I30775
78 Hyde  1896Missouri, United States I94833
79 Hyde, Arthur B.  15 May 1976Missouri, United States I94814
80 Hyde, David Houston  27 Jun 1954Missouri, United States I95864
81 Hyde, Elmer Churchman  15 Dec 1947Missouri, United States I94811
82 Hyde, Eugene Clayton  6 Aug 1964Missouri, United States I31747
83 Hyde, Gertrude  1892Missouri, United States I94836
84 Hyde, Guy Winslow  19 Apr 1965Missouri, United States I94835
85 Hyde, Homer Bland  14 Mar 1969Missouri, United States I94815
86 Hyde, Ivan L.  11 Nov 1963Missouri, United States I94822
87 Hyde, James D.  20 Oct 1862Missouri, United States I95418
88 Hyde, John Henry  5 Oct 1845Missouri, United States I30626
89 Hyde, John Richard  16 May 1865Missouri, United States I91635
90 Hyde, Joseph Lafayette  29 Jul 1907Missouri, United States I95591
91 Hyde, Levi Israel  1896Missouri, United States I168720
92 Hyde, Myrtle Louise  16 Jul 1977Missouri, United States I31749
93 Hyde, Nellie Pearl  Jun 1985Missouri, United States I95633
94 Hyde, Perry Franklin  19 Oct 1954Missouri, United States I95428
95 Hyde, Rebecca Elizabeth  26 Jul 1912Missouri, United States I94796
96 Hyde, Sarah F.  30 Apr 1892Missouri, United States I95512
97 Hyde, Sindrila  Bef 1870Missouri, United States I95471
98 Hyde, Washington Jackson  Abt 1877Missouri, United States I95467
99 Inman, Clara Ruth  6 Nov 1945Missouri, United States I139873
100 Inman, Ishmel H.  8 Oct 1931Missouri, United States I139815
101 Inman, Jerome  17 May 1988Missouri, United States I139810
102 Inman, Joseph Washinton  15 Apr 1997Missouri, United States I139813
103 Inman, Oscar H.  1977Missouri, United States I139866
104 Israel  19 Mar 1922Missouri, United States I95098
105 Israel, Jessie Marie  27 May 1971Missouri, United States I95102
106 Israel, Thomas  12 Mar 1905Missouri, United States I95103
107 Johnson, Wanda  1 Jul 2013Missouri, United States I141104
108 Jones, Jane C.  Abt 1850/1854Missouri, United States I71281
109 Jordan, Nancy J.  25 Aug 1938Missouri, United States I72145
110 Kelley, Permelia Ann  16 May 1856Missouri, United States I30669
111 Kelley, Velma M.  13 Feb 1990Missouri, United States I141182
112 King, Richard  27 Sep 1922Missouri, United States I174176
113 Kive, Lucy Ellen  8 Oct 1913Missouri, United States I72315
114 Lachance, Glenwood  Missouri, United States I141870
115 Lafferty, Edward  26 Dec 1927Missouri, United States I150093
116 Lawton, Grace A.  9 Nov 1956Missouri, United States I11951
117 Leonard, Anna Mary  8 Nov 1935Missouri, United States I73272
118 Lofflin, Edward  2018Missouri, United States I140958
119 Lofflin, Marie  2017Missouri, United States I140956
120 Loness, Marion Francois  1 Apr 1984Missouri, United States I141746
121 Long, Andrew Jackson  1 Apr 1911Missouri, United States I87695
122 Luttrull, Ira  13 Apr 1947Missouri, United States I139953
123 Mabee, Walter  25 Dec 1967Missouri, United States I138758
124 Maddox, Henry Earl  24 Apr 1956Missouri, United States I23043
125 Marr, Camille Beatrice  20 May 1988Missouri, United States I141030
126 Matthews, Flossie  Mar 1978Missouri, United States I122559
127 Mayberry, Mathes  Missouri, United States I138630
128 Mayes, Kenneth Clayton  26 Jul 1995Missouri, United States I141102
129 Miller, Charlotte  3 Oct 1971Missouri, United States I94884
130 Mitchell, Dale Eugene  23 Jul 1934Missouri, United States I95321
131 Mitchell, Meta Pearl  Mar 1977Missouri, United States I94921
132 Montgomery, Joseph  16 Nov 1762Missouri, United States I119862
133 Munsell, Levi Ward  24 Apr 1906Missouri, United States I68941
134 Newton, Donald J. Jr  19 Nov 1958Missouri, United States I94971
135 Newton, John  27 Aug 1928Missouri, United States I94825
136 Newton, Rebecca Elizabeth  1 Jan 2002Missouri, United States I94918
137 Nunnery, Edith  30 Dec 1968Missouri, United States I122564
138 O'Howell, Martha  1940Missouri, United States I2081
139 Poole, Dixie May  Sep 1974Missouri, United States I69397
140 Pryor, Victor Lee  12 Mar 1983Missouri, United States I69751
141 Pulliam, Nancy Penelope  3 Sep 1905Missouri, United States I95424
142 Rader, Russell  26 Dec 1994Missouri, United States I94868
143 Randolph, Lucinda Caldonia  9 May 1946Missouri, United States I95532
144 Randolph, Susan America  1944Missouri, United States I95536
145 Randolph, William R.  13 Sep 1905Missouri, United States I95527
146 Ray, Andrew Jackson  Missouri, United States I161238
147 Ray, Chestina  1 May 1876Missouri, United States I161260
148 Ray, David  1866Missouri, United States I160412
149 Ray, Rebecca  1909Missouri, United States I161324
150 Reeves, Ida Elizabeth  1 May 1999Missouri, United States I141066
151 Renfrow, William Egbert  May 1960Missouri, United States I87787
152 Richards, Ida May  20 Feb 1933Missouri, United States I140861
153 Riddle, Newton  1918Missouri, United States I2080
154 Ritter, Hettie  21 Mar 1992Missouri, United States I141012
155 Roberts, Elvira H.  Missouri, United States I69163
156 Rosemeyer, Shirley Annetta  17 Jul 1991Missouri, United States I15667
157 Ross, John Jackson  31 Dec 1885Missouri, United States I121989
158 Royster, Amy Idelia  9 Mar 1959Missouri, United States I74469
159 Sago, Louis Glenn  21 Jun 1983Missouri, United States I141879
160 Scoles, Marian Louise  18 Apr 2010Missouri, United States I2092
161 Scott, Norman Howard  8 Jun 1988Missouri, United States I94969
162 Scott, Susan J.  30 Jun 1858Missouri, United States I95041
163 Sherrow, John Harrison Lee  27 Apr 1975Missouri, United States I95856
164 Sikes, Jesse Edward  12 Jan 2000Missouri, United States I141220
165 Silvey, Annie M.  Mar 1976Missouri, United States I140761
166 Slate, Jesse  Bef 1870Missouri, United States I174914
167 Slavin, Forrest William  6 Feb 1967Missouri, United States I69740
168 Smith, Sarah Ethel  23 Apr 1940Missouri, United States I139339
169 Spencer, Charles William  22 Dec 1899Missouri, United States I161547
170 Stone, Ben D.  11 Jun 2001Missouri, United States I42944
171 Sutton, Beulah Mae  8 Feb 1985Missouri, United States I141189
172 Tesreau, Richard Freeman  29 Nov 1993Missouri, United States I141797
173 Thomann, Alfred Alvin  20 Dec 1939Missouri, United States I69651
174 Thomlison, Edith Estilie  20 Feb 2018Missouri, United States I141001
175 Thornton, Dora Emaline  10 Feb 2005Missouri, United States I138992
176 Travis, Frederick Fred  3 May 1914Missouri, United States I139762
177 Vaughn, Drury William  20 Apr 1860Missouri, United States I187281
178 Waller, John Thomas  Missouri, United States I71661
179 Walls, Floyd Jesse  6 Aug 2010Missouri, United States I139448
180 Webb, Alonzo F.  26 Nov 1958Missouri, United States I122138
181 Webb, Elizabeth Serene  Aft 1900Missouri, United States I95574
182 Weir, Gabriella L.  16 Sep 1894Missouri, United States I115854
183 Whaley, Erastus  9 Apr 1911Missouri, United States I139806
184 Wharton, Leo F.  1922Missouri, United States I139742
185 Wheeler, Ann  6 Jan 1921Missouri, United States I161603
186 Wheeler, Joel Edward  1888Missouri, United States I161604
187 Whiteley, Lula Marguerite  2 Dec 1974Missouri, United States I95208
188 Whittenburg, Eunice Irene  2 Feb 1897Missouri, United States I95763
189 Williams, Edward Harold  25 Apr 1990Missouri, United States I94928
190 Williams, Emma Elizabeth  20 Jan 1994Missouri, United States I95090
191 Yarnell, Harriett  14 Feb 1898Missouri, United States I159334


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Atkinson, Anne E.  Missouri, United States I70919
2 Benton, Virgie Ina  Missouri, United States I95726
3 Boucher, Joshua William  Missouri, United States I69011
4 Fisher, Lottie Catherine  Nov 1897Missouri, United States I139658
5 Huntington, George William Sr.  1997Missouri, United States I68799
6 Munsell, Martha K. Mahulda  Abt 16 Mar 1955Missouri, United States I69490
7 Munsell, Sarah L.  Nov 1917Missouri, United States I69025
8 Sutton, Delbert May  Missouri, United States I138731
9 Wheeler, Jane Devenport  1895Missouri, United States I161610


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Botsford, James Archibald  Missouri, United States I39953
2 Henson, Beatrice Genevie  14 Oct 1936Missouri, United States I139749
3 Munsell, Donald A.  Aug 1899Missouri, United States I69102


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Israel, Levi  1870Missouri, United States I94980
2 Whitfield, Thomas Tinsley  1857Missouri, United States I145096


Matches 1 to 63 of 63

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Abbe / Meyers  30 Dec 1950Missouri, United States F27473
2 Alexander / Emerson  1 Dec 1859Missouri, United States F22292
3 Allgier / Royer  16 Feb 1927Missouri, United States F47734
4 Bagby / Burton  26 May 1932Missouri, United States F21871
5 Benton / Hake  23 Mar 1893Missouri, United States F30158
6 Bing / Smith  10 Apr 1861Missouri, United States F54683
7 Boring / Hyde  Mar 1908Missouri, United States F30072
8 Box / Dugger  1892Missouri, United States F30103
9 Browers / Barton  Abt 1935Missouri, United States F47102
10 Burks / Batsell  8 Nov 1875Missouri, United States F22407
11 Campbell / Meadows  Abt 1928Missouri, United States F47601
12 Carnahan / Schupp  Missouri, United States F21560
13 Carr / Dollarhide  7 Aug 1856Missouri, United States F44650
14 Carroll / Long  Abt 1880Missouri, United States F27316
15 Crocker / Munsell  Nov 1941Missouri, United States F21881
16 Dalrymple / Agnes  9 Dec 1921Missouri, United States F9261
17 Daugherty / Boucher  1898Missouri, United States F21755
18 Depew / Scattergood  1929Missouri, United States F47626
19 Dollarhide / Poe  Abt 1849Missouri, United States F44610
20 Emmerson / Coonce  Bef 1878Missouri, United States F22295
21 Emmerson / Hamilton  1881Missouri, United States F22610
22 Fisher / Marr  Abt 1919Missouri, United States F47630
23 Folkins / Alexander  13 May 1933Missouri, United States F29925
24 Ford / Brown  Abt 1883Missouri, United States F22874
25 Gamble / Hyde  1907Missouri, United States F26290
26 Hart / Mayberry  1879Missouri, United States F47055
27 Hart / Rawson  17 Aug 1949Missouri, United States F48089
28 Henson / Jarvis  Abt 1926Missouri, United States F47544
29 Holland / Hyde  Abt 1880Missouri, United States F30085
30 Hucklebee / Hart  CALC 1909Missouri, United States F47508
31 Hutchins / Mayberry  CALC 1893Missouri, United States F47057
32 Hyde / Abbott  20 Mar 1881Missouri, United States F30193
33 Hyde / Lassley  1893Missouri, United States F30207
34 Hyde / McGee  23 Apr 1905Missouri, United States F30208
35 Hyde / Wills  5 Jul 1926Missouri, United States F29898
36 Johnson / Royer  1939Missouri, United States F47735
37 Johnston / Shelton  25 Feb 1890Missouri, United States F27327
38 Krager / Saville  1919Missouri, United States F45946
39 Long / Fitzgerald  1910Missouri, United States F45907
40 Martindale / Smith  CALC 1903Missouri, United States F47487
41 Mayberry / Henson  Abt 1858Missouri, United States F46924
42 MC Coy / Hyde  29 Mar 1903Missouri, United States F30209
43 McFarland / Henson  Abt 1927Missouri, United States F47170
44 Munsell / Lee  17 Nov 1892Missouri, United States F21532
45 Pryor / Scroggin  Abt 1918Missouri, United States F3173
46 Ratley / Williams  28 Jan 1903Missouri, United States F47203
47 Renfrow / Palmer  Abt 1909Missouri, United States F27366
48 Royer / Means  Abt 1929Missouri, United States F47733
49 Scott / Newton  5 May 1885Missouri, United States F29984
50 Scroggin / Marcello  Abt 1929Missouri, United States F3177
51 Sears / Edwards  Abt 1895Missouri, United States F22866
52 Sheldon / Smith  1921Missouri, United States F21477
53 Shelton / Renfrow  Abt 1928Missouri, United States F27445
54 Shook / Whitehurst  25 Dec 1940Missouri, United States F29936
55 Simpson / Bagby  132 Mar 1937Missouri, United States F22034
56 Smith / Wiliams  CALC 1881Missouri, United States F47044
57 Stevens / Boucher  21 Sep 1866Missouri, United States F21516
58 Waller / Henry  21 Dec 1905Missouri, United States F22685
59 Whaley / Henson  Abt 1922Missouri, United States F47545
60 Whittenburg / Chaffin  Abt 1885Missouri, United States F30167
61 Williams / Swope  20 Feb 1937Missouri, United States F27431
62 Worley / Osborne  Abt 1840Missouri, United States F73233
63 Zink / Bagby  15 Sep 1947Missouri, United States F21868


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Shelton / Greenup  15 Apr 1932Missouri, United States F27285