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Ohio, United States


Latitude: 40.2502800, Longitude: -83.0002800


Matches 1 to 250 of 990

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cleora M.  1897Ohio, United States I69763
2 Constance F.  7 Aug 1924Ohio, United States I114744
3 Eliza  1825Ohio, United States I20830
4 Ida May  Abt 1875Ohio, United States I175944
5 Lena M.  Abt 1900Ohio, United States I67743
6 Mary E.  1842Ohio, United States I74778
7 Meta Elizabeth  2 Jan 1893Ohio, United States I15432
8 Zaidee Dell  12 Nov 1888Ohio, United States I67606
9 Adams, Matilda  1834Ohio, United States I119341
10 Akers, Frank Houston  1877Ohio, United States I9188
11 Alderman, Mary Jennie  26 Nov 1870Ohio, United States I179849
12 Alexander, John Richard  19 Dec 1947Ohio, United States I22722
13 Allen, Abby H.  Apr 1851Ohio, United States I5690
14 Alspach, Clarence  12 Jan 1898Ohio, United States I115003
15 Amy, Gladys Marion  15 Sep 1896Ohio, United States I179724
16 Anderson, Albert W.  1920Ohio, United States I40181
17 Anderson, Charles T.  15 Dec 1855Ohio, United States I11661
18 Anderson, Joan A.  1928Ohio, United States I40180
19 Anderson, Raymond E.  1918Ohio, United States I40182
20 Anderson, Robert Earl  25 Dec 1861Ohio, United States I38542
21 Anspach, Leander  28 May 1868Ohio, United States I67791
22 Armintrout, Clara  25 Dec 1870Ohio, United States I67143
23 Arnold, Ella Glendora  14. OKTOBER 1852Ohio, United States I178984
24 Arnold, James Wesley  1823Ohio, United States I178985
25 Arnold, Mary Amanda  16 Jun 1857Ohio, United States I178990
26 Arnold, Ruth Veleria  1841Ohio, United States I116299
27 Aufderhaar, Beulah V.  1921Ohio, United States I30401
28 Augusta Ralston  1859Ohio, United States I159507
29 Ayer, Elizabeth Abell  26 Nov 1864Ohio, United States I144691
30 Baker, Dana E.  1884Ohio, United States I21897
31 Ball, George G.  1878Ohio, United States I144840
32 Ball, Mary E.  1841Ohio, United States I159394
33 Ball, Virginia Louise  4 Feb 1919Ohio, United States I89702
34 Bannon, Arabella  1855Ohio, United States I111999
35 Barker, Ann  1812Ohio, United States I176211
36 Barnes, Angeline  1827Ohio, United States I159551
37 Barnes, Eliza S.  Jun 1851Ohio, United States I159451
38 Barnes, George Lorenzo  2 Mar 1817Ohio, United States I159449
39 Barnes, Margaret  7 Jan 1924Ohio, United States I68107
40 Barnes, Sarah M.  Abt 1840Ohio, United States I20821
41 Barr, Thomas  12 Jul 1929Ohio, United States I70757
42 Barrow, America  Aug 1845Ohio, United States I159985
43 Bates, Roy L.  27 Jun 1910Ohio, United States I180481
44 Beach, Lewis Lafayette  3 Aug 1858Ohio, United States I69443
45 Beal, Amanda Mary  28 Jun 1855Ohio, United States I111996
46 Bean, Elizabeth  1834Ohio, United States I13306
47 Bearss, Mary  1891Ohio, United States I15158
48 Bearss, William T.  1900Ohio, United States I15155
49 Beaver, Betty Jean  1924Ohio, United States I68117
50 Bell, Mary Etta  1872Ohio, United States I67210
51 Bell, Rebecca Phebe  2 Feb 1840Ohio, United States I186809
52 Bellerton, Greta  1905Ohio, United States I113874
53 Beman, Harriet Anna  May 1829Ohio, United States I178859
54 BeMent, Shirley Marie  4 Sep 1929Ohio, United States I200421
55 Bendall, Harry William  24 Mar 1905Ohio, United States I117089
56 Bennet, Benjamin  1846Ohio, United States I66292
57 Bennet, John  1842Ohio, United States I66291
58 Bennet, Mary  1838Ohio, United States I66289
59 Bennett, Charles Mitchell  11 May 1807Ohio, United States I66286
60 Bing, Lt. Alfred  3 Nov 1829Ohio, United States I158957
61 Bing, George Washington Jr.  8 Nov 1841Ohio, United States I158941
62 Bing, Philis Jean  1938Ohio, United States I162886
63 Bing, Virgil Randolph  27 Jul 1931Ohio, United States I162884
64 Bing, William H.  7 Jul 1837Ohio, United States I159531
65 Birch, Geraldine E.  1926Ohio, United States I92877
66 Bird, Blanche M.  8 Sep 1884Ohio, United States I67126
67 Bird, Cecile R.  Aug 1892Ohio, United States I67136
68 Bird, Chase Lawence  22 May 1885Ohio, United States I67754
69 Bird, Chester Fay  18 Dec 1891Ohio, United States I67142
70 Bird, Filaoco  14 Apr 1857Ohio, United States I66636
71 Bird, George  6 Oct 1942Ohio, United States I67747
72 Bird, Hazel Naioma  1892Ohio, United States I67125
73 Bird, Ida Mae  1874Ohio, United States I66634
74 Bird, Isaac  1876Ohio, United States I66638
75 Bird, Lester  10 Feb 1898Ohio, United States I67144
76 Bird, Myrtle Jane  14 Feb 1929Ohio, United States I67748
77 Bird, Orlando Rowley  May 1858Ohio, United States I66643
78 Birth, Lena  GEGEN 1921Ohio, United States I67714
79 Birth, Loretta  GEGEN 1925Ohio, United States I67715
80 Birth, Paul  Nov 1890Ohio, United States I67711
81 Birth, Paul  CA 1923Ohio, United States I67716
82 Birth, William  1914Ohio, United States I67713
83 Bishop, Abigail  16 Jun 1818Ohio, United States I82040
84 Blair, Adam  1802Ohio, United States I159182
85 Blake, Almedia  1835Ohio, United States I8009
86 Blake, Eugene  1832Ohio, United States I8010
87 Blanchard, Martha E.  Dec 1834Ohio, United States I159916
88 Blazer, Freddie  1911Ohio, United States I68123
89 Bodfish, John Henry  23 Jan 1916Ohio, United States I104613
90 Bodge, William  1850Ohio, United States I180621
91 Boggs, Ella  From 1860 to 1861Ohio, United States I159604
92 Boggs, Irene Inez  1905Ohio, United States I67262
93 Boggs, Jewell  1902Ohio, United States I67261
94 Boggs, William Harrison  30 Apr 1859Ohio, United States I159607
95 Boker, Marea  May 1856Ohio, United States I15122
96 Bondy, Edith J.  1917Ohio, United States I42067
97 Booth, Alice May  1925Ohio, United States I114903
98 Boucher, Caroline  1830Ohio, United States I69002
99 Boucher, Clarinda  Apr 1839Ohio, United States I69009
100 Boucher, Lucinda  Abt 1841Ohio, United States I69005
101 Boucher, Mary  31 Mar 1844Ohio, United States I69010
102 Boucher, Rachel L.  Jan 1835Ohio, United States I69003
103 Boucher, Theodore  Abt 1837Ohio, United States I69007
104 Boucher, Wesley  Abt 1827Ohio, United States I69006
105 Boucher, William Mckendree  5 May 1824Ohio, United States I69008
106 Bowers, Mary E.  Abt 1859Ohio, United States I69252
107 Bowman, Abraham  Abt 1806Ohio, United States I4907
108 Bowman, Jacob S.  Abt 1804Ohio, United States I4903
109 Bowman, Jane  6 Jan 1808Ohio, United States I4909
110 Bowshier, Ernest Ray  27 Apr 1925Ohio, United States I68023
111 Boyd, Joseph Jefferson  1839Ohio, United States I66627
112 Boyd, William Lowell  1908Ohio, United States I66887
113 Boyd, Wilma E.  1920Ohio, United States I66886
114 Boyle, Esther H. M.  1905Ohio, United States I114588
115 Bozman, Lena Belle  Sep 1878Ohio, United States I66952
116 Braden, Carl Jr.  1923Ohio, United States I21893
117 Brainard, Margarete V.  4 Aug 1889Ohio, United States I100016
118 Brasher, Mannie M.  1880Ohio, United States I96309
119 Brauer, Constance M.  Abt 1928Ohio, United States I113375
120 Britton, Delilah S.  27 Jan 1851Ohio, United States I179417
121 Brooks, Kate  1849Ohio, United States I81860
122 Brooks, Sarah  1844Ohio, United States I81858
123 Brooks, Thomas  1841Ohio, United States I81857
124 Brown, Alfred G.  17 May 1829Ohio, United States I7196
125 Brown, F. Robert  1924Ohio, United States I180805
126 Brown, Frank  Dec 1896Ohio, United States I179696
127 Brown, Geraldine L.  1914Ohio, United States I180818
128 Brown, John E.  1864Ohio, United States I179680
129 Brown, Leona H.  1889Ohio, United States I116626
130 Brown, Leslie Louis  4 Jul 1891Ohio, United States I116627
131 Brown, Mary A. E.  1846Ohio, United States I146882
132 Brown, Nelson J.  1904Ohio, United States I9847
133 Brown, Pauline D.  1907Ohio, United States I9846
134 Brown, Sarah  11 Feb 1825Ohio, United States I127848
135 Buck, Lois E.  Apr 1874Ohio, United States I180354
136 Bunting, Cora Elizabeth  14 Feb 1881Ohio, United States I89574
137 Burdic, Allen E.  12 Mar 1912Ohio, United States I10789
138 Burdsal, Uriah  25 Dec 1809Ohio, United States I159941
139 Burns, James H.  1816Ohio, United States I176461
140 Burr, Dealia Adelia Freeman  Abt 1836Ohio, United States I175841
141 Burries, Hermon H.  Abt 1867Ohio, United States I39608
142 Burross, Charles H.  Abt 1841Ohio, United States I39607
143 Burwinkel, Elizabeth L.  1930Ohio, United States I114586
144 Bushnell, Eli Wells  22 Sep 1806Ohio, United States I178904
145 Bushong, Lillian Fern  27 Jan 1892Ohio, United States I67254
146 Byrd, Mary F.  10 Jan 1868Ohio, United States I123267
147 Caldwell, Daisy E.  Jan 1873Ohio, United States I159788
148 Caldwell, Delmer M.  Oct 1866Ohio, United States I159785
149 Caldwell, Frederick  1867Ohio, United States I159786
150 Cameron, Dana H.  1901Ohio, United States I67107
151 Cameron, Frederic A.  1908Ohio, United States I67109
152 Cameron, Marion  Ohio, United States I67706
153 Carhart, Mary  Abt 1839Ohio, United States I5711
154 Carter, Lelah G.  1894Ohio, United States I67127
155 Case, Austin George  1846Ohio, United States I178915
156 Case, Buell R.  1841Ohio, United States I178905
157 Case, Charles H.  Jan 1855Ohio, United States I178917
158 Case, Julia  1810Ohio, United States I178745
159 Case, Little Sis  14 Feb 1858Ohio, United States I178908
160 Case, Lizzie R.  1860Ohio, United States I178906
161 Case, Mable  3 Mar 1849Ohio, United States I178907
162 Castle, Evaline M.  1841Ohio, United States I159579
163 Castle, Capt. George E.  1839Ohio, United States I159577
164 Castle, Col. James E.  1845Ohio, United States I159582
165 Chaffee, Mary Jane  1893Ohio, United States I181682
166 Chagnot, Doris Marie  18 Jul 1916Ohio, United States I181522
167 Chaman, Norman Chauncy  1886Ohio, United States I21961
168 Chamberlain, Norman Ernest  5 Mar 1869Ohio, United States I8317
169 Chamberlin, Harry Blanchard  29 Jan 1876Ohio, United States I8320
170 Chamberlin, Jesse B.  15 Nov 1871Ohio, United States I8318
171 Chamberlin, Maria F.  13 Jan 1899Ohio, United States I9113
172 Chantrey, Anna E.  21 Jan 1895Ohio, United States I180821
173 Chase, Charles Alta  1859Ohio, United States I170679
174 Chase, Charles Crosby  May 1828Ohio, United States I69074
175 Cheney, Cloys  Jun 1885Ohio, United States I15124
176 Cheney, Eva  Bef 1876Ohio, United States I14919
177 Cheney, Frank A.  Jun 1880Ohio, United States I15133
178 Cheney, John W.  May 1879Ohio, United States I15132
179 Cheney, Leona  Apr 1883Ohio, United States I15126
180 Cheney, Leslie  Aug 1881Ohio, United States I15127
181 Cheney, Samantha  1859Ohio, United States I14917
182 Cheney, Sylvia  Jun 1888Ohio, United States I15125
183 Cheney, William Henry  18 May 1840Ohio, United States I14794
184 Chesbro, Raymond H.  4 Jul 1910Ohio, United States I180836
185 Childs, Charles C.  20 Nov 1863Ohio, United States I116118
186 Childs, Frank Henry  1865Ohio, United States I116115
187 Chilson, Elmer C.  1914Ohio, United States I182075
188 Chivington, Sarah Jane  26 Jul 1852Ohio, United States I175947
189 Clapsaddle, Clara Pauline  1914Ohio, United States I67728
190 Clapsaddle, Jonathan J.  1915Ohio, United States I67729
191 Clapsaddle, Lowell R.  1918Ohio, United States I67730
192 Clapsaddle, Robert Thomas  7 Dec 1927Ohio, United States I67734
193 Clark, George W.  31 May 1839Ohio, United States I174779
194 Claudy, Millie May  1877Ohio, United States I11969
195 Clemens, James C.  1832Ohio, United States I119231
196 Cleveland, Daisy Faye  1937Ohio, United States I104479
197 Cleveland, John L. Jr  2 Jun 1939Ohio, United States I104480
198 Clifton, John William  1940Ohio, United States I89729
199 Clifton, Patricia Ann  1932Ohio, United States I89615
200 Clifton, Walter Elmer  8 Sep 1910Ohio, United States I89616
201 Cole, Melissa Elizabeth  Dec 1877Ohio, United States I147182
202 Compton, Sally A.  Sep 1833Ohio, United States I69149
203 Connell, Emily  1847Ohio, United States I89537
204 Cook, Jacob C.  1830Ohio, United States I121151
205 Cook, Maude May  1869Ohio, United States I20088
206 Cooley, Agnes  1862Ohio, United States I20710
207 Cooley, Edward G.  1854Ohio, United States I20712
208 Cooley, Esther  1903Ohio, United States I21017
209 Cooley, Esther Louise  9 Nov 1902Ohio, United States I21734
210 Cooley, Frances A.  1852Ohio, United States I20716
211 Cooley, Harry  1864Ohio, United States I20713
212 Cooley, Julius  1858Ohio, United States I20714
213 Cooley, Julius S.  Abt 1851Ohio, United States I20711
214 Cooley, Lucia  1835Ohio, United States I20739
215 Cooley, Lucius R.  22 Jan 1825Ohio, United States I20547
216 Cooley, Lucy  26 Dec 1890Ohio, United States I21011
217 Cooley, Lucy  1918Ohio, United States I21609
218 Cooley, Noah  1837Ohio, United States I20740
219 Cooley, Paul  1890Ohio, United States I21012
220 Coons, Helen H.  1908Ohio, United States I67266
221 Coonse, Horatio S.  1860Ohio, United States I66717
222 Cooper, Belle Martha  1856Ohio, United States I176372
223 Cooper, Bessie M.  20 Jun 1907Ohio, United States I117039
224 Corey, Benjamin  1848Ohio, United States I43598
225 Corey, Elivera  1850Ohio, United States I43601
226 Corey, Helen  1846Ohio, United States I43599
227 Corey, John  1843Ohio, United States I43602
228 Corey, Minerva Sarah  8 Aug 1841Ohio, United States I43597
229 Corey, Randolph  1845Ohio, United States I43603
230 Cotton, Jack F.  1928Ohio, United States I15521
231 Cotton, William T.  1934Ohio, United States I15523
232 Coverston, James W.  1867Ohio, United States I159700
233 Coverston, Romie  1860Ohio, United States I159696
234 Cozad, David Silver  25 Jul 1911Ohio, United States I180385
235 Cozad, Henry  1936Ohio, United States I181677
236 Cozad, Valerie  1939Ohio, United States I181675
237 Craine, Henry Cly  19 Oct 1903Ohio, United States I10303
238 Cramer, Ina L.  1917Ohio, United States I90921
239 Cramer, Suzanne  25 Sep 1925Ohio, United States I68317
240 Creamer, Atwell David  9 May 1861Ohio, United States I159257
241 Crist, Leticia  May 1842Ohio, United States I160031
242 Crist, Lydia  21 Jan 1845Ohio, United States I160033
243 Cromwell, Minnie  1866Ohio, United States I180350
244 Currey, William Enos  30 Mar 1820Ohio, United States I96461
245 Cutshaw, Jennie Georgia  24 Dec 1862Ohio, United States I116541
246 Dalrymple, Frank  1914Ohio, United States I89737
247 Daniels, Laura Ellen  10 Apr 1859Ohio, United States I159864
248 Davis, Alva J.  15 Aug 1851Ohio, United States I66581
249 Davis, Archie  1870Ohio, United States I66491
250 Davis, Chauncey  1820Ohio, United States I178993

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Harris, Mason  Bef 1820Ohio, United States I81672


Matches 1 to 189 of 189

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Adkins, Edith  1 Aug 1952Ohio, United States I72481
2 Allen, Gardner Philip  Oct 1955Ohio, United States I200771
3 Amy, Ida Dell  19 Sep 1948Ohio, United States I179731
4 Amy, Ivah V.  14 Jul 1971Ohio, United States I179726
5 Anderson, Rebecca  19 Aug 1830Ohio, United States I197508
6 Andrews, Frederick  9 Mar 1878Ohio, United States I91745
7 Andrews, Grace  Jun 1935Ohio, United States I67735
8 Bailey, Grace May  1974Ohio, United States I21615
9 Baker, Mary Polly  1821Ohio, United States I174130
10 Barnett, William  Ohio, United States I163808
11 Bates, Robert Lee Jr  30 Jan 2006Ohio, United States I182426
12 Beach, Elihu Moses  1860Ohio, United States I7518
13 Beach, Moses Sheldon  1856Ohio, United States I7520
14 Bean, Amos B.  1894Ohio, United States I13314
15 Bean, Bisco  1912Ohio, United States I13308
16 Bean, Elizabeth  23 Jan 1909Ohio, United States I13306
17 Bean, Samuel  25 Jul 1897Ohio, United States I13307
18 Betts, Hattie I.  7 Nov 1893Ohio, United States I117429
19 Bing, Leon Egbert  9 Aug 1961Ohio, United States I159633
20 Bing, Mary E.  14 Jun 1894Ohio, United States I159854
21 Bing, William H.  17 Nov 1898Ohio, United States I159531
22 Bird, Chester Fay  1897Ohio, United States I67142
23 Bird, Daniel A.  1954Ohio, United States I66640
24 Bird, Lester  18 May 1964Ohio, United States I67144
25 Bishop, Camilus  3 Aug 1878Ohio, United States I82039
26 Blair, Adam  1839Ohio, United States I159182
27 Blake, Mary Jane  May 1860Ohio, United States I158951
28 Bodge, Sarah A.  15 Apr 1965Ohio, United States I180618
29 Bowling, Lindzy Gaston Sr.  27 Oct 2009Ohio, United States I42794
30 Braden, Carl Jr.  10 Jan 1988Ohio, United States I21893
31 Brainard, Margarete V.  Dec 1974Ohio, United States I100016
32 Brewster, Marian Elizabeth  3 Aug 1992Ohio, United States I113333
33 Brockway, Betsey L.  12 Feb 1885Ohio, United States I179453
34 Bronson, Truman  1825Ohio, United States I47138
35 Brown, Geraldine L.  Ohio, United States I180818
36 Buerfield, Catherine  10 May 1886Ohio, United States I66610
37 Burge, Raymond E.  17 Dec 1997Ohio, United States I68318
38 Burroughs, Joel  30 Jun 1907Ohio, United States I7176
39 Cameron, Loretta D.  30 Nov 1956Ohio, United States I67118
40 Carroll, Lillian Emily  1977Ohio, United States I10788
41 Case, Little Sis  23 Mar 1858Ohio, United States I178908
42 Case, Mable  14 Oct 1850Ohio, United States I178907
43 Cheney, Ira Hinckley  1887Ohio, United States I14790
44 Cheney, James Bellows  1867Ohio, United States I14792
45 Cheney, Ostman F.  1851Ohio, United States I14906
46 Cheney, Samantha  Bef 1850Ohio, United States I14793
47 Cheny, Nancy Ann Coates  18 Aug 1851Ohio, United States I14905
48 Chesbro, Clara L.  4 Oct 1987Ohio, United States I180842
49 Chilson, Mary Ruth  May 2005Ohio, United States I182070
50 Christiann, Mary G.  Ohio, United States I9569
51 Clapsaddle, Clara Pauline  1994Ohio, United States I67728
52 Clapsaddle, Jonathan J.  2005Ohio, United States I67729
53 Clapsaddle, Lowell R.  1919Ohio, United States I67730
54 Comstock, Nancy  17 Apr 1840Ohio, United States I80860
55 Comstock, Rodney  Abt 1875Ohio, United States I80862
56 Crowe, George C.  1951Ohio, United States I123310
57 Cushing, Samuel  9 Oct 1823Ohio, United States I6461
58 Davidson, Charles Edward  17 Mar 1937Ohio, United States I22649
59 Dimick, Mary Ann  1855Ohio, United States I20838
60 Duncan  1835Ohio, United States I36758
61 Edic, Marjorie E.  Oct 1985Ohio, United States I181488
62 Elliott, Mary Abagail  Ohio, United States I66694
63 Ellsworth, Florence  18 Jan 1896Ohio, United States I180357
64 Emerson, Frank Hamilton  27 Dec 1966Ohio, United States I73200
65 Fairchild, Thomas  Aft 1850Ohio, United States I81556
66 Fisher, Martha Dilla  1944Ohio, United States I116537
67 Flowers, Edward Roosevelt  12 Aug 1955Ohio, United States I182538
68 Fouty, Sarah  Ohio, United States I163866
69 French, Howard James  2 Mar 1995Ohio, United States I10420
70 Fulton, Mary Ann  26 Aug 1855Ohio, United States I158743
71 Gallimore, Jessie Hayes  28 Feb 1950Ohio, United States I122190
72 Gandy, Della M.  10 Jan 1948Ohio, United States I66644
73 Gardner, Addison F.  1855Ohio, United States I159738
74 Girardot, Leroy Donald  8 Sep 2012Ohio, United States I68204
75 Greer, John  14 Dec 1878Ohio, United States I89477
76 Hall, Giles  1 Feb 1836Ohio, United States I7550
77 Hall, Vera  Abt 1860Ohio, United States I126781
78 Hart, Mary L.  19 Apr 2006Ohio, United States I67719
79 Hartel, William Clark  27 Apr 2001Ohio, United States I93152
80 Haviland, Richard James  2013Ohio, United States I9103
81 Heaton, John H. Sr  10 Aug 1826Ohio, United States I4554
82 Herrick, Clifford B.  13 Mar 1870Ohio, United States I112206
83 Herrick, Levi  1870Ohio, United States I112207
84 Hopkins, Ransom Earnest  Aug 1962Ohio, United States I180149
85 Hull, Bethuah Clarrissa  9 Aug 1866Ohio, United States I178723
86 Hull, Linn Ransom  6 May 1947Ohio, United States I179265
87 Hunter, Olive  Abt 1854Ohio, United States I143347
88 Huy, Mary Jane  Ohio, United States I162263
89 Hyde, Andrew  24 Jul 1883Ohio, United States I184887
90 Hyde, Harriet Ann  26 JANURARY 1899Ohio, United States I91674
91 Hyde, Joseph  12 Aug 1873Ohio, United States I2059
92 Hyde, Parthenia  Ohio, United States I97431
93 Hyde, Samuel  1833Ohio, United States I88761
94 Hyde, Sarah  Ohio, United States I85077
95 Hyde, Ursula  10 Dec 1863Ohio, United States I178705
96 Johnson  Bef 1900Ohio, United States I67085
97 Johnson, Charles W.  4 Oct 1931Ohio, United States I66613
98 Johnson, Dale Lutrell  19 Mar 1956Ohio, United States I67094
99 Johnson, Glenn E.  28 Dec 1938Ohio, United States I67084
100 Jordan, Grover Cleveland  28 Sep 1948Ohio, United States I74463
101 Keefer, John Maxwell  16 Nov 1987Ohio, United States I21104
102 Kenney, Eugene Henry  17 Mar 1967Ohio, United States I180588
103 Kerr, Avadeen Louise  9 Mar 1983Ohio, United States I22513
104 Kimber, Curtis V.  1849Ohio, United States I159175
105 Lautermilch, Florence Anna  2 Jun 1969Ohio, United States I70526
106 Lee, Nellia C.  22 Jul 1935Ohio, United States I21260
107 Leverich, John  1818Ohio, United States I128995
108 Lewis, Jonathan  1845Ohio, United States I128815
109 Long, James Keler  6 Apr 1966Ohio, United States I68182
110 Mallory, Jack Kenneth  15 Mar 2006Ohio, United States I181227
111 Mallory, William Harold  27 Nov 1977Ohio, United States I181230
112 Manning, Jacob  1848Ohio, United States I7745
113 Masters, N. Diana  Jan 1874Ohio, United States I12704
114 Mattocks, Wirt W.  28 Jan 1886Ohio, United States I179455
115 Mauck, Nancy Jane  25 Oct 1898Ohio, United States I159702
116 McAdow, Thomas Jefferson  29 Aug 1911Ohio, United States I66297
117 McCollum, Victoria  1974Ohio, United States I11237
118 McEwen, Alexander  12 Dec 1863Ohio, United States I4556
119 McPeek, Kinsey L.  20 Mar 1972Ohio, United States I89700
120 McVean, John  9 Oct 1850Ohio, United States I143120
121 Middlesworth, Isaac Bert  14 Jul 1952Ohio, United States I66960
122 Minor, Elizabeth  9 Apr 1830Ohio, United States I46947
123 Moffett, Oliver F.  14 Mar 1907Ohio, United States I67021
124 Moffitt, Jared  2 May 1917Ohio, United States I67018
125 Montgomery, Daniel Burton  Ohio, United States I121662
126 Montgomery, Francis Lee  6 Feb 1949Ohio, United States I122058
127 Montgomery, Hunniman  Ohio, United States I119510
128 Montgomery, Ira  Ohio, United States I119499
129 Morton, Daniel W.  8 Sep 1904Ohio, United States I159676
130 Morton, Thomas R.  1883Ohio, United States I159681
131 Munsell, Matthew  Abt 1848Ohio, United States I69031
132 Munsell, Rebecca J.  3 Mar 1874Ohio, United States I68991
133 Munson, Kenneth E.  Oct 1978Ohio, United States I11127
134 Murphy, Jerea Irene  6 Apr 1966Ohio, United States I67774
135 Neale, Harold H.  Ohio, United States I182172
136 Neff, Nancy  Bef 1850Ohio, United States I192171
137 Oliver, Lucretia  11 Jan 1853Ohio, United States I68937
138 Owen, James  21 Apr 2013Ohio, United States I118607
139 Packwood, Carol Lee  26 Oct 2005Ohio, United States I182457
140 Parmiter, Dewey G.  2 Aug 2011Ohio, United States I89693
141 Perry, Anna Mary  6 Apr 1814Ohio, United States I81764
142 Popham, Margaret J.  26 Sep 1892Ohio, United States I159368
143 Ralston, Calpurnia E.  11 Feb 1912Ohio, United States I159504
144 Roberts, Sarah Ann  7 Jun 1948Ohio, United States I89524
145 Robinson, Cary L.  29 Dec 1952Ohio, United States I67198
146 Robinson, Laura Maria  14 Nov 1869Ohio, United States I111471
147 Rupp, Heinrich Dovray  6 Apr 1949Ohio, United States I153295
148 Rutherford  Ohio, United States I67921
149 Sandkuhl, Harold R.  Dec 1954Ohio, United States I30082
150 Scoles, Emmet  18 Apr 1951Ohio, United States I159475
151 Scoles, George  15 Sep 1938Ohio, United States I159468
152 Scoles, Lavina  25 Dec 1883Ohio, United States I159228
153 Scoles, Samuel J.  16 Mar 1856Ohio, United States I159227
154 Scoles, William  7 Oct 1876Ohio, United States I159224
155 Shaw, Helen Bernice  26 Nov 1981Ohio, United States I67500
156 Shaw, Linda Sue  Bef 2004Ohio, United States I68039
157 Shipley, Martha Belle  21 Dec 1862Ohio, United States I184881
158 Smile, Verba Kathryne  10 Nov 1990Ohio, United States I95255
159 Smith, Walter  7 Feb 1871Ohio, United States I79546
160 Spencer, Zarah  Ohio, United States I173973
161 Stark, Pamelia  10 Mar 1871Ohio, United States I143035
162 Stewart, Sylvia  3 Jul 1959Ohio, United States I126852
163 Stoler, Mildred Sylvia  4 Feb 1996Ohio, United States I68195
164 Stretch, Sarah  15 Nov 1837Ohio, United States I81649
165 Taft, George Washington  1895Ohio, United States I80061
166 Thompson, Celia  Ohio, United States I159005
167 Thompson, James  Ohio, United States I158756
168 Thompson, Julia Ann  1891Ohio, United States I159010
169 Thompson, Wendell Emerson  1984Ohio, United States I22512
170 Thornburg, Daisy  16 Jul 1950Ohio, United States I67602
171 Tracy, Mary Ann  1906Ohio, United States I175812
172 Turner, Elisabeth  16 May 1862Ohio, United States I110637
173 Wallace, Vella  28 May 1948Ohio, United States I67622
174 Warne, Jacob  12 Mar 1901Ohio, United States I5277
175 Warne, Thomas  7 Nov 1917Ohio, United States I5273
176 Watts, Charles Sumner  1959Ohio, United States I66536
177 Watts, Delmar O.  4 Apr 1958Ohio, United States I66969
178 Watts, Robert Charles  6 Apr 1950Ohio, United States I66955
179 Webster, Anna  Ohio, United States I7873
180 Weimer, Neva Lucille  2 Apr 1993Ohio, United States I21869
181 Wheeler, Mildred  24 Feb 1963Ohio, United States I179565
182 Whippy, Mary Louisa  Ohio, United States I159911
183 Whitney, Persis M.  10 Sep 1847Ohio, United States I178981
184 Williams, Celestia Lizea  26 Feb 1906Ohio, United States I7538
185 Wilson, Ann Catherine  Aft 22 Jun 1837Ohio, United States I192185
186 Wolf, Marie Louise  1929Ohio, United States I159631
187 Wood, Nelson J.  19 Apr 1951Ohio, United States I15528
188 Wyrick, Jemima  1855Ohio, United States I5271
189 Youmans, Solomon  15 FEBURARY 1885Ohio, United States I91737


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Baker, Mary Polly  1821Ohio, United States I174130
2 Compton, Anna  Ohio, United States I4506
3 Coons, Sterling F.  17 Dec 1919Ohio, United States I66331
4 Garrison., Elizabeth C.  4 May 1883Ohio, United States I81707
5 Heaton, John H. Sr  Ohio, United States I4554
6 Ludington, Thomas  1842Ohio, United States I80971
7 Myers, Alti Elwe Marguerite  Ohio, United States I118977
8 Russell, James M.  13 Jan 1943Ohio, United States I41989
9 Thompson, William  1884Ohio, United States I159007
10 Wood, Hartwell Frederick  Ohio, United States I32745


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cooley, John Hall  1919Ohio, United States I21608
2 Gasaway, Mary Clementine  Jan 1853Ohio, United States I11809
3 Myers, Alti Elwe Marguerite  30 Aug 1902Ohio, United States I118977
4 Roberts, George J.  Sep 1870Ohio, United States I89604


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Hyde, Mary Ann  1870Ohio, United States I184869


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Baker / Miller  19 Jul 1940Ohio, United States F21306
2 Beaty / Scoles  Bef 1836Ohio, United States F54616
3 Bing / Miler  1873Ohio, United States F54734
4 Burr / Freeman  Abt 1854Ohio, United States F60653
5 Carr / Myers  24 Nov 1919Ohio, United States F39275
6 Case / Adams  1880Ohio, United States F61581
7 Case / Hyde  1800Ohio, United States F61548
8 Clapsaddle / Gilbert  29 Jun 1912Ohio, United States F20978
9 Cochran / Winston  24 Mar 1942Ohio, United States F21115
10 Cooley / Scott Lacey  30 Apr 1908Ohio, United States F6124
11 Coons / Elliott  25 Jan 1872Ohio, United States F20585
12 Dar / Russell  5 Jun 1941Ohio, United States F12488
13 Davis / Hunter  10 Aug 1940Ohio, United States F62473
14 Ellis / Coons  Ohio, United States F20590
15 Fager / Vine  13 Sep 1917Ohio, United States F4036
16 Garrison / Thompson  Abt 1798Ohio, United States F25312
17 Greer / McDowell  29 Jun 1915Ohio, United States F27922
18 Guy / Mauck  12 Dec 1844Ohio, United States F54712
19 Hagedorn / Burwinkel  1982Ohio, United States F37649
20 Hazen / Pierce  27 Feb 1923Ohio, United States F38373
21 Heaton / Compton  10 Aug 1826Ohio, United States F1062
22 Holler / Mattocks  24 Jan 1958Ohio, United States F63034
23 Hyde / Bailey  30 May 1833Ohio, United States F29867
24 Jenkins / Butterworth  Abt 1923Ohio, United States F47392
25 Johnson / Ellis  2 Aug 1885Ohio, United States F20717
26 Johnson / Smith  8 Mar 1888Ohio, United States F20742
27 Kernohan / Thomas  9 Oct 1906Ohio, United States F37135
28 King / Benedict  Abt 1809Ohio, United States F6001
29 Lingrel / Johnson  29 Aug 1944Ohio, United States F21201
30 Lucas / Dennis  1889Ohio, United States F27891
31 Mallory / King  Abt 1843Ohio, United States F6054
32 McClara / Hull  Abt 1877Ohio, United States F61650
33 McCrea / Nightingale  5 Jun 1920Ohio, United States F38208
34 Miller /   12 Aug 1915Ohio, United States F21215
35 Moffett / Dixon  1894Ohio, United States F20921
36 Morton / Womeldorff  1843Ohio, United States F54708
37 Munsell / Isaminger  1878Ohio, United States F21507
38 Parvin / Westcott  8 Dec 1819Ohio, United States F25345
39 Probasco / Purdy  25 Jan 1824Ohio, United States F1207
40 Roberts / Wallace  24 Nov 1915Ohio, United States F27963
41 Robinson / Spicer  1875Ohio, United States F20751
42 Sheldon / Manchester  Abt 1791Ohio, United States F1552
43 Swain / Mallory  1 Oct 1903Ohio, United States F61860
44 Tracy / Freeman  1857Ohio, United States F60640
45 Tracy / Oursler  1865Ohio, United States F59863
46 Tracy / Wikoff  Abt 1865Ohio, United States F60614
47 Weatherhead / McAdow  5 Oct 1896Ohio, United States F20702
48 Womeldorff / Beardsley  Abt 1844Ohio, United States F54705
49 Womeldorff / Mossman  27 Oct 1853Ohio, United States F54710


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Birdcell / Compton  10 Aug 1826Ohio, United States F1061