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Texas, United States


Latitude: 31.2502800, Longitude: -99.2502800


Matches 1 to 250 of 796

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aline G.  1916Texas, United States I118498
2 Betty G.  1907Texas, United States I42296
3 Dorothy  1915Texas, United States I74544
4 Hilda R.  19 Apr 1931Texas, United States I42874
5 Ira Maxie  1893Texas, United States I122433
6 Johnie M.  1910Texas, United States I30252
7 Laura Maurine  5 Dec 1905Texas, United States I140218
8 Lola Marie Parvin  16 May 1923Texas, United States I30475
9 Mary E.  1884Texas, United States I97067
10 Myrtle F.  28 Mar 1908Texas, United States I74359
11 Nancy Caroline  21 Dec 1887Texas, United States I139236
12 Nita  1903Texas, United States I122487
13 Pearl  1900Texas, United States I70350
14 Aaron, Joe  1933Texas, United States I141979
15 Adams, Catherine  22 Dec 1858Texas, United States I164153
16 Adcock, Alvis B.  1928Texas, United States I42326
17 Adcock, Ruby M.  1922Texas, United States I42324
18 Albritton, Benjamin Wesley  1869Texas, United States I133162
19 Alderice, James M.  19 Jan 1902Texas, United States I140431
20 Allala, Alberto Raymond  26 Oct 1915Texas, United States I70772
21 Allen, Eldon Oliver  6 Mar 1895Texas, United States I32150
22 Anderson, Bera Vivian  12 Feb 1912Texas, United States I140565
23 Anderson, Dennie Dodd  12 Jan 1897Texas, United States I40964
24 Anderson, Frank Folson  11 Aug 1886Texas, United States I120887
25 Anderson, John D.  1903Texas, United States I40961
26 Anderson, Mary  Nov 1896Texas, United States I40960
27 Anderson, Tom Woodrow  7 Mar 1918Texas, United States I30443
28 Anderson, Willie Gertrude  Aug 1899Texas, United States I40965
29 Ashby, Vilas  12 Sep 1905Texas, United States I139086
30 Askew, Roy Olynthus  24 Mar 1907Texas, United States I29658
31 Aston, Ruth Bain  1901Texas, United States I120835
32 Atkins, Latchapell Ferdlerpe  1869Texas, United States I73441
33 Attaway, John Dolphus  1859Texas, United States I133361
34 Attaway, Mattie Belle  13 May 1915Texas, United States I139061
35 Auldridge, Burnice Nathaniel  26 Nov 1923Texas, United States I140113
36 Auldridge, Cloy Odell  16 Jun 1918Texas, United States I140111
37 Aycock, Texanna  10 Oct 1867Texas, United States I133337
38 Baker, Anniebelle  9 Mar 1908Texas, United States I22418
39 Barnett, Curtis Raymond  16 Nov 1920Texas, United States I30449
40 Beatty, Mary Mollie  15 Nov 1852Texas, United States I162857
41 Benge, Allen V.  1854Texas, United States I162869
42 Benge, Charlie Jackson  18 Oct 1850Texas, United States I162847
43 Benge, Waco  Abt 1857Texas, United States I162848
44 Benson, Lorraine  4 Jul 1916Texas, United States I140449
45 Berry, Columbus Chesney  16 Apr 1879Texas, United States I133177
46 Berry, Ethel Myrtle  13 Jan 1888Texas, United States I133181
47 Berry, Julia  May 1868Texas, United States I133170
48 Beshears, Iola Opal  19 Dec 1909Texas, United States I140569
49 Bingham, Geneva Delroy  26 Jan 1924Texas, United States I139008
50 Bingham, Maggie Jewell  13 Oct 1912Texas, United States I139005
51 Birdwell, Ernest Aaron  15 Oct 1854Texas, United States I29888
52 Blackman, Charles William  22 Feb 1889Texas, United States I139239
53 Blackmon, Felix Glenn  28 Jun 1905Texas, United States I141643
54 Blain, Blanche J.  Abt 1887Texas, United States I69358
55 Blankenship, Helen Odell  1939Texas, United States I141405
56 Blankenship, Janet Lee  28 Sep 1964Texas, United States I141952
57 Bowden, John Winston  25 Aug 1925Texas, United States I141427
58 Bowles, Dallas W.  16 Mar 1887Texas, United States I139288
59 Bradley, Aaron Oliver  6 Jul 1898Texas, United States I40862
60 Bradley, Barbara Jean  4 Jan 1923Texas, United States I140658
61 Bradley, Clarence I.  11 Apr 1900Texas, United States I40861
62 Bradley, Jay C.  1921Texas, United States I42193
63 Bradley, Joseph O.  1925Texas, United States I42194
64 Bradley, Minnie O.  1927Texas, United States I42190
65 Bradley, Roy  1930Texas, United States I42184
66 Bradley, Velma  Abt 1906Texas, United States I40866
67 Brennom, Goldie Lauretta  Abt 1906Texas, United States I140158
68 Brisco, Stella  1902Texas, United States I42107
69 Brooks, Earl  1913Texas, United States I40817
70 Brown, Mary Ann  1922Texas, United States I140602
71 Brownfield, Joseph Collin II  Mar 1864Texas, United States I122980
72 Browning, Lydia Bell  Abt 1878Texas, United States I139131
73 Bryant, Clarence  1901Texas, United States I183307
74 Buford, Elijah Earl  Abt 1884Texas, United States I29371
75 Buice, Luttie  12 Jun 1909Texas, United States I139210
76 Burford, Albert Lee  30 Jul 1877Texas, United States I29363
77 Burford, Henry Paul  29 May 1879Texas, United States I29366
78 Burford, John Herbert  1891Texas, United States I29364
79 Burford, Joseph M.  May 1881Texas, United States I29369
80 Burford, Lucile  1907Texas, United States I29753
81 Burleson, Minta Augusta  23 Sep 1906Texas, United States I32048
82 Busby, Brannon  1928Texas, United States I30234
83 Busby, Lucille  1919Texas, United States I30237
84 Busby, Wanda  1925Texas, United States I30233
85 Busby, Wilda  1933Texas, United States I30235
86 Byrd, James Ambers  12 Nov 1915Texas, United States I32054
87 Caddenhead, Carrie Jane  1 Sep 1875Texas, United States I122490
88 Calder, Maggie Reana  7 Sep 1915Texas, United States I141379
89 Callier, Homer  Jan 1880Texas, United States I122378
90 Campbell, Maude  1907Texas, United States I29699
91 Campbell, O. H.  1917Texas, United States I29701
92 Carden, George N.  1919Texas, United States I31573
93 Carden, Nancy Elizabeth  1915Texas, United States I31569
94 Cardwell, Janell  1924Texas, United States I30228
95 Carlton, Erbin  1842Texas, United States I133141
96 Carr, Bascom Collins  22 Feb 1908Texas, United States I141123
97 Cathey, Billy M.  1905Texas, United States I29273
98 Cathey, E. May  1905Texas, United States I29282
99 Cathey, Hugh  1925Texas, United States I29656
100 Cathey, James E.  1902Texas, United States I29271
101 Cathey, La Rue  1922Texas, United States I29654
102 Cathey, Lula Geneva  2 Jan 1893Texas, United States I29283
103 Cathey, Thomas R.  Mar 1899Texas, United States I29270
104 Cathey, William E.  1920Texas, United States I29653
105 Catlin, Ida Mary  12 Oct 1875Texas, United States I133449
106 Cavitt, Arthur Wesley  7 Dec 1922Texas, United States I140327
107 Cavitt, Effie Dora  6 Feb 1902Texas, United States I139044
108 Cavitt, James Richard  12 Dec 1890Texas, United States I139039
109 Cavitt, Margaret Prude  27 Jun 1863Texas, United States I138938
110 Cavitt, Thomas Mansel  24 Oct 1906Texas, United States I139047
111 Cecil, Johnnie H.  1930Texas, United States I70341
112 Chenault, Maxey Cleborne  27 Aug 1912Texas, United States I69749
113 Childress, John Oran  11 Aug 1914Texas, United States I141939
114 Clark, Elizabeth  10 Aug 1822Texas, United States I173639
115 Colvin, Benjamin Luther  25 May 1892Texas, United States I138911
116 Colvin, John Paul  18 Dec 1885Texas, United States I138901
117 Colvin, John Wesley  2 Jan 1890Texas, United States I138913
118 Colvin, Joseph B.  Abt 1858Texas, United States I138899
119 Colvin, Mary Elizabeth  29 Nov 1885Texas, United States I138910
120 Colvin, Robert  Abt 1903Texas, United States I138912
121 Connor, Charles Robert  1916Texas, United States I42423
122 Cook  1910Texas, United States I29800
123 Cook, Bettie Joice  1930Texas, United States I30264
124 Cook, Bonnie Lee  14 Aug 1901Texas, United States I29798
125 Cook, Clarie  1907Texas, United States I29795
126 Cook, Enoch Jasper  27 Dec 1876Texas, United States I29796
127 Cook, Howard G.  Dec 1899Texas, United States I29799
128 Cook, Josiah Bascom  23 Jul 1891Texas, United States I42344
129 Cook, Lovey  1905Texas, United States I29792
130 Cook, Ray  1924Texas, United States I30266
131 Cooley, Sarah  1845Texas, United States I138496
132 Coots, David  1844Texas, United States I72084
133 Coots, Margaret A.  1841Texas, United States I72082
134 Coots, Marion  1839Texas, United States I72083
135 Copelin, Jewel Evalina  27 May 1902Texas, United States I139284
136 Corn, Alice May  Feb 1890Texas, United States I40857
137 Corn, Benjamin Franklin  24 Nov 1918Texas, United States I40876
138 Corn, Nancy Dura  29 Jun 1902Texas, United States I40872
139 Corn, Weldon Burnett  15 Jul 1920Texas, United States I40877
140 Cosper, William Cornelius  10 Feb 1875Texas, United States I140059
141 Cox, Anna Belle  5 Sep 1895Texas, United States I73263
142 Cox, Edith  16 Jun 1893Texas, United States I73260
143 Davis, Cecil Warren  29 May 1911Texas, United States I139148
144 Davis, Charles Edgar  26 Mar 1877Texas, United States I139142
145 Davis, Clara Estella  1886Texas, United States I39990
146 Davis, Tillmon O.  15 Sep 1903Texas, United States I139154
147 Davis, Viola  24 Nov 1908Texas, United States I139147
148 Davison, Emma Viola  11 Mar 1874Texas, United States I116852
149 Dement, Virda  2 Jun 1900Texas, United States I42325
150 Dempsey, Dora B.  1931Texas, United States I42311
151 Dempsey, John Robert  7 Jun 1937Texas, United States I42301
152 Dempsey, Virginia Nell  14 Aug 1927Texas, United States I42304
153 Dempsy, Francis  1930Texas, United States I42314
154 Dempsy, Gennevie Vie  1921Texas, United States I42306
155 Dempsy, Joe  1926Texas, United States I42308
156 Dempsy, Leonard Thomas  1917Texas, United States I42310
157 Dempsy, Mary Helen  1922Texas, United States I42312
158 Dempsy, Norbert Jack  1919Texas, United States I42309
159 Dennis, Chester Aubry  27 Oct 1898Texas, United States I31399
160 Dewey, Edward Chauncy  20 Mar 1874Texas, United States I118968
161 Dickson, Hattie Mae  18 Oct 1906Texas, United States I140384
162 Dills, Roger B.  14 Dec 1876Texas, United States I120708
163 Dodd, Alvis Thomas  27 Aug 1910Texas, United States I40981
164 Dodd, Bera Roxie  2 Sep 1898Texas, United States I40978
165 Dodd, Jefferson Walker  18 Jan 1902Texas, United States I40980
166 Dodd, Virgie Ora  25 Jul 1900Texas, United States I40979
167 Dodson, Mina Ola  4 Aug 1887Texas, United States I74633
168 Dollahite, Angelina  4 Nov 1865Texas, United States I133423
169 Dollahite, Bartemius  1861Texas, United States I133251
170 Dollahite, Bettie  1858Texas, United States I133293
171 Dollahite, Charles Clarence  1869Texas, United States I133408
172 Dollahite, Cornelia R.  1857Texas, United States I133291
173 Dollahite, Cornelius Alexander  1859Texas, United States I133252
174 Dollahite, David Daniel  1854Texas, United States I133250
175 Dollahite, Dewitt Ripley  25 Dec 1877Texas, United States I133532
176 Dollahite, Emma  1867Texas, United States I133407
177 Dollahite, Homer  1863Texas, United States I133295
178 Dollahite, Isabell Jane  1867Texas, United States I133424
179 Dollahite, Livonia Kate  15 Jan 1883Texas, United States I133556
180 Dollahite, Lucy Ellen  18 Jul 1881Texas, United States I133428
181 Dollahite, Martha Jane  7 Mar 1843Texas, United States I133390
182 Dollahite, Mary Amanda J.  Abt 1847Texas, United States I133391
183 Dollahite, Mary Elizabeth  1863Texas, United States I133422
184 Dollahite, Nadine Cora  1874Texas, United States I133299
185 Dollahite, Tenah  29 May 1886Texas, United States I133536
186 Dollahite, V.  1866Texas, United States I133296
187 Dollahite, V. B.  1860Texas, United States I133294
188 Dollahite, Wiley  20 Nov 1876Texas, United States I133300
189 Dollarhide, Ansom  1845Texas, United States I133132
190 Dollarhide, Asa  1852Texas, United States I132830
191 Dollarhide, Cornelius Neil  18 Jun 1825Texas, United States I132784
192 Dollins, Lula Belle  14 Oct 1875Texas, United States I139177
193 Dover, Stella Mae  11 Sep 1893Texas, United States I95223
194 Doyle, Eleanor  5 Aug 1882Texas, United States I72854
195 Doyle, Sarah Maude  Oct 1883Texas, United States I72844
196 Dozier, Elva Ophelia  8 Apr 1911Texas, United States I140187
197 Dulin, Emma  3 Jan 1906Texas, United States I140333
198 Durrett, Vernon  27 Feb 1928Texas, United States I141356
199 Edmondson, Kate Read  1847Texas, United States I162816
200 Elgin, Ruby  6 Jul 1910Texas, United States I140029
201 Elliot, Julia Marguerite  30 Apr 1910Texas, United States I140441
202 Elrod, Amos  1918Texas, United States I29777
203 Elrod, Eva  1909Texas, United States I29781
204 Elrod, Grover  1921Texas, United States I29778
205 Elrod, Grover  1943Texas, United States I30240
206 Elrod, Hallie M.  1915Texas, United States I29779
207 Elrod, Horrace  1924Texas, United States I29775
208 Elrod, Morris D.  1911Texas, United States I29774
209 Emerson, Eula Fay  14 Jan 1898Texas, United States I72768
210 Emmerson, Alvin  1888Texas, United States I73333
211 Emmerson, Chester  28 Aug 1912Texas, United States I73384
212 Emmerson, Clara  Jan 1890Texas, United States I71571
213 Emmerson, Clarence  1889Texas, United States I73335
214 Emmerson, Cora Louise  2 Mar 1880Texas, United States I71566
215 Emmerson, Etta Louise  16 Nov 1891Texas, United States I71572
216 Emmerson, Ivy  1892Texas, United States I73337
217 Emmerson, Louis A.  Abt 1897Texas, United States I73351
218 Emmerson, Myrtle Elizabeth  Mar 1886Texas, United States I71568
219 Emmerson, Neva I.  1919Texas, United States I73385
220 Eskew, Crawford  1899Texas, United States I29741
221 Eskew, Pocahontas  Aug 1897Texas, United States I29745
222 Evers, Elma Elizabeth  7 Jun 1901Texas, United States I30204
223 Fancher, Claud Calvin  6 Jan 1883Texas, United States I29835
224 Fancher, Jack Dale  5 Jan 1912Texas, United States I29833
225 Fancher, Robert Alex  3 Oct 1905Texas, United States I29836
226 Fancher, Robert E.  Abt 1911Texas, United States I29845
227 Fancher, Waltra L.  3 May 1914Texas, United States I29846
228 Farrar, Roy Wendal  18 Jul 1928Texas, United States I42174
229 Farris, John Byron  18 Feb 1905Texas, United States I69727
230 Feagin, Arrie Estella  1876Texas, United States I133195
231 Fenwick, Dell Ray  20 Dec 1936Texas, United States I140265
232 Ferrell, Mattie E.  Abt 1898Texas, United States I19832
233 Findley, Columbia Alabama  24 Oct 1858Texas, United States I133282
234 Findley, Columbus  1858Texas, United States I133280
235 Findley, Frances E.  1851Texas, United States I133276
236 Findley, Hattie P.  15 Jul 1872Texas, United States I133288
237 Findley, James F.  17 Jul 1860Texas, United States I133283
238 Findley, Louisana C.  24 Oct 1857Texas, United States I133281
239 Findley, Mary Ann  13 Mar 1856Texas, United States I133279
240 Findley, Sophronia Jane  27 Dec 1864Texas, United States I133286
241 Findley, Susan Lelia  21 May 1867Texas, United States I133285
242 Findley, William A. D.  17 Jul 1870Texas, United States I133287
243 Foster, Pauline Louise  1918Texas, United States I108379
244 Gaines, Ethel Lovell  30 Nov 1907Texas, United States I140643
245 Gaines, Opal Garland  30 Mar 1910Texas, United States I140645
246 Gann, Mary Alice  21 Feb 1904Texas, United States I140092
247 Garner, Callie May  30 Mar 1889Texas, United States I104620
248 Garrison, Lora  1871Texas, United States I29872
249 Gaston, Frankie Zou  1 Oct 1912Texas, United States I69378
250 Gaston, George Ellis Jr  1916Texas, United States I69379

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 McChristy, Flora Rebecca  17 Apr 1893Texas, United States I31575


Matches 1 to 223 of 223

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Ethel L.  29 May 1990Texas, United States I32037
2 Jimmie O.  19 Dec 1959Texas, United States I29368
3 Laura Maurine  30 Oct 1976Texas, United States I140218
4 Lola Marie Parvin  22 Feb 2003Texas, United States I30475
5 Mary Irene  5 Apr 1970Texas, United States I29754
6 Mavis F.  18 Jun 2003Texas, United States I140421
7 Sallie S.  1961Texas, United States I29738
8 Albritton, Jackson Columbus  22 Dec 1933Texas, United States I133159
9 Allen, Mary Frances  30 Aug 1957Texas, United States I133359
10 Ashby, Vilas  24 Dec 1926Texas, United States I139086
11 Babek, Anna Mae  9 Jan 2003Texas, United States I140617
12 Beatty, William  1900Texas, United States I162853
13 Benge, Amanda  1842Texas, United States I160733
14 Benge, Elizabeth  20 Sep 1921Texas, United States I160831
15 Berry, Edwin Aaron  18 Sep 1882Texas, United States I133178
16 Berry, Nancy Judson  5 Mar 1910Texas, United States I98616
17 Birrell, Allison Elizabeth  19 Apr 1919Texas, United States I179643
18 Blankenship, Aaron Elmo Sr  30 Jul 2000Texas, United States I141403
19 Bradley, Anna Naomi  22 Apr 1902Texas, United States I39351
20 Bradley, Thomas Walter  Mar 1933Texas, United States I42175
21 Brennom, Goldie Lauretta  Texas, United States I140158
22 Brownfield, Joseph Collin II  1916Texas, United States I122980
23 Buford, Elijah Earl  1884Texas, United States I29371
24 Burford, Albert Lee  11 Dec 1969Texas, United States I29363
25 Burford, Henry Paul  1974Texas, United States I29366
26 Burford, John Herbert  1918Texas, United States I29364
27 Burks, Celia  1860Texas, United States I70953
28 Bush, Tamzen Emiline  Abt 1879Texas, United States I71559
29 Carden, Mamie Allen  1944Texas, United States I31029
30 Cardwell, Mildred  3 Jun 2011Texas, United States I30222
31 Caston, Golda Mae  17 May 2013Texas, United States I87415
32 Cathey, Willie  30 May 2000Texas, United States I29285
33 Cavitt, Effie Dora  Aug 1983Texas, United States I139044
34 Cavitt, Glen Wendel  3 Mar 2014Texas, United States I140329
35 Cavitt, Ira Virgil  15 Sep 1961Texas, United States I139045
36 Cavitt, Thomas Mansel  Aug 1977Texas, United States I139047
37 Chadwell, Harry Richard  23 Sep 2004Texas, United States I32359
38 Chenault, Frances Douglass  18 Sep 2000Texas, United States I69748
39 Clark, Elizabeth  29 Aug 1859Texas, United States I173639
40 Cobb, Jacqueline Mattie  31 Jan 2016Texas, United States I32064
41 Coleman  Bef 1920Texas, United States I29899
42 Colvin, Joseph B.  26 Jul 1898Texas, United States I138899
43 Craig, Mortimer  1859Texas, United States I5185
44 Crossland, Avis Elizabeth  19 May 2012Texas, United States I141666
45 Davis, Randolph Wilson Sr  18 Feb 2000Texas, United States I139150
46 Davis, Tillman Oras  Nov 1985Texas, United States I139146
47 Deason, Minor Jackson  11 May 1893Texas, United States I133153
48 Derrick, Leta Eugenia  29 May 2002Texas, United States I140481
49 Dodd, Bera Roxie  8 Nov 1990Texas, United States I40978
50 Dollahite, Charles Clarence  Apr 1870Texas, United States I133408
51 Dollahite, David Daniel  1911Texas, United States I133250
52 Dollahite, Evaline  20 Oct 1901Texas, United States I133210
53 Dollahite, Irena Carolina  31 Jul 1893Texas, United States I133212
54 Dollahite, James Crudup  1897Texas, United States I133522
55 Dollahite, Nancy J.  9 Feb 1847Texas, United States I133215
56 Dollarhide, Nancy  1850Texas, United States I133116
57 Dollarhide, Rebecca  Texas, United States I132781
58 Durant, Poca Donnie  20 Aug 2012Texas, United States I141342
59 Elgin, Nellie Fay  2 Oct 1967Texas, United States I141339
60 Elliot, Julia Marguerite  30 Nov 1998Texas, United States I140441
61 Ellis, Margaure Louise  11 Jan 2000Texas, United States I31970
62 Elrod, Bonnie Leon  1 May 1994Texas, United States I29780
63 Elrod, Grover  2003Texas, United States I30240
64 Emmerson, Estella  15 May 1962Texas, United States I71573
65 Fenwick, Dell Ray  4 Nov 1982Texas, United States I140265
66 Fielder, Thomas N.  Aft 1920Texas, United States I162544
67 Findley, James Frank  13 Nov 1873Texas, United States I133275
68 Fowler, Clyde  19 Feb 1987Texas, United States I141647
69 Francis, Donald Gene  17 May 2016Texas, United States I141702
70 Gates, Amos  26 May 1883Texas, United States I132185
71 Gates, Sarah  1823Texas, United States I132178
72 Gates, Susan Francis  26 Mar 1906Texas, United States I160872
73 Gee, Newton  27 Dec 1903Texas, United States I74296
74 George, Lela Jennie  18 Nov 1951Texas, United States I164228
75 Gibson  1923Texas, United States I140324
76 Gilpin, Charles Earl  5 Aug 1968Texas, United States I29367
77 Gilpin, Lucy Myrtle  12 Apr 1959Texas, United States I29396
78 Glatter, Henry August  26 Dec 2002Texas, United States I141931
79 Gray, Edward Ross  4 Oct 1905Texas, United States I161542
80 Gray, Mary Susan  8 Dec 1883Texas, United States I71423
81 Green, Evelyn Sedelia  1985Texas, United States I139231
82 Green, Laura Jane  2 Jul 1938Texas, United States I139034
83 Green, Lee Harrington  24 Jul 1958Texas, United States I139036
84 Green, Mary Minerva  24 Oct 1932Texas, United States I139030
85 Green, Mattie Beatrice  2008Texas, United States I139251
86 Griffis, John Lester  27 Mar 1968Texas, United States I140439
87 Guthrie, Albert Monroe  22 Apr 1984Texas, United States I31462
88 Guthrie, Bertha Viola  1 Nov 1967Texas, United States I31466
89 Guthrie, Theodore Carlile  15 Dec 1951Texas, United States I31459
90 Hanks, Wyatt  10 Oct 1924Texas, United States I132212
91 Hargrove, Alice Ruth  20 Feb 2003Texas, United States I141573
92 Hartley, Justina E.  9 Oct 1944Texas, United States I140036
93 Harvey, William Earnest Sr  9 Dec 1917Texas, United States I161784
94 Hatchell, Alice  Texas, United States I164206
95 Haviland, Ruth  13 Jul 1955Texas, United States I9012
96 Hayes, Mary Elizabeth  5 Jun 1881Texas, United States I133223
97 Hayley, Joe Allen  8 Oct 1954Texas, United States I29837
98 Hayley, John Edward  19 Jan 2011Texas, United States I29817
99 Henson, Alice Verona  8 Jul 1946Texas, United States I138522
100 Henson, Elton Odell  1974Texas, United States I140033
101 Henson, James Henry  1862Texas, United States I138412
102 Henson, James Mae  11 Jan 2019Texas, United States I140040
103 Henson, Jim Henry  3 Apr 1982Texas, United States I138907
104 Henson, John Lemuel  1899Texas, United States I139028
105 Henson, Mollie G.  29 May 1987Texas, United States I140039
106 Henson, Oscar Wesley  3 Mar 1918Texas, United States I140035
107 Henson, Samuel Mcdonald  1854Texas, United States I138410
108 Henson, Thomas A.  15 Feb 1906Texas, United States I138605
109 Henson, William Andrew  1964Texas, United States I138557
110 Hodges, Jerry  Texas, United States I30323
111 Horton, Andy T.  23 Nov 1921Texas, United States I138954
112 Hubbard, Addie  14 Feb 1886Texas, United States I122398
113 Huck, Edith Marie  11 Apr 1989Texas, United States I38441
114 Hudson, Mary Mamie  1985Texas, United States I140157
115 Huffman, Ollie Dora  1972Texas, United States I29977
116 Hyde, Anthony Walter Dock  21 Oct 1923Texas, United States I201208
117 Hyde, Caroline  Texas, United States I95993
118 Hyde, Dover  1 Nov 1994Texas, United States I201229
119 Hyde, Isaac Edward  1960Texas, United States I19649
120 Hyde, Leonard  18 Mar 1991Texas, United States I31479
121 Hyde, Mary Susannah  10 Jul 1864Texas, United States I3077
122 Hyde, Melba  22 Dec 2000Texas, United States I31504
123 Hyde, Richard Edmond  4 Jun 1906Texas, United States I30650
124 Hyde, Roy Jeff  1969Texas, United States I19651
125 Hylton, George  1877Texas, United States I121593
126 Ingram, Marvin A.  Abt 1940Texas, United States I29657
127 Jennings, Jerry A.  Aft 1930Texas, United States I29900
128 Jett, Docia May  Texas, United States I139874
129 Job, Nancy  Abt 1900Texas, United States I138581
130 Jones, Lula Elizabeth  7 Jan 1986Texas, United States I139267
131 Jones, Rachel Berthena  26 Sep 1969Texas, United States I139266
132 Jones, Robert Emery  24 Dec 2006Texas, United States I69729
133 Jones, Virginia A.  2 Feb 1887Texas, United States I13134
134 Jones, William Wood  9 Jun 1902Texas, United States I14555
135 Largent, Francis L.  Nov 1961Texas, United States I4338
136 Largent, Starling Thomas  24 Oct 1918Texas, United States I4332
137 Leach, Mary  1928Texas, United States I133429
138 Lippencott, Elizabeth Ellet  1833Texas, United States I174546
139 Littlefield, Maud Edith  Texas, United States I141367
140 Love, Robert Gaston  18 Nov 1908Texas, United States I84862
141 Mallory, Isaac Leonard  6 Apr 1977Texas, United States I164202
142 Mallory, Ruth Dale  3 Jul 2014Texas, United States I164227
143 Mallory, William Henry  Texas, United States I164022
144 Manning, Edward  12 Oct 1890Texas, United States I175490
145 Marchman, Berta Daurine  Texas, United States I141652
146 Maus, Clarence Dean  1999Texas, United States I11098
147 McCall, Pleasant Moment  Texas, United States I132800
148 McCallum, Tennessee  8 Nov 1916Texas, United States I133238
149 McCarthy, Thomas Paerson Jr  Texas, United States I31514
150 Miles, Laura Texana  19 Feb 1918Texas, United States I133339
151 Monthie, Lucille Helen  14 Mar 1997Texas, United States I141310
152 Moore, Kittie  28 Dec 1964Texas, United States I139009
153 Morrison, Josephine  Texas, United States I29280
154 Mullenax, Vallie F.  25 Aug 1991Texas, United States I141350
155 Munsinger, Eva Lovina  9 Mar 1962Texas, United States I139066
156 Neely, Henry Francis  19 Apr 1980Texas, United States I139139
157 Neely, John M.  18 Aug 1998Texas, United States I139141
158 Nelson, John Norman  17 Sep 1969Texas, United States I141567
159 Norton, Mary W.  1880Texas, United States I13387
160 Norton, Samuel Washington  22 Dec 1864Texas, United States I13371
161 P'Pool, William Franklin  9 Oct 1970Texas, United States I29786
162 Peck, Samuel  13 Jun 1843Texas, United States I92696
163 Perkins, Edna Mae  2 Aug 2004Texas, United States I140433
164 Perkins, Napoleon  Texas, United States I132877
165 Perkins, Sarah Howard  2 Oct 1854Texas, United States I133209
166 Phillips, Jerome Kirby  1992Texas, United States I140195
167 Ponder, Arthur Lee  18 Aug 1977Texas, United States I29827
168 Ponder, Jimmie Richard  18 Aug 1977Texas, United States I29823
169 Ponder, Willie Earnest  23 Dec 1918Texas, United States I29830
170 Porter, Lois O.  4 Oct 1989Texas, United States I140426
171 Post, Mable  28 May 1963Texas, United States I140317
172 Prewi, Willie Bernice  23 Mar 1980Texas, United States I30281
173 Provine, Joseph A.  Texas, United States I120819
174 Provine, Melissa  1948Texas, United States I120823
175 Robinson, Emily Millie  1867Texas, United States I30703
176 Rose, William Buford  30 Nov 1993Texas, United States I29748
177 Shearer, Jessie W.  1863Texas, United States I73872
178 Shelanskey, Waneta A.  11 Dec 2006Texas, United States I104862
179 Sheppard, Sarah Emma  1981Texas, United States I139161
180 Shivers, John Milner  29 Feb 1912Texas, United States I133327
181 Sims, Andrew Broadus  2 Mar 1899Texas, United States I133237
182 Smith, Ella Mae  31 Jul 1931Texas, United States I29869
183 Smith, Elmer L.  Texas, United States I139321
184 Smith, Laura  28 Feb 1976Texas, United States I108093
185 Smith, Mary Elizabeth  29 Apr 1913Texas, United States I197495
186 Smith, Nancy Katherine  19 May 1952Texas, United States I30478
187 Smith, Verda Anna  14 Nov 2003Texas, United States I32071
188 Spencer, Amy  23 May 1884Texas, United States I118944
189 Spinks, Alice Eliza  19 Mar 1991Texas, United States I139220
190 Stephenson, Beulah Lea  1 Apr 1997Texas, United States I138944
191 Stephenson, Byron J.  12 Sep 1973Texas, United States I138958
192 Stephenson, Joseph Washington  1921Texas, United States I81413
193 Stephenson, Lois June  12 Jul 2008Texas, United States I140186
194 Stephenson, Lucy  15 Oct 1888Texas, United States I81338
195 Stephenson, Ruby Lee  5 Feb 1998Texas, United States I138963
196 Stephenson, Sarah A.  23 Oct 1889Texas, United States I138512
197 Sumner, Benjamin F.  1910Texas, United States I133031
198 Sutton, Janette B.  5 Jan 1886Texas, United States I120071
199 Taylor, Charley N.  Texas, United States I29646
200 Taylor, Fred  Texas, United States I29648
201 Teague, Jasper N.  Texas, United States I120184
202 Theilmann, David Earl  23 Aug 2012Texas, United States I36028
203 Thompson, Clark Mcguire  10 Aug 1902Texas, United States I159999
204 Thompson, Susan E.  2 Jul 1907Texas, United States I160774
205 Tichan, Yvette Emily  Texas, United States I141882
206 Upham, Robert Harris  Texas, United States I37195
207 Vowell, Maxine Gloria  28 Feb 2002Texas, United States I141499
208 Wall, Jacob  Bef 1900Texas, United States I29464
209 Waller, Henry Thomas  1 Sep 1971Texas, United States I73140
210 Waller, William B.  1953Texas, United States I73144
211 Washburn, Edna Ellena  4 Sep 1929Texas, United States I30360
212 Wesson, Buckey Lynn  11 Oct 2006Texas, United States I141582
213 Wilson, Joe B.  19 May 1995Texas, United States I140563
214 Wilson, Joseph Alexander  7 Feb 1944Texas, United States I138535
215 Wilson, Little Maudie  14 Oct 1949Texas, United States I138539
216 Wilson, Sarah J.  25 Jul 1943Texas, United States I138533
217 Wilson, Timothy  25 May 1919Texas, United States I138531
218 Winchester, Maude Ethel  27 Nov 1979Texas, United States I140032
219 Witherspoon, Major Leslie  1 Jan 1944Texas, United States I72666
220 Woodall, Ira Thomas  20 Jan 1887Texas, United States I133257
221 Woodall, Martha Evelyn  29 Mar 1901Texas, United States I133255
222 Worls, Eva Mae  Texas, United States I140004
223 Young, Rhema Irene  7 Dec 1986Texas, United States I29946


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Derr, Susie Belle  1994Texas, United States I95341
2 Edmondson, Warner Elmore  2 Jan 1929Texas, United States I162820
3 Hyde, Anna Mabel  Texas, United States I118575
4 Munsell, Emmett Eugene  Texas, United States I69108
5 Munsell, Joseph E.  Texas, United States I69377
6 Rucktashel, Foster Anderson  Texas, United States I70674
7 Shelton, William Winfred  Apr 1971Texas, United States I87839
8 Williamson, Bright Mciver  21 Oct 1942Texas, United States I107841


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Beard, Anna Leigh  1870Texas, United States I152933
2 Cox, Andrew Mcclure  1870Texas, United States I152932
3 Cox, Elizabeth Ann  1870Texas, United States I152923
4 Hyde, Charles Henry Higgins  1870Texas, United States I84841
5 Talbot, John Allen  1870Texas, United States I198055


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Berryhill / Huddleston Berryhill  16 Jul 1932Texas, United States F8625
2 Bird / Stephenson  3 Jun 1950Texas, United States F47287
3 Brown / Jones  24 Dec 1907Texas, United States F47454
4 Childress / Henson  Abt 1953Texas, United States F48172
5 Cox / Yarbrough  1868Texas, United States F39974
6 Dollahite / Schupe  1857Texas, United States F44811
7 Dunlap / Hayley  1947Texas, United States F8412
8 Dunlop / Cardwell  1965Texas, United States F8687
9 Elrod / Nelson  Bef 1910Texas, United States F8385
10 Gates / Hardin  1780Texas, United States F44287
11 Hardacker / Powell  25 Dec 1949Texas, United States F47729
12 Hatch / Dollahite  1879Texas, United States F44844
13 Hayley / Tannehill  1896Texas, United States F8423
14 Henson / Berry  23 Jun 1875Texas, United States F46912
15 Henson / Hooten  1908Texas, United States F46916
16 Henson / Worls  Abt 1903Texas, United States F47229
17 Hill / Coots  Abt 1864Texas, United States F22897
18 Hunter / Ashby  5 Nov 1918Texas, United States F47345
19 Kleberg / King  17 Jun 1886Texas, United States F59891
20 Lee / Cook  Bef 1935Texas, United States F8584
21 Lee / Ray  Abt 1945Texas, United States F21679
22 Mallory / Brown  1902Texas, United States F55691
23 Marshall / Hayley  1916Texas, United States F8434
24 Marvin / Hagood  Abt 1911Texas, United States F36586
25 Mauldin / Stephenson  3 Dec 1940Texas, United States F47285
26 McAnulty / Aston  15 Apr 1914Texas, United States F40065
27 Monthie / Drews  16 Aug 1950Texas, United States F48169
28 Morrison / Holman  12 Apr 1947Texas, United States F8341
29 Newton / Nelson  5 Oct 1946Texas, United States F12212
30 Paon / Hayley  1923Texas, United States F8435
31 Percival / Henson  Abt 1945Texas, United States F48171
32 Root / Brummagyn  Bef 1953Texas, United States F2998
33 Saylor / Cutter  1877Texas, United States F55205
34 Scott / Gipson  1864Texas, United States F22890
35 Scurry / Foster  1843Texas, United States F39559
36 Sheets / Buice  Abt 1925Texas, United States F47425
37 Smith / Wampler  1920Texas, United States F47480
38 Stephenson / Brennom  1927Texas, United States F47276
39 Stephenson / Guerrero  1943Texas, United States F47281
40 Stephenson / Hudson  17 Sep 1916Texas, United States F47275
41 Stephenson / Strother  1928Texas, United States F47280
42 Stephenson / Welch  11 Nov 1919Texas, United States F47277
43 Terrell / Callier  21 Jan 1913Texas, United States F39957
44 Thompson / Henson  1930–1940Texas, United States F47381
45 Trimble / Hyde  22 Dec 1934Texas, United States F9171
46 Waller / Williams  6 Sep 1859Texas, United States F22587
47 Wartenbach / Roberts  5 Jul 1955Texas, United States F9332
48 Washburn / Miller  15 Feb 1914Texas, United States F8642
49 Willson / Spinks  28 Sep 1935Texas, United States F47433