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Wisconsin, United States


Latitude: 44.5002800, Longitude: -90.0002800


Matches 1 to 223 of 223

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agnes M.  Jul 1875Wisconsin, United States I94138
2 Allen, Jean  1932Wisconsin, United States I15839
3 Allen, Richard  1928Wisconsin, United States I15838
4 Allen, Stanly  1921Wisconsin, United States I15837
5 Allison, Emory J.  22 Oct 1903Wisconsin, United States I15291
6 Allison, Goldie M.  1911Wisconsin, United States I15295
7 Arries, Vernice Elfie  17 Oct 1882Wisconsin, United States I10688
8 Baker, Henry Edward  18 Sep 1862Wisconsin, United States I134061
9 Batie, Carrie Eliza  1864Wisconsin, United States I112402
10 Beebe, Benjamin Franklin  1857Wisconsin, United States I140744
11 Bennett, Irene  1896Wisconsin, United States I95744
12 Blakeley, Rector Edwin  25 Mar 1921Wisconsin, United States I200792
13 Blodge, Fred W.  1877Wisconsin, United States I22653
14 Boardman, George  1850Wisconsin, United States I37093
15 Boardman, Henry A.  Sep 1850Wisconsin, United States I37100
16 Boldus, Walter  Sep 1877Wisconsin, United States I122692
17 Bowers, John  Jan 1866Wisconsin, United States I134082
18 Brown, John Putnam  1848Wisconsin, United States I161462
19 Burgess, Helen T.  1904Wisconsin, United States I180425
20 Burt, Edwin Lewis  Wisconsin, United States I114657
21 Canright, Harold S.  Dec 1899Wisconsin, United States I113839
22 Canright, Wayne O.  Jul 1893Wisconsin, United States I113835
23 Cary, Edna  1885Wisconsin, United States I112404
24 Cary, Gladys Minerva  19 Apr 1888Wisconsin, United States I112410
25 Cary, Leona Abigail  17 Dec 1889Wisconsin, United States I112408
26 Cary, Earl Thornton  24 Jan 1887Wisconsin, United States I112407
27 Catlin, Gertrude M.  13 Jan 1876Wisconsin, United States I143801
28 Catlin, Sarah Jeanette  29 Dec 1879Wisconsin, United States I143802
29 Chesmore, Nathan Peter  6 May 1855Wisconsin, United States I99949
30 Cochrane, Cora Bell  24 Oct 1863Wisconsin, United States I170671
31 Cochrane, Eugene Frank  30 Sep 1851Wisconsin, United States I170681
32 Cochrane, Pearl Elliott  23 Apr 1870Wisconsin, United States I170680
33 Cochrane, Teressa Jane  11 Jan 1853Wisconsin, United States I170674
34 Corill, Keith Lorn  2 Oct 1905Wisconsin, United States I10418
35 Corill, Lloyd G.  Abt 1911Wisconsin, United States I10417
36 Crawford, Ernest William  19 Feb 1876Wisconsin, United States I10608
37 Creager, Ida Belle  Dec 1872Wisconsin, United States I113737
38 Cuff, Verna Eunice  Jun 1893Wisconsin, United States I113552
39 Daley, Elma  1905Wisconsin, United States I15664
40 Daley, Merl C.  18 Oct 1915Wisconsin, United States I15665
41 Davis, Chauncey Hyde  Jun 1856Wisconsin, United States I91877
42 Davis, George Edward  May 1850Wisconsin, United States I91879
43 Demunck, Elizabeth  6 Feb 1879Wisconsin, United States I92991
44 Denure, Jesse Vernon Jr  2 SEPTEMER 1926Wisconsin, United States I67369
45 Denure, Lyle Herbert  4 Sep 1950Wisconsin, United States I67998
46 Dickinson, Dorothy  14 Jan 1908Wisconsin, United States I8939
47 Dickinson, Helen  Feb 1904Wisconsin, United States I8941
48 Dickman, Ansel  17 Aug 1901Wisconsin, United States I22062
49 Dickman, Joe  1904Wisconsin, United States I22065
50 Douglas, Mildred Emily  18 Apr 1921Wisconsin, United States I11402
51 Dresser, Marston Edwin  25 Jan 1906Wisconsin, United States I22838
52 Dunstone, Orilla Lucretia  Nov 1880Wisconsin, United States I113425
53 Edminster, Clarence William  Aug 1872Wisconsin, United States I22284
54 Edminster, Clifford  1916Wisconsin, United States I22276
55 Edminster, Doris M.  1907Wisconsin, United States I22273
56 Edminster, Francis M.  1904Wisconsin, United States I22274
57 Edminster, Ruben W.  1910Wisconsin, United States I22279
58 Ellis, Atlanta Rosetta  22 Feb 1865Wisconsin, United States I118249
59 Emery  Abt 1882Wisconsin, United States I143848
60 Flanigan, Maurice John  22 Nov 1883Wisconsin, United States I181064
61 Frederick, Edwin James  8 Mar 1860Wisconsin, United States I148969
62 Frederick, Martha  1855Wisconsin, United States I148948
63 Frederick, Oliver Roberts  26 Sep 1866Wisconsin, United States I148973
64 French, Alphine Augusta  10 Oct 1913Wisconsin, United States I10423
65 French, Delia A.  Mar 1884Wisconsin, United States I9224
66 French, Howard James  22 Dec 1911Wisconsin, United States I10420
67 French, James Frank  14 Nov 1890Wisconsin, United States I9225
68 Fuller, Ida E.  Abt 1864Wisconsin, United States I112774
69 Gall, Ella M.  28 Aug 1910Wisconsin, United States I11325
70 Garny, Frederick  21 Apr 1920Wisconsin, United States I11124
71 Green, Arthur  1911Wisconsin, United States I41621
72 Greenman, Edith M.  Apr 1895Wisconsin, United States I118564
73 Guthrie, Harold William  15 Oct 1902Wisconsin, United States I143808
74 Guthrie, Wayne William  25 May 1934Wisconsin, United States I143856
75 Guthrie, William Lyman  17 Nov 1865Wisconsin, United States I143807
76 Hafeman, George  13 Feb 1916Wisconsin, United States I70162
77 Hall, Frances A.  1906Wisconsin, United States I10681
78 Hall, Russell J.  3 Jun 1911Wisconsin, United States I10679
79 Hardy, Verial  27 Jan 1890Wisconsin, United States I122995
80 Harker, Jack Bainbridge  Abt 1880Wisconsin, United States I44704
81 Hedstrom, Gust Theodore  8 Nov 1891Wisconsin, United States I68802
82 Herrick, Emma  1847Wisconsin, United States I186942
83 Hinckley, Helen Elizabeth  28 Oct 1912Wisconsin, United States I15436
84 Howland, Nora  Apr 1890Wisconsin, United States I9227
85 Hoyt, Loren Holmes  16 Jun 1883Wisconsin, United States I70243
86 Hubbard, George N.  1860Wisconsin, United States I44141
87 Hubbard, Sarah Matilda  1864Wisconsin, United States I44143
88 Hughes, David A.  1918Wisconsin, United States I113440
89 Hughes, Donald L.  1917Wisconsin, United States I113439
90 Hughes, Henry H.  1857Wisconsin, United States I112255
91 Hutchinson, Julia A.  16 Apr 1846Wisconsin, United States I179014
92 Hyde, Alice M.  1923Wisconsin, United States I132280
93 Hyde, Amelia Alphine  Jul 1862Wisconsin, United States I8391
94 Hyde, Catherine  Abt 1857Wisconsin, United States I8386
95 Hyde, Charles R.  1848Wisconsin, United States I144227
96 Hyde, Chloe A.  Abt 1860Wisconsin, United States I8387
97 Hyde, Cyrus Oscar  11 Mar 1879Wisconsin, United States I8392
98 Hyde, Cyrus William  30 Aug 1907Wisconsin, United States I9229
99 Hyde, Delilah Janett  Aug 1855Wisconsin, United States I144228
100 Hyde, Ethel Florence  Nov 1896Wisconsin, United States I118596
101 Hyde, Eva  Jul 1888Wisconsin, United States I118588
102 Hyde, Frederick William  1869Wisconsin, United States I183193
103 Hyde, Georgia Ida  29 Jun 1885Wisconsin, United States I118583
104 Hyde, Ira Francis  9 Apr 1850Wisconsin, United States I144223
105 Hyde, James Michael  1938Wisconsin, United States I132292
106 Hyde, Mary E.  1861Wisconsin, United States I183156
107 Hyde, Mary Ellis  10 Apr 1857Wisconsin, United States I178962
108 Hyde, Myrtle F.  Dec 1890Wisconsin, United States I118589
109 Hyde, Myrtle Louise  1877Wisconsin, United States I183200
110 Hyde, Orlando Franklin  Abt 1869Wisconsin, United States I8388
111 Hyde, Orpha Auseth  Abt 1843Wisconsin, United States I1688
112 Hyde, Vernon  1859Wisconsin, United States I106885
113 Hyde, Wallace  Abt 1860Wisconsin, United States I8382
114 Hyde, Warren  1859Wisconsin, United States I8381
115 Hyde, William W.  11 Mar 1877Wisconsin, United States I8389
116 Jewe, Charles  1876Wisconsin, United States I21524
117 Jewe, Magorie W.  1910Wisconsin, United States I22234
118 Jewe, Ralph D.  1907Wisconsin, United States I22233
119 Jewe, Samuel Franklin  26 May 1846Wisconsin, United States I20963
120 Jewe, Verniss  1911Wisconsin, United States I22235
121 Johns, Wilhelmina Amelia  Abt 1875Wisconsin, United States I135696
122 Johnson, Ella Mary  29 Apr 1861Wisconsin, United States I179526
123 Klousie, Clarence Henry  16 May 1893Wisconsin, United States I22835
124 Kraoanger, Theodore  15 Oct 1878Wisconsin, United States I183246
125 Lambert, Emma L.  1847Wisconsin, United States I174274
126 Langworthy, Harold  Apr 1893Wisconsin, United States I9530
127 Langworthy, Joseph Verne  31 Aug 1880Wisconsin, United States I9531
128 Langworthy, Earl R.  May 1886Wisconsin, United States I9527
129 Langworthy, Ruth Charlotte  Feb 1883Wisconsin, United States I9528
130 Langworthy, Wilma Gail  19 Oct 1912Wisconsin, United States I10686
131 Laurion, Louis Homer  2 Dec 1915Wisconsin, United States I140882
132 Lines, Frank Howard Jr.  19 Nov 1925Wisconsin, United States I181080
133 Lines, Lorraine Margaret  5 Dec 1919Wisconsin, United States I181087
134 Logan, Carol I.  20 Mar 1885Wisconsin, United States I143781
135 Logan, William P.  Aug 1876Wisconsin, United States I143779
136 Logan, Winnifred  Sep 1880Wisconsin, United States I143777
137 Loomis, Alonzo Edgar  24 Jun 1845Wisconsin, United States I143795
138 Loomis, Jessie Case  15 Apr 1865Wisconsin, United States I81913
139 Loomis, Malissa  1872Wisconsin, United States I143792
140 Luchia, Ruth Ann  15 Apr 1859Wisconsin, United States I154186
141 Markham, Coyla A.  17 Nov 1888Wisconsin, United States I10676
142 MC Raynolds, Ellen  1846Wisconsin, United States I161476
143 McDonald, William Hadley  1859Wisconsin, United States I112369
144 Merrill, Thomas  1936Wisconsin, United States I114627
145 Miller, Elmer E.  1861Wisconsin, United States I111810
146 Miller, Florence M.  Jun 1884Wisconsin, United States I112767
147 Miller, Helen Elizabeth  Jun 1881Wisconsin, United States I112765
148 Miller, Margret J.  Jan 1894Wisconsin, United States I112766
149 Mills, Irvin G.  Jun 1879Wisconsin, United States I183183
150 Mills, William  1868Wisconsin, United States I183182
151 Mitchell, George T.  28 Nov 1884Wisconsin, United States I181720
152 Moore, Martha Cleveland  1849Wisconsin, United States I18668
153 Morey, Jessie A.  1878Wisconsin, United States I183241
154 Mosher, Murvin Otis  1 Oct 1889Wisconsin, United States I68805
155 Newkirk, Mary  1857Wisconsin, United States I8620
156 Newman, Alice Maud  1860Wisconsin, United States I22305
157 O'Dell, Esther  30 May 1855Wisconsin, United States I183176
158 O'Dell, William Henry  Oct 1863Wisconsin, United States I183181
159 Oakey, Mary E.  1864Wisconsin, United States I112764
160 Odell, James Firman  10 Oct 1863Wisconsin, United States I183180
161 Osgood, Anna M.  1856Wisconsin, United States I4839
162 Pashley, Mary Louise  Sep 1850Wisconsin, United States I176088
163 Pauley, Eva  Sep 1878Wisconsin, United States I161441
164 Perkins, Beulah  Abt 1913Wisconsin, United States I10495
165 Perkins, Mary Voile  Abt 1901Wisconsin, United States I10500
166 Pickard, Nona Blanche  16 Oct 1889Wisconsin, United States I15658
167 Pound, Lucy J.  1905Wisconsin, United States I65013
168 Preston, Eudora Dora  5 Apr 1872Wisconsin, United States I115404
169 Putnam, Charles  May 1858Wisconsin, United States I143773
170 Putnam, Emma Sophia  8 Jun 1855Wisconsin, United States I143772
171 Putnam, Francis  Abt 1859Wisconsin, United States I143771
172 Putnam, John Edgar  14 Sep 1850Wisconsin, United States I143770
173 Putnam, Lucy Ellen  1848Wisconsin, United States I143767
174 Putnum, Emma M.  Mar 1883Wisconsin, United States I143798
175 Remington, Charles Cyrus  16 Aug 1879Wisconsin, United States I10707
176 Rhoades, Luella  1875Wisconsin, United States I10346
177 Richard, Lucille E.  15 Apr 1919Wisconsin, United States I67943
178 Rielly, Martha Irene  2 Oct 1911Wisconsin, United States I5606
179 Rippel, Ida E.  5 Dec 1873Wisconsin, United States I180751
180 Roberts, Addie  24 Mar 1879Wisconsin, United States I148939
181 Roberts, Alma Louise  7 Aug 1866Wisconsin, United States I148953
182 Roberts, George E.  Nov 1868Wisconsin, United States I148935
183 Roberts, John Gilbert  1857Wisconsin, United States I148930
184 Schmitz, Phillip Casper  23 Apr 1937Wisconsin, United States I3950
185 Schroeder, Lillian Bertha  Mar 1868Wisconsin, United States I183240
186 Seamans, Stephen Harris  1874Wisconsin, United States I112265
187 Seergren, Marie  10 Sep 1890Wisconsin, United States I22204
188 Slocum, Marjorie Elizabeth  12 Jun 1901Wisconsin, United States I22238
189 Smith, Kenneth  1909Wisconsin, United States I67245
190 Sorensen, Jeanette Maxine  29 Jun 1915Wisconsin, United States I42696
191 Sparks, Columbus C.  7 Jan 1841Wisconsin, United States I161479
192 Sparks, James  Nov 1853Wisconsin, United States I161495
193 Sparks, Sarah Elizabeth  27 Oct 1836Wisconsin, United States I161480
194 Steese, Rose Mary  Sep 1866Wisconsin, United States I143797
195 Stewart, Chester  Abt 1887Wisconsin, United States I67932
196 Taft, Harold  1908Wisconsin, United States I113426
197 Taft, Layton Louie  1876Wisconsin, United States I112250
198 Tallmadge, Charles Henry  Jan 1857Wisconsin, United States I112934
199 Tarbell, Franck  1871Wisconsin, United States I179653
200 Tarbell, Henry French  Jan 1872Wisconsin, United States I179665
201 Thingvold, Ethel Arlene  25 Sep 1931Wisconsin, United States I23063
202 Thompson, Elbridge E.  10 Aug 1856Wisconsin, United States I186536
203 Tilden, Henry Albert  Sep 1859Wisconsin, United States I112409
204 Tilden, Henry J.  25 Jul 1887Wisconsin, United States I112411
205 Tilden, Joseph Burleigh  24 May 1889Wisconsin, United States I112412
206 Tilden, Miles Dewitt  17 Oct 1900Wisconsin, United States I112417
207 Trott, William Banks  16 Apr 1869Wisconsin, United States I7508
208 Uormark, Beatrice Ruth  13 Apr 1884Wisconsin, United States I22249
209 Van Schaick, Clara A.  Dec 1861Wisconsin, United States I21503
210 Vierheilig, Hans A.  1869Wisconsin, United States I183250
211 Vosburg, Hope  1907Wisconsin, United States I22272
212 Vosburg, Jeremiah  1873Wisconsin, United States I21544
213 Wagner, Soloman  20 Aug 1838Wisconsin, United States I161459
214 Watson, Edith May  May 1874Wisconsin, United States I181766
215 Weeks, Monroe Edwards  23 Jan 1849Wisconsin, United States I91858
216 Wenum, Almeda B.  1903Wisconsin, United States I67930
217 Whitcomb, Lucy M.  1894Wisconsin, United States I35864
218 Wicks, William Hyde  17 Jun 1851Wisconsin, United States I91859
219 Wilimczyk, Frank A.  1913Wisconsin, United States I182524
220 Wonderly, George Alvin  13 Aug 1870Wisconsin, United States I9209
221 Zickert, Clayton Edward  28 Nov 1924Wisconsin, United States I67994
222 Zinzer, Arthur Floyd  4 Jul 1919Wisconsin, United States I10073
223 Zinzer, Helen Grace  3 Feb 1922Wisconsin, United States I10075


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Abramson, Lloyd  Wisconsin, United States I12104
2 Austin, Rhoda  27 Feb 1874Wisconsin, United States I56866
3 Bennett, Lucius R.  1892Wisconsin, United States I111857
4 Bond, Glennie Fitchie  26 May 1951Wisconsin, United States I68822
5 Case, James Hickock  4 Nov 1877Wisconsin, United States I47064
6 Currie, Harvey Jewe  13 May 1966Wisconsin, United States I22241
7 Denure, Susan Joy  19 Apr 1969Wisconsin, United States I68000
8 Dickinson, Helen  8 May 1905Wisconsin, United States I8941
9 Dresser, Marston Edwin  3 Apr 1982Wisconsin, United States I22838
10 Geiger, Henry  21 Jan 1975Wisconsin, United States I74368
11 Glenn, William Carroll  7 Aug 1907Wisconsin, United States I161416
12 Hammond, John Henson  15 Apr 1959Wisconsin, United States I66341
13 Hubbard, Sarah Matilda  1944Wisconsin, United States I44143
14 Huntington, Minerva  15 Mar 1900Wisconsin, United States I111262
15 Huntington, Olive  3 Dec 1915Wisconsin, United States I111259
16 Hyde, Alvin Wallace  2 May 1911Wisconsin, United States I7915
17 Hyde, Charles Frank  24 Jan 1932Wisconsin, United States I146610
18 Hyde, Cyrus William  11 Dec 1989Wisconsin, United States I9229
19 Hyde, William W.  4 Aug 1949Wisconsin, United States I8389
20 Jennings, Urania  11 Apr 1873Wisconsin, United States I80952
21 Jewe, Jennie G.  15 Mar 1948Wisconsin, United States I21527
22 Jewe, Muriel Mildred  19 Dec 1979Wisconsin, United States I22223
23 Kirkpatrick, James Cochran Jimison  16 Dec 1910Wisconsin, United States I161430
24 Langworthy, Joseph Verne  25 Sep 1974Wisconsin, United States I9531
25 Lord, Leo John  Jul 1967Wisconsin, United States I22842
26 Markham, Coyla A.  3 Mar 1975Wisconsin, United States I10676
27 Melville, Irving Earl  1953Wisconsin, United States I122994
28 Miller, Eugenie  Bef 1870Wisconsin, United States I111809
29 Pauley, Eva  27 Jun 1958Wisconsin, United States I161441
30 Phillips, Mabel L.  1933Wisconsin, United States I8614
31 Portwine, August Augusta  26 May 1951Wisconsin, United States I68583
32 Richer, Elsa  Abt 1887Wisconsin, United States I147601
33 Trott, Church  1925Wisconsin, United States I7506
34 Trott, Morrill Joseph  Dec 1931Wisconsin, United States I7504
35 Vierheilig, Hans A.  1923Wisconsin, United States I183250
36 Walbridge, Delia Helen  Bef 1910Wisconsin, United States I111692
37 Warner, Louisa Ann  17 Apr 1925Wisconsin, United States I45453
38 Weiss, Norma Hilda  12 May 1952Wisconsin, United States I113638
39 Williams, Louisa Marie  5 Sep 1854Wisconsin, United States I36705


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Waggoner, Jacob  Sep 1844Wisconsin, United States I161453


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ellis, Atlanta Rosetta  1870Wisconsin, United States I118249
2 Hyde, John James  22 Nov 1962Wisconsin, United States I85605


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Clark / Taft  5 Sep 1934Wisconsin, United States F37281
2 Clover / Chesmore  1940Wisconsin, United States F31669
3 Cochrane / Martin  2 Dec 1850Wisconsin, United States F58260
4 Ellis / Payne  Abt 1852Wisconsin, United States F38961
5 Loomis / Waters  2 Feb 1871Wisconsin, United States F48757
6 Mitchell / Burgess  18 Nov 1914Wisconsin, United States F62536
7 Roberts / Stilley  8 Oct 1856Wisconsin, United States F50437
8 Rosemeyer / Powell  2 Mar 1920Wisconsin, United States F4119
9 Thiex / Allen  1932Wisconsin, United States F6764